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4 Replies and 1046 Views Security Issue with ESS  1046  4 Started by  Greg Moeller Hi all!&160; Hope everyone is having a GREAT week!! Question-&160; We are trying to nail down which table the Goalview 'Completion Comments' resides in. I suspect it's one of those darn L&160;underscore tables, but as to which one it is baffling me. Any help would be appreciated. -Greg
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by  wintergreenJump to last post
01/27/2010 3:05 PM
2 Replies and 1116 Views ESS Security and GoalView  1116  2 Started by  Greg Moeller Trying to figure out which table the Goalview 'Completion Comments'&160;are stored in. I suspect its one of those darned L&160;underscore tables, but cannot figure out which one. Any help would be appreciated. -Greg
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by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
01/25/2010 3:40 PM
3 Replies and 1913 Views Adding Privileged Identity on Iseries  1913  3 Started by  Louis Brockinton Since RD30 is no longer used in version 9.0.1 on the Iseries, we don't know how to link Company and Employee to the user id.&160; Does anyone have experience doing this on the Iseries&160; We keep running across the loadusers -g username Qshell command but are not confident in how it works.&160; Any suggestion would be appreciated.
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by  Louis BrockintonJump to last post
01/19/2010 4:37 PM
0 Replies and 1246 Views pr260 lock down to two depts only  1246  0 Started by  Deleted User I'm trying to lock down the PR260 report for one of my security classes so that they&160;only pull for&160;two depts. I could not find where I could write a condition for the pr260. I'm using LAUA security with lsf. Is this possible
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01/19/2010 4:10 PM
3 Replies and 1714 Views Lawson-supplied MSS Role  1714  3 Started by  Deleted User Would anyone be able to provide me with the Lawson-supplied MSS rule for the Employee table&160; I changed the rule by mistake while working on a class based on it, and really don't feel like unpacking all of those classes again. &160; TIA. &160; Frank Z.
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by  Deleted UserJump to last post
01/07/2010 3:15 PM
2 Replies and 3152 Views Who's on the system?  3152  2 Started by  MattD Greetings, Is there any way to&160; determine who (a number of users) is logged into Lawson at any one point&160; We are currently using Lawson Security 9 (checkLS=Y) so many users do not have a LAUA (or UNIX) account.&160; So we cannot use AIX&160;features to audit this information.&160; Any ideas on how to retrieve this info. &160; Thanks. Matt
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by  Frank LiggioJump to last post
01/02/2010 4:12 AM
10 Replies and 4252 Views Migrating from LAUA to LSA security  4252  10 Started by  Greg Moeller We are trying to get a handle on LSF9 security (moving away from LAUA).&160;&160;We have been to training, and had a consultant here for a week.&160; We also purchased the FastTrack security templates, but still seem to be having issues. Situation:&160; We need to restrict certain roles from seeing exec&160;pay-rate by process level (900 &&160;950).&160; We have the HRFFAFileAccess opened wide up (as delivered) and assigned to a role that should be able to see pay rate for everyone.&...
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by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
12/28/2009 4:27 PM
4 Replies and 4411 Views Lawson Security with Process flow  4411  4 Started by  wintergreen We modified the time entry form, when users click on the update button at the tim entry forms, supervisors will receive email noticications.&160; It worked when we use LAUA secuity. But it doesn't work when I'm working the new Lawson security. The new security is working fine on the time entry forms&160;but the process flow just didn't&160; kick off for notification.&160; I don't understand why&160;it is related to process flow&160; We modified the 'timentryperiodwindow.js' , to trigge...
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by  Shane JonesJump to last post
12/28/2009 12:12 PM
1 Replies and 1771 Views Add Payment Terms to AP10.1  1771  1 Started by  Brian3T We use Lawson AP v 7.07 on a UNIX platform. For one security class, the drop dow list of Payment Terms can't be selected and assigned to a vendor. It is located on the Defaults tab in the AP10.1 screen. How and what forms do I add Payment Terms&160;to this security class Is there a process that needs to be run Thank you.
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by  mark.cookJump to last post
12/18/2009 2:44 PM
8 Replies and 1514 Views LAUA Security Condition?  1514  8 Started by  This_Guy I need to restrict a Security Class: 'Volunteer' from accessing any Employee records in HR11 that do not belong to a particular Emp Status and/or Range of Employee Numbers. For Example: Condition 1: When ((&91;FIELD&93; Employee Status = &91;VALUE&93;'ZX' And &91;FIELD&93;Employee Status = &91;VALUE&93; 'ZC)) -OR- I've tried the range of Employee Numbers When ((Field &91;EMPLOYEE&93; > &91;VALUE&93; '810000' and Field &91;EMPLOYEE&93; It sort of works - wit...
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by  NormJump to last post
12/09/2009 3:15 PM
2 Replies and 1266 Views Logout Shortcut and login screen edit  1266  2 Started by  Deleted User Has anyone have experience in trying to edit the portal xml file, so you remove the logout function (forcing users to close IE from the browser - clicking the x or file - exit) &160; Also has anyone edited the main login screen, to add a shortcut to external site...for us we would like to put&160; a link on the login screen so users who have forgotten their password can click the link and be redirected to another screen that would submits a reset password request to our help desk.
2 1266
by  JudeBacJump to last post
12/09/2009 2:19 PM
6 Replies and 1619 Views Security breach when using 2 IE screens  1619  6 Started by  Deleted User I have noticed that if I login to portal using my own login...then open another IE window and login using my ESS login (we still use LAUA...lock down for application login and have generic security class for ESS users) first&160;login session is going - but the security used is from my second login. For security does not allow corporate access - but when I open that second IE browser window (staying logged into the first window) and login using ESS login (which, of course, has to ...
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by  Deleted UserJump to last post
12/09/2009 12:54 PM
2 Replies and 3335 Views wtsubmit in LSF9 Security  3335  2 Started by  Woozy Can anybody tell me where to find the wtsubmit executable (for submitting batch jobs from the command line) in LSF9 security&160; I've been able to find jqsubmit, which does almost (but not quite) the same thing, but not wtsubmit. I found jqsubmit in ENV>Executables>Batch Job Scheduling, but wtsubmit isn't there. We have a user that needs to be set up under the new security, and they need to have access to this tool, but we can't find it.&160; Jqsubmit really isn't adequate in this case.&1...
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by  WoozyJump to last post
12/04/2009 9:11 AM
1 Replies and 1259 Views LDAP Failover  1259  1 Started by  mark.cook We had a situation this week where our LDAP server failed. We do not have failover set up to stay running in a situation like this. Our security resources have asked if there is any special needs Lawson has with setting up failover. Has anyone done this and can you share any special items to keep in mind as we build this out.
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by  MattMJump to last post
11/30/2009 9:39 AM
3 Replies and 1708 Views Security reporting  1708  3 Started by  Susan We are LSF, 8.1 apps, and LBI; We use laua and haven't gone to Lawson Security 9 although we do utilize Lawson Security Administrator (LSA) since RD30 is gone and some Portal support moved to LSA.&160; We are interested in writing Crystal Reports that marry security data from LDAP, laua/GEN, and LBI databases.&160; That's two db2 databases and one SQL database.&160; In the past we've been led to believe that querying LDAP and GEN are undesirable and that it's safer to du...
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by  mark.cookJump to last post
11/20/2009 7:12 AM
2 Replies and 1312 Views Securing by HR11 Sec-Location  1312  2 Started by  Deleted User Multi-State company that locks access based on geographical location using HR11 Security Location. Goal:&160;On a global level or close to a global level, a rule that will allow a user with&160;assigned 'CompanyControl' custom values of M & P in&160;their RMid&160;to only see employee records with a HR11 Security Location of M & P. I've tried Element Groups, element group rules, get db rules, etc.&160;and nothing seems to work unless I go down to the specific form and table level ...
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by  Deleted UserJump to last post
11/18/2009 3:02 PM
4 Replies and 2965 Views jobdef Security Violation  2965  4 Started by  cmoul &160; I'm having an issue setting up a job in jobdef using a token I set up in tokendef.&160; I have several questions about this whole thing.&160; I will try to explain:&160;&160; I set up a token called send_mail in a category called SCRIPTS.&160; We see 2 catagories one of which is SCRIPTS.&160; (How do we get more catagories to be displayed if there are any)&160; The token points to a unix script to send a simple e-mail to me when executed '/vg01lvol1/lsf/scripts/'.&160...
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by  NormJump to last post
11/18/2009 2:03 PM
0 Replies and 1266 Views Max number of RMID Groups assigned  1266  0 Started by  Ellen Melton Is there a maximum number of groups that can be assigned to an individual RMID&160; We are implementing a LBI report with many 'parts' and management wants to restrict leaders to certain 'parts' which looks like quite a few group assignments.&160; I wanted to check to see if I will hit a limit at some point.
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11/11/2009 11:40 AM
0 Replies and 1251 Views AR17 secure change and delete using LAUA in LASF90 env  1251  0 Started by  Deleted User Hello We currently use LSF90 and LAUA security in Portal.&160; Currently the user can go to AR17 screen and click on existing comments to open the comment edit window.&160; In this edit window, the user have full access to change and / or delete the existing comment.&160; We tried locking the AR17.1 in LAUA but this does not lock the functionality on the comment detail window.&160; The comment detail window has not index number and is not linked to the LAUA to restrict the user access. We ...
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11/11/2009 10:05 AM
1 Replies and 1294 Views Upgrade to Apps 9 with Laua requiring revamp of sec classes?  1294  1 Started by  Deleted User on LSF9.0.0.7 with 8.1 apps on windows. Upgrading apps to 9.0.0, keeping laua for now From my forum research I concluded that since we're required&160;to change the prodline name, we therefore have to recreate ALL laua security classes based on the new prod line. When I asked our consultant if this was true, they told me no...that the security could be copied over with secdump and secload and then we would just have to make some changes to databases or forms that have reportedly changed. I qu...
1 1294
by  John HenleyJump to last post
11/05/2009 6:17 PM
0 Replies and 1385 Views LSGATE Servlet LSF9.0.0.x APPS 8.1  1385  0 Started by  Pasa Anyone have documentation for the LSGATE&160;Servlet We are looking to automating account creation/deletion as we are not LDAP bound and we&160;could not find any documenation from Lawson on the LSGATE Servlet.
0 1385
11/05/2009 4:44 PM
23 Replies and 4276 Views Using record level security in LSF9 Security for HR  4276  23 Started by  Toni We currently&160;have/use&160;record level security in LAUA for limiting HR User Access to not see&160;people within their&160;department or&160;users higher than them.&160;Has anyone written any rules or conditional logic that makes use of this record level security without creating anything new for LSF9 Security.
23 4276
by  Andrew PJump to last post
11/03/2009 7:35 AM
3 Replies and 2503 Views LAUA GL account security  2503  3 Started by  riegerj We are using LAUA security and received a request to lock down user access to specific accounts (not accounting units).&160; The only way I know of to do this is to apply record level security to each table that has account number in it for each security class.&160; Has anyone done something like this and know of a better way to do this&160; Thanks!
3 2503
by  riegerjJump to last post
10/27/2009 10:58 AM
2 Replies and 1498 Views Password Problem - possible LDAP bind issue  1498  2 Started by  MattD Hello, We are currently on Lawson Security 9 (CheckLS=Y).&160; When logging into portal our users are able use their current password or previous password.&160; Our Lawson LDAP&160;is bound to our Corporate LDAP&160;so all passwords come from the Corporate LDAP.&160; None of our other non-Lawson systems bound to LDAP&160;have this issue so my theory is that it is a problem with our bind settings or setup.&160; Anyone have any ideas how to correct the problem &160; This can be a big s...
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by  MattDJump to last post
10/26/2009 10:45 AM
3 Replies and 1417 Views LSF9 - Conditional Rule Based On Current Product Line  1417  3 Started by  JayGee I'm using the same security profile in our live product line (PRODUCTION) as well as our test environment (PRODCOPY) because we usually want the same security in both areas.&160; There is one area that we're testing so we want to give them access in the test product line only.&160; I&160;was hoping to just use a conditional securiy rule that would check the product line and then grant access or deny access.&160; Does anyone know how you check the product line in a conditional security rule
3 1417
by  MattDJump to last post
10/22/2009 4:03 PM
1 Replies and 1246 Views Edit RM Information  1246  1 Started by  KerriR When editing a user's RM information in Lawson Security Administrator 9.0, there's a flag called Access.&160; Can anyone tell me what that flag controls
1 1246
by  Peter WilmotJump to last post
10/16/2009 4:12 PM
2 Replies and 1445 Views Employee Drill Around - Health, Safety Incidents  1445  2 Started by  KerriR Can anyone tell me what tables I&160;need to grant access to to allow a manager to see 'Health, Safety Incidents' when drilling around on an employee&160; I&160;have granted access to OSHA, PACOMMENTS, PAFOLLOWUP, PAINCICOST, OSHESTAB, PCODES, PCODESDTL, PRSYSTEM, DEPTCODE, EMPLOYEE, HRSECLEV, HRSUPER, INSTCTRYCD, JOBCODE,&160; and PCODESDTL (all of the tables the Technical Text for PA document states that PA90 uses) but when I click on Health, Safety Incidents on the drill around, it state...
2 1445
by  KerriRJump to last post
10/05/2009 1:44 PM
1 Replies and 1497 Views Help with ida.exe message  1497  1 Started by  Deleted User We were on lsf9 and upgraded to Apps 9 two weeks ago.&160; All of our LBI users are unable to drill on back office reports such as GL291 and AP275.&160; When they drill on GL291 and AP275 they get the security message 'Lawson Users are not supported in IDA.exe'.&160; Has anyone ever seen this error message before
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
10/03/2009 6:12 PM
5 Replies and 1889 Views Update User groups Record using loadusers  1889  5 Started by  Roger French Hello, I can't find the syntax used in the XML when updating/reloading groups for users using the loadusers command. Does anyone know what it is In the XML there is a line in the XML for a user which is stated (I think)&160; 'UPDATE=TRUE'. But, I&160;don't know the exact syntax, and I&160;can't find any documentation on it. This is AIX, with LSF9.0.0.5 Anyone know what it is Thanks in advance, Roger
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
10/03/2009 6:12 PM
6 Replies and 1949 Views Print Manager in LSF9  1949  6 Started by  mrdey Users are able to see other people's print job by selecting the drop down in print manager. Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue. Thank you.
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
10/03/2009 6:12 PM
14 Replies and 2559 Views Domain Trusts  2559  14 Started by  klive Hello, I&160;hope your Lawson Paradise is going great today...I&160;have a perplexing question to ask.&160; Has anyone setup domain trusts and authenticated through Lawson&160; I&160;would like to speak at length with someone on this topic.&160;
14 2559
by  kliveJump to last post
09/30/2009 10:08 AM
4 Replies and 2348 Views LS9 ESS/MSS Security Quandary  2348  4 Started by  Fernando Labrada Normal 0 unctuationKerning /> false false false oNotPromoteQF /> EN-US X-NONE X-NONE ontGrowAutofit /> ontVertAlignCellWithSp /> ontBreakConstrainedForcedTables /> ontVertAlignInTxbx /> MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 ...
4 2348
by  Elizabeth ArditoJump to last post
09/16/2009 7:52 AM
1 Replies and 1493 Views Securing Batch Update Jobs in LS 9  1493  1 Started by  Deleted User Is there a way to keep users from deleting batch update jobs within Lawson Security 9.0&160;
1 1493
by  John CrudeleJump to last post
09/10/2009 7:36 AM
0 Replies and 1159 Views Securing Change and Release over XXXX amount on MA66.3  1159  0 Started by  Deleted User Good afternoon, all. LSF9 NT Our PO group has approached me about the possibility of blocking users from changing and releasing items on the MA66.3 for amounts over 1500USD unless it is being forwarded to their manager.&160; I contend that this should be a function of PFI, and not security.&160; I have looked over this over this form in LSA, and cannot easily think of a way to accomplish this, except for a statment that says if MAG-AMOUNT > 1500 && MAG_FORWARD_TO != '' t...
0 1159
09/09/2009 12:43 PM
2 Replies and 1413 Views ESP 7 Security Issues  1413  2 Started by  MattD Greetings Gurus, We are preparing to install ESP 7.&160; Does anyone have any additional info outside of the info provided in the release notes on ESP 7.&160; Before we go live with ESP 7 we want to make sure no other clients have had any bad experiences with ESP 7.&160; I&160;would specifically like to know if it has caused any problems with Lawson Security 9.&160; Any insight you can provide would be fantastic. Cheers, Matthew
2 1413
by  mark.cookJump to last post
09/08/2009 12:20 PM
3 Replies and 2825 Views getDBField Syntax  2825  3 Started by  Garry Ferwerda Hi:&160;&160; Maybe someone can tell what I am doing wrong with this statement written against the GLMASTER table: user.isMemberOf('RSS-SHOPPING-IT') && trim(getDBField('GLACCMXVAL','MX-VALUE',getDBField('GLCHARTDTL','OBJ-ID',table.CHART_NAME,table.ACCOUNT,table.SUB_ACCOUNT),'RSS-ACCOUNT')) == 'Y' I am trying to limit access to accounts based on an attribute value.&160; I have tried numerous combinations of trim, lztrim and no matter what I have tried no acccounts are ever acces...
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by  Garry FerwerdaJump to last post
08/27/2009 1:42 PM
3 Replies and 3062 Views LDAP Bind - Change Domain Controller  3062  3 Started by  John Crudele How do you change the LDAP to bind&160; to a different Domain Controller
3 3062
by  des123Jump to last post
08/25/2009 8:59 AM
14 Replies and 2688 Views Auto Resetting of SSOP Password  2688  14 Started by  Saurabh Hi We are on a W2003, SQL2005&160;backend , LSF9.1, App 8.1. We are looking to implement some facility to give the end user the flexibility to reset their SSO password / have a lost password facility , rather than logging a call with the service desk to get it reset. Has anyone implemented anything similar and is willing to share the info Regards Saurabh
14 2688
by  Joe O'TooleJump to last post
08/19/2009 2:39 PM
3 Replies and 2201 Views Auditing Changes to Lawson Environment  2201  3 Started by  PZ Our company is using LSF 9 and we are trying&160;to implement a program that will allow us to&160;audit changes made&160;to our Lawson environment.&160;&160;Someone was kind enough to provide us with&160;the syntax to run a&160;UNIX command which pulls a list of all files that have been modified in the 'lsfprod' folder for the period we specify.&160;&160;We have taken that output and filtered the results by file extension but aren't really sure what types of files we should be focusing ...
3 2201
by  Ganram1Jump to last post
08/19/2009 6:06 AM
2 Replies and 1855 Views Prod and Test: Can they be the same?  1855  2 Started by  MattD Greetings Lawsons Gurus, I&160;have a simple, yet somehow complicated quesiton.&160; Has anyone figured out a way to create an exact copy of their production environment in a test environment.&160; I ask with Lawson Security in mind.&160; We are currently utilizing Lawson Security 9.0 (CheckLS=Y), but there seems to be no good way to make sure our Prod and Test environments stay identical without making changes in both all the time.&160; The lsload and lsdump feature do no allow you to cop...
2 1855
by  MattDJump to last post
08/13/2009 10:55 AM
0 Replies and 1949 Views OIM (Oracle Identity Management)  1949  0 Started by  Deleted User Has anyone used (integrated) OIM with their Lawson Software Applications&160; We are just starting this effort.&160; Is there a specific connector available between the two
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08/11/2009 8:33 AM
9 Replies and 3500 Views LSF9 upgrade LAUA security - ALL Functions available, but page down isn't  3500  9 Started by  Sherry Shimek We are about to transition to lsf9 but have discovered a&160; interesting form function issue.&160; We are intending to use LAUA security until next year. On GL90.1 and AC90.2, some of our security classes have ALL functions&160;iindicated in LID&160;for the form,&160;&160;but when the form is accessed in portal they do not have the pagedown option.&160; They can only pagedown when the message in the lower left says More Records Exist - Use Page Down and hit inquire subsequent times.&...
9 3500
by  Sherry ShimekJump to last post
08/06/2009 10:10 AM
2 Replies and 2045 Views Access Audit Reports  2045  2 Started by  MattD Greetings, Does anyone have a good way to create an Access Report out of Lawson Security&160; Every six months we complete an access audit.&160; I would like to retrieve the below fields.&160; The RM User report does not include all the below fields but it would be a good start, however it does not allow you to select all users.&160; You have to select each one individually.&160; We have 5,000 users so that would take me eons of clicking to accomplish creating the report. &160; ID F...
2 2045
by  MattDJump to last post
08/05/2009 10:32 AM
4 Replies and 2528 Views Lawson Security and LBI integration  2528  4 Started by  Deleted User Hello,&160; I am new to lawsonguru.&160; We have our users on LSF9 and Lawson Security.&160; We are&160;implementing LBI&160;and want to know if anyone has any&160;ideas on how to make security maintenance in LBI&160;less labor intensive.&160; I would like to use groups instead of individual user ids in LBI reports and LBI&160;rights administration.&160; Any input will be most appreciated!! Joanna Bledsoe Lawson AC, AM, AP, FB, GL, MA, RW
4 2528
by  Greg WiklundJump to last post
08/03/2009 1:07 PM
9 Replies and 3028 Views LS Reporting  3028  9 Started by  Deleted User Good day, all. I have been browsing and searching and here for two days looking for a simple answer to question for my auditors.&160; We are on LSF9, using LS security, and our auditors hate the reporting functionality that comes with LS Administrator.&160; They would like a smart note or bursted report to come out every day with changes made to users' roles and classes.&160; Our security implementation is in its toddler stages, so there are still quite a few kinks and SOD issu...
9 3028
by  Deleted UserJump to last post
07/25/2009 4:40 PM
0 Replies and 1192 Views leaving paper for user admin  1192  0 Started by  MichaelA Hi We have increased the number of standard lawson users at our company drastically the last year. Before it was easy to keep track of the users by a simple paper form that we let the users supervisor sign.&160; Then we put the users in security classes and put the paper in a binder sorted alfabethically. I feel the need for a more sophisticated solution. Maybe a database in access with scanned papers, or an eletronic form in lawson that uses process flow for approval of what people are...
0 1192
07/22/2009 10:10 AM
2 Replies and 2300 Views Turning Lawson security on and not being able to log in  2300  2 Started by  KerriR We are in the process of implementing LS9 and have run into an issue where when we change CheckLS to Yes the user can no longer log into Lawson.&160; This error displays...'The Portal cannot load becuase the Profile service returned an error:&160;An unknown error occurred.&160; Please contact your system admin.' Has anyone else seen this error and if so, what was the resolution Thanks!
2 2300
by  KerriRJump to last post
07/17/2009 1:39 PM
5 Replies and 2093 Views Process Level  2093  5 Started by  wintergreen We are going to implement lawson security. Can anyone share your experience about locating user's process levels Do you customize an attribute to store user's process levels, or use structures to define the hierarchical porcess levels, or any methods to locate user's process levels&160; Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks!
5 2093
by  Derek CzarnyJump to last post
07/16/2009 11:47 AM
8 Replies and 3094 Views Conditional Access Rules on tables  3094  8 Started by  John Costa We are on environment and Apps; I am trying to create a security class to provide access to the 'Personal Profile' link in Employee Self-Service. According to the technical documentation for Employee/Manager Self-Service, I need to provide access to the PAEMPLOYEE table of my product line database. However, I found I also needed to grant access to the EMPLOYEE table as well (documentation error I suspect). So I created a security class that provides full uncondition...
8 3094
by  John CostaJump to last post
07/16/2009 9:54 AM
1 Replies and 1290 Views Security Administrator won't connect.  1290  1 Started by  Jimmy Chiu Once in a while, security administrator won't connect. We are running windows/webpshere/SQL/ enviroment/9.0.1MSP1 application Attempt to stop the websphere appserver fails and a server reboot needed to enable connection for security adminsitrator. Meanwhile, all the lawson programs work fine. Any idea
1 1290
by  Jimmy ChiuJump to last post
07/13/2009 2:21 PM
1 Replies and 1656 Views Progam versus Token Security  1656  1 Started by  John Costa We are in the process of defining our LSF9 security structure and I have waht I hope is a simple question. When defining security classes for an online object, what is the difference between granting access to a program versus granting access to a token, and why would I use one versus the other In other words, why would I grant access to program AC10 versus granting access to token AC10.1&160; Do I need to grant access to the AC10 program in order to also grant access to token AC10.1&...
1 1656
by  Maris FislerJump to last post
07/10/2009 4:14 PM
3 Replies and 3168 Views User 'lawson' SSO Password  3168  3 Started by  DianaE Hello all. When LPS did our Lawson installation they used&160;different passwords&160;for the 'lawson' user. The OS&160;user's password is different than the SSOP (portal)&160;password.&160; I want to change the&160;SSOP password with ssoconfig -c and I understand that process.&160; I will not be changing the OS password. My concern comes with when I install environment/application patches. I know that the 'lawson' user ID is used during patch installations.&160; It also appears tha...
3 3168
by  DianaEJump to last post
07/02/2009 1:26 PM
2 Replies and 1562 Views Sarbox Compliance  1562  2 Started by  John Crudele We are converting our users over to LS9 security. The canned security reports are not providing all of the information our auditors are requesting for Sarbox compliance. WIndows/SQL2005/LDAP BIND What other reporting tools is can be used for reporting on security Regards JC
2 1562
by  mark.cookJump to last post
07/02/2009 7:40 AM
1 Replies and 1954 Views LSF9 Security - GL290  1954  1 Started by  kelsch I&160;have an issue that I&160;need assistance in resolving.&160; &160; Two&160;new LSF9 users have had a problem with getting filtered entries when they run GL reports. We have been notified this happens when users try to run GL290, GL190, GL291, etc., as well as GL90.&160;&160; I&160;have the two users on the same profile as a user who has had no difficulties at all. &160;If I&160;turn off the LSF9 security (and revert to LAUA), they can run the reports just fine....all the data...
1 1954
by  Jimmy ChiuJump to last post
06/18/2009 11:52 AM
0 Replies and 1299 Views Lp security  1299  0 Started by  Deleted User When we try using LP31...'next' button brings up next employee number - but it displays the wrong name. When you hit inquire is refreshes to the correst display name When we do not filter through process level and leave wide open - then data and display name fills in correectly. We are on LAUA...env how can i get the display name to match up with employee id - without having to hit refresh everytime
0 1299
06/17/2009 10:40 AM
0 Replies and 1149 Views LSF9 Security - Action Pairs  1149  0 Started by  Al Miller I need to limit a security class to only one 'C'hange function on the AP25.1 form. I only want them to have 'R'elease. Any idea how I would limit the line function to 'R' when ever form function is 'C' Thanks, Al
0 1149
06/10/2009 2:16 PM
2 Replies and 1591 Views LP security  1591  2 Started by  wintergreen problem was resolved. Please ignore this question. Thanks!
2 1591
by  wintergreenJump to last post
06/10/2009 12:31 PM
2 Replies and 1999 Views LDAP Binding Problem  1999  2 Started by  sk Hi All, We are doing a 8.03 to 9.0.1 both environment and application upgrade.. We are not using Lawson Security, we are still continuing with LAUA...we are using Tivoli Directory Server v6.1for LDAP We need to setup a tivoli user, who needs to have access to the whole tree (including base root) of the ldap directory.The reason we say a 'tivoli user' is, he won't be accessing ldap through Lawson, instead he is going to access LDAP through 3rd party java application.. However this user sho...
2 1999
by  Ben CoonfieldJump to last post
06/09/2009 4:20 PM
2 Replies and 1330 Views View Full structure in Resource Management  1330  2 Started by  wintergreen I created&160;a structure in RM and then view the Full&160;structure but it pops up the error message when I click the full structure in RM: Run-time error '399': Component 'PrnFlow5.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered; a file is missing or invalid Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!
2 1330
by  wintergreenJump to last post
06/09/2009 8:43 AM
4 Replies and 1759 Views Create a new DN with IBM Tivoli - how to  1759  4 Started by  DQ Phan Hi All, i posted this topic on the S3 Sys admin forum, but did not get reply, i hope that on Secu forum i will have more chance. ----- During the Lawson Core technology LSF9 installation, there is a step for 'Configuring Resource Management' where a valid DN is required. We have created a valid DN by copying an existing DN, which was imported from an existing LDAP instance ( for test purpose). We would like to CREATE a valid and empty DN for the new installation of LSF9. It will look like ...
4 1759
by  DQ PhanJump to last post
06/08/2009 11:13 AM
7 Replies and 3072 Views Mass update of users in LSF9 - still using LAUA security  3072  7 Started by  John Costa In my LSF9 environment, I have about 2,500 users that have no security class assigned.&160; We are still using the LAUA&160;security model.&160;These users are all self-service users and need nothing more than a security class assigned.&160;&160;What I need to accomplish is two things: (1)&160;Assign a defined security class (named 'SELF_SERV') to these 2,500 users.&160; Can I do this with some sort of GEN&160;export, update the exported file, and then import it&160; I tried doing an ...
7 3072
by  Jeff CratonJump to last post
06/05/2009 7:50 AM
7 Replies and 2619 Views HR11 security  2619  7 Started by  wintergreen I am unable to see&160;most of fields on HR11.1.&160; Either on LAUA&160;or New Lawson security. I can drill around employees data but can NOT see most of fields on the screen.&160;&160;Is there any place to secure the HR11.1 I also looked for HR12.1 but it doesn't change anything even I set to level 1 and location&160;is&160;all asterisk(*).
7 2619
by  wintergreenJump to last post
06/04/2009 2:20 PM
6 Replies and 1912 Views How do companies handle signing off for auditing on security  1912  6 Started by  spatterson Our IT department has a report they run which is thousands of pages for our end users to sign off on with regard to security and what individuals have access to.&160;I have two questions: &160; 1. How are other companies getting sign off from the internal audit department on their security access and if they have it down to a few pages, did they go through and take off security they didnt need Our issue is we as the person signing off does not know what some of these screens means and if we...
6 1912
by  spattersonJump to last post
06/03/2009 1:56 PM
8 Replies and 2277 Views LAUA - Some users are shown in UPPER CASE  2277  8 Started by  John Costa We are on LSF9, version using MS-ADAM for our LDAP. We are also using LDAPBind to validate users against our corporate domain. We are still using LAUA security. I understand the concept of creating Resource Managment records for users and then creating the necessary identities for the environment, self-service, SSOP, etc. The problem we are running into is that some users are showing up in LAUA with all upper-case user names whereas the majority of our users show up in lower-case. Why th...
8 2277
by  Ben CoonfieldJump to last post
06/02/2009 6:17 AM
1 Replies and 1487 Views Writing rule on MSS to see all employees in chain of command  1487  1 Started by  psherry We have come across an issue using personal actions and the replacement field on entering a new job req where a manager is only see their direct reports. They do not see any employee is their direct reports is ay a manager also. For example the CEO&160;sees her direct reports but not the employee who fall under her direct reports. I have tried using isInChainofCmdOFEmpInHR and isInChainofCmd(RMID) with no luck. Has anyone come across this using LSF9.0 security. Thanks, Paul
1 1487
by  GregSlJump to last post
05/26/2009 12:56 PM
0 Replies and 1513 Views LAUA Report for Record Level Security  1513  0 Started by  Ellen Melton Is there a way to generate a LAUA report for Record Level Security similar to the Data Security report&160; We are setting up/changing some of our record level security and so far, the only way to find security classes that have record level security is to look into each one individually.&160; Just want to make sure I haven't missed a report somewhere. We are UNIX LSF 9.0 using LAUA and Portal.
0 1513
05/19/2009 10:35 AM
10 Replies and 4985 Views LSF9 - LDAP Bind to AD - Issue with always using Secondary Domain Controller  4985  10 Started by  DavidFrSC We Migrated to LSF9 (AIX platform)&160;last year, using WAS 6.1, TDS , and also did a LDAP&160;Bind to AD for authentication (works great, BUT ...) We have 2 Domain Contollers:&160;i.e. DC1, DC2. For some reason when we did the Bind (using DNS), Authentication only works if DC2 is available. Switching the roles did not help. Performed Network packet traces , and noticed there is some conversation to DC2&160; (BIND, SEARCH&160; CN=Configuration ...). The rest of the Authentication process...
10 4985
by  Jimmy ChiuJump to last post
05/14/2009 12:06 PM
1 Replies and 2164 Views Securing PR51 for a Process Level  2164  1 Started by  GregSl I have to&160;restrict access to&160;a group of users to PR51&160;by their Process Level. I&160;wrote a rule&160;using PAYMSTR table since I cannot do any thing on the onine object PR51 as the form.Process Level is not available. The rule is, if the table.Process_level =='HR' and userid !=table.employee, No Access The file rule is not affective. Can anyone who had a&160;similar situation, please share&160;how the rules were applied&160; or suggestions Greatly appreciate your kind as...
1 2164
by  GregSlJump to last post
05/13/2009 1:55 PM
1 Replies and 4901 Views LSF9 SSOP and AGS  4901  1 Started by  KathyB I am trying to do a HTTP post to Lawson from a non-lawson application. I have tried the servlet and LHC.jar.&160; Each time I receve the HTML&160; logon page and not the XML. I am doing&160; a HTTP post to PA31. The servlet call works fine from portal. Here is my code: &160;String strLawsonUsr = 'ID'; &160;&160;&160;&160;&160;&160;&160;&160;&160;&160;&160;&160;&160;&160; String strLawsonPwd = 'password'; &160;&160;&160;&160;&160;&160;&160;&160;&160;&160;&160;&16...
1 4901
by  Jeff CratonJump to last post
04/24/2009 1:27 PM
2 Replies and 1860 Views Gl Zone data level security in LAUA  1860  2 Started by  Sherry Shimek Our health system some&160;needs to restrict some users' data level access to a general ledger zone within one company.&160; We can restrict the access by using ranges of accounting units, but that is very&160;awkward in our chart of accounts.&160; For example, we use zone 200 specifically for physician medical groups and want to limit their users to&160;data within that zone.&160; The accounting unit design is that the final three digits are the zone, but the beginning four digits are sp...
2 1860
by  John HenleyJump to last post
04/20/2009 3:49 PM
1 Replies and 1581 Views Securing Accounts in RQ10  1581  1 Started by  stcyrk I am trying to restrict the accounts a user may choose for a line item on a requisition.&160; Basically, some AU's have revenue accounts which should not be charged to.&160; The accounts are sequential so I tried creatingconditional access in the appropriate security class that said if(form.RQH_ACCOUNT &160;&160; 'NO_ACCESS,' else &160;&160; 'ALL_ACCESS,' But this does not prevent me from adding an item to a req with an account that that is less than xxxxx.
1 1581
by  GregSlJump to last post
04/14/2009 10:17 AM
0 Replies and 1700 Views LSF 9 SSO Authentication using Lotus Notes Script  1700  0 Started by  TomD We have a Lotus Notes (script) application using http object to connect to 803 Lawson.&160; When we upgrade to LSF 9.0 with SSO authentication, our code is having issue with the SSO authentication.&160; Has anyone out there have used Lotus Notes Script or Java class to connect to http class successfully for LSF 9.0 or Lawson 9.&160; can you share the Lotus Notes script code if you have it&160; We are suspecting the session cookie in Lawson 9 is what causing the issue.&160;
0 1700
04/06/2009 2:40 PM
0 Replies and 1521 Views Lawson Security / Apps 8.1.x vs. 9.x  1521  0 Started by  John Costa We are currently on Applications 8.1.0, MSP6 running on Environment; We are still using LAUA security.&160; What are the prerequisites / requirements in order to go to Applications 9&160; Is there any specific reason why Lawson Security should come before Apps 9 (or vice versa)&160;&160;I'm speaking from an IT / technology perspective.&160; We are trying to plan our upgrade strategy.&160; Thanks in advance.
0 1521
04/06/2009 2:15 PM
1 Replies and 2708 Views Http authentication from external App to Lawson 8.0.3 for AGS call  2708  1 Started by  desichet We are creating AGS call to update GL20.7 from external App which can send data using JavaScript and COM objects. We did create the AGS call and tested from HTML but&160; need to enter userid/password evrytime we submit the external HTML form,&160; Is there way to create simple HTTP Authentication&160; from exernal app to avoid login page &160; Lookes like LSF 9.0 has Java API's. Is there some Non Java solution to connect to Lawswon 8.0.3 Thanks in advance.
1 2708
by  desichetJump to last post
03/25/2009 8:54 AM
5 Replies and 5638 Views LS9 Batch Jobs and LAUA  5638  5 Started by  Number5 We've been told that even after migrating to the LS9 Security, batch job users still require LAUA security.&160; Can someone explain/clarify this
5 5638
by  GregSlJump to last post
03/23/2009 3:03 PM
1 Replies and 1875 Views Read Only Product Line?  1875  1 Started by  rkerska The database is DB2 and we are still using LAUA security until next year.&160; Is there a simple way to make a product line read-only&160; We have over 300 security classes and I would rather not go into each class and make each class read-only.
1 1875
by  John HenleyJump to last post
03/23/2009 1:59 PM
8 Replies and 2534 Views EMSS with LSF 9 Security  2534  8 Started by  Deleted User I've got some questions on how the LSF9 security works within portal EMSS that I'm looking for some help on. What benefit have you seen by moving to LSF 9 security on self service&160; We're trying to determine the priority of implementing the new security model for EMSS and we're not sure what the true benefits are. When you turn on the LSF9 security for managers in self service, does it track the user that made the change&160; Does each personnel action track the user that made the chang...
8 2534
by  Roger FrenchJump to last post
03/19/2009 12:19 PM
1 Replies and 1594 Views Cannot submit Jobs  1594  1 Started by  John Crudele We are migrating users from LAUA to LS9 security. We are having an issue where users get a security violation when they click the second submit button from the pop-up. They do have the batchrole assigned
1 1594
by  Roger FrenchJump to last post
03/19/2009 7:41 AM
1 Replies and 1992 Views HR11 drill around  1992  1 Started by  Deleted User We are on lawson 9, still using LAUA. Within portal - HR11 - the screen does check our company process level....but when you key in an employee ID from another company (i.e. corporate) the user has the ability to drill around on that person... when you key in the number in the emp ID field...then immediately reight click and select drill around - it will show data for that user. When you simply enter the ID number and inquire - security does prevent access - so I know that it is checking base...
1 1992
by  John HenleyJump to last post
03/12/2009 4:24 PM
2 Replies and 1807 Views Issue with Year to Date links with Employee Self-Service.  1807  2 Started by  alincoln We're running into an issue with our security around the Year to Date pages on Employee Self Service. Reading the ESS/MSS Lawson Technical Documentation I see that the following securable objects should be assigned to allow access: PR50.1, PAYMASTR, PRTIME, PAYDEDUCTN, QUARTWAGE, QUARTDED, CUCODES, and PRSYSTEM. We've assigned all of these objects but users are still not able to access their Year to Date info.&160; Our other ESS links that we've deployed seem to be working fine (Pay Checks, ...
2 1807
by  alincolnJump to last post
02/25/2009 4:21 PM
1 Replies and 1483 Views HR Security seeing others $ in HR  1483  1 Started by  HR123 What is the best method to block HR salary data to folks within HR who have Lawson access for their respected departments I’m trying to avoid HR reps seeing information of their peers. Thanks in advance!
1 1483
by  Roger FrenchJump to last post
02/24/2009 11:03 AM
9 Replies and 3138 Views security flaw? or any solutions?  3138  9 Started by  sk Hi, We are upgrading from Lawson 803&160; to 9.x both environment and Lawson HR Application. During 803 we haven't used portal much, from 9.x we are going to use portal. We are not going for Lawson Security as part of this upgrade. we are going to continue with LAUA and LDAP. I am facing a problem in Lawson Portal. For webusers we are allowing to update their details in HR11, PA52 etc&160; related tables via employee self service applications. So we are providing form access for t...
9 3138
by  CindyWJump to last post
02/17/2009 2:10 PM
2 Replies and 2129 Views Learning 9x Security & RM  2129  2 Started by  Deleted User We are upgrading to 9x, and we're trying to determine what level of functional training is needed for HRIS support to support troubleshooting for Manager Self Service and Workflow IT will mostly handle setup and maintenance,&160; but we just want to&160;understand how it works.&160; We're thinking the webinars will meet the functional user needs.&160; IT is going to the 4 day training.&160; Any HR folks or Materials folks had the&160;webinar or attended the the 4 day training&160...
2 2129
by  Jeff WestfallJump to last post
02/11/2009 1:01 AM
6 Replies and 2449 Views Employee number search  2449  6 Started by  klive Hello All, another wonderful day in Lawson...I was wondering if anyone has found a way to search employee numbers in the Security Administrator&160; I have actual usernames for logging in but I would like to see a list of employee numbers in my display...can you help me out... I can however look in LDAP but it does not associate the employee number with a username.&160; Thanks for your help.
6 2449
by  kliveJump to last post
02/04/2009 3:11 PM
3 Replies and 2168 Views LSF9 - LDAP Webuser (formerly logan.webuser)  2168  3 Started by  Deleted User Hey All, Has anyone come up with a good method to get the webuser data out of LDAP. What i am talking about is the information formerly stored in logan.webuser under 8.0. I have seen several suggestions on Lawson KB that people have created thier own logan.webuser under LSF9. While this probably would work, I am trying to avoid creating another mantiance and possible breaking point. Any Suggestions Thanks - Chris
3 2168
by  Deleted UserJump to last post
02/04/2009 7:34 AM
2 Replies and 1620 Views LDAP sub domain  1620  2 Started by  klive Hello All, I have a small problem on my hands and need some help.&160; We have a department of roughly 100 users that need access to Lawson.&160; They are on a sub domain.&160; we have a trust between us and now i have to set them up in the existing LDAP to authenticate to our domain for access...we currently run a perl script to connect an existing user to LDAP is there something highly complicated to do to get this to work for another domain or just simply change the script with the attribu...
2 1620
by  kliveJump to last post
02/02/2009 3:25 PM
6 Replies and 2774 Views NT user group  2774  6 Started by  Garry Ferwerda Hi:&160;&160; I have a couple of questions about implementing Lawson securtiy:&160;&160;&160; 1)&160; I have not found any documentation or seen any discussion on what role&160;the user group that is entered on the security tab of laconfig&160; has if LS security is being used.&160;&160; Do all Lawson users still need to be a member of this group if they are using LS security and not accessing the LID command line 2)&160; Do rules have to be written for the invoke programs (HPPV...
6 2774
by  Roger FrenchJump to last post
01/30/2009 11:42 AM
2 Replies and 2176 Views laua - form security  2176  2 Started by  Deleted User In form security what do SV stand for Normal 0 unctuationKerning /> false false false oNotPromoteQF /> EN-US X-NONE X-NONE ontGrowAutofit /> ontVertAlignCellWithSp /> ontBreakConstrainedForcedTables /> ontVertAlignInTxbx /> MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 ...
2 2176
by  k-rockJump to last post
01/20/2009 11:32 AM
2 Replies and 3362 Views lawsonsecadmin.exe crashes  3362  2 Started by  Joe O'Toole I am running V of Lawson Security Admin tool on my laptop and it allows me to make security and RM changes, but crashes when I exit the RM or Security screens. The module in violation is vsflex8l.ocx. The admin program works fine on other systems and the Lawson server, but not where I need it most! I've reregistered the ocx, checked permissions, verified versions against the systems that work and uninstalled / reinstalled to no avail. Lawson support's only suggestion is to reimage my s...
2 3362
by  Ben CoonfieldJump to last post
01/15/2009 1:32 PM
1 Replies and 1962 Views HR11 Pay Tab security  1962  1 Started by  Wenderful Hi, I have an HR security class that has edit access to the HR11 screen.&160; I have three tabs secured. Pay, pay edits, and tax. For some reason, when I secure the 'Pay' tab, the user cannot edit fields in the HR11. It places the curser on Company and tells me 'field is required' and does not accept the changes. This only occurs in the Portal. The same security class CAN perform udpates in LID with the Pay Tab secured. If I remove the Form Tab security for the Pay Tab, then they are able to ...
1 1962
by  John HenleyJump to last post
01/07/2009 9:44 AM
3 Replies and 2752 Views Security Violation on Drill Back  2752  3 Started by  Wenderful ok, I have a silly one for ya.&160; I have added access for a user to drill around GL reports. They have access to RW100/RW80, GL and IF, and the data file records needed. They can drill into the report and get to the&160;form RW80.1 but then it says security violation. I am missing something I know. I have refreshed everything already and compared a known working class....Any thoughts
3 2752
by  GregSlJump to last post
12/09/2008 2:58 PM
1 Replies and 1942 Views loadusers utility - Can you give each user a diferent SSOP password?  1942  1 Started by  Deleted User Hello, I have been playing around with lawsons loadusers utility. It takes in an .xml file that use can use to add users to the system. The only think I don't like is that it assigns every user the same SSOP password. Is there a way to give each user thier own password in this .xml file Thanks :-)
1 1942
by  John HenleyJump to last post
12/02/2008 1:14 PM
2 Replies and 2537 Views LAUA Security AP265 issue  2537  2 Started by  Wenderful I have added a form AP265 to security class. They can access in Production LID environment and in separate portal test environment. They cannot access the form in Production Portal environment. Says, 'no hits'.. no error message.. What am I missing
2 2537
by  WenderfulJump to last post
11/18/2008 9:26 AM
6 Replies and 15647 Views Lawson Security: LDAP: error code 53 - Unwilling To Perform  15647  6 Started by  Rodney Is anyone receiving this message in the LSA client or on the server when making any security changes&160;&160; We were told by the GSC this is related to the size of our security classes/roles, yet told by their trainers that there&160;is no size limit.&160;&160; Anyone else having (or had) this problem&160;&160; If so, how did you fix it.&160; It it simply a configuration change on your server Thanks, Rodney
6 15647
by  Kwane McNealJump to last post
11/12/2008 1:19 PM
3 Replies and 3188 Views Rules are secured error using LAUA  3188  3 Started by  MattM I am receiving the error 'rules are secured' in portal when executing a drill around on employee in HR11. We are using LAUA in LSF9 for the user in question. The security class the user is in has access to all files in HR. Any ideas
3 3188
by  RodneyJump to last post
11/10/2008 11:06 AM
6 Replies and 6468 Views Application Event ID 32770  6468  6 Started by  RogerThomas We have lsf9.0.0 running and ready for our conversion fron 8.0.3.&160; We keep getting the following error messages in the Application log on the windows server: WIN32Error: controller.c(100): NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM: java.exe: NetGetAnyDCName(WREC) - There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request. And WIN32Error: controller.c(100): NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM: jobrun.exe: NetGetAnyDCName(WREC) - There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon req...
6 6468
by  RogerThomasJump to last post
10/28/2008 4:49 PM
1 Replies and 2218 Views Report for security access  2218  1 Started by  Bill4 I'm trying to develop a report that will show me all of the users that have access to forms PO20 and PO30 (version 8.0.3). I was wondering if any of the information is written to a table that could be accessed by Crystal or MS Access. If not, what other methods may be available for creating this type of report that will need to be accessed by non technical people
1 2218
by  John HenleyJump to last post
10/27/2008 1:28 PM
1 Replies and 2469 Views LDAP on Lawson After Domain Move  2469  1 Started by  Marvel Lawson SQL Server 2000 Windows 2003 Greetings! I am completely new to Lawson & have never had any training on the app. I am also completey without any support documentation on how the application 7 the Portal work. SoemhowI have managed to fumble my way through getting it to work. We performed a P2V of 4 servers from one domain to another & then reverse engineered the new environment on the new domainby changing all the server references in the web config & in all the b...
1 2469
by  John HenleyJump to last post
10/12/2008 12:26 PM
3 Replies and 3909 Views Securing Drill on ESS - MSS Role  3909  3 Started by  Deleted User Hi, all! We are on 9.0 and using LS security. We have a single sign on for our Lawson users using Active Directory bound with&160;ldap. For those users who have access to forms directly (we call them dual users such as payroll clerks, purchasing requestors etc…) and who have self service roles we secure them through rules which seem to be holding pretty well. Such as confined to their own process levels etc... Lawson provides out of the box ESS and MSS standard roles. With a little tweaking t...
3 3909
by  NickJump to last post
10/06/2008 5:38 AM
7 Replies and 4021 Views Mass Updating/Changing SSOP passwords  4021  7 Started by  shashank Hi, I need to mass update&160;SSOP&160;passwords for all users. Does anyone know if&160;this is&160;doable, and how thanks. &160;
7 4021
by  John HenleyJump to last post
10/03/2008 10:09 AM
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