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2 Replies and 2262 Views How to secure AC through activity group, security_cd and structure.  2262  2 Started by  Kyric Need help, any advise in securing AC through conditional rules. If the user go to AC00.1 he will only see Activity group belongs to the user. Any help or tips thank you.
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by  KyricJump to last post
04/05/2015 11:07 AM
0 Replies and 950 Views Lawson Security Reports  950  0 Started by  Daniel I am trying to run an attribute report in Lawson Security that needs to include criteria for an attribute(Role) that is blank. I cannot seem to come up with a criteria within Lawson Security reports that will allow me to exclude users with their 'role' attribute blank. I am trying to create a  query that will allow me to update just the users with a particular 'portal role' but their 'role' cannot be 'blank'. I am using the 'is not' function within the report. Any help is appreciated.
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03/24/2015 10:45 AM
4 Replies and 2647 Views Lawson Security changes not taking effect  2647  4 Started by  Shaun C We just upgraded to Lawson 10.0.6 and when I add or take away a ROLE in ISS it doesn't seem to be taking affect.  I cleared IOS cache and the server cache in LSA.  I've had it sit all night and in the morning still not in effect.  Once I bounce WAS then it finally will take and work.  I'm at a lost at this point.  The ROLE is showing in both ISS and LSA and ran a report in LSA and it also shows the ROLE is attached to user.  Then you go into Portal can't access form...
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by  Jimmy ChiuJump to last post
03/24/2015 8:13 AM
24 Replies and 9398 Views Batch Jobs  9398  24 Started by  KerriR Does anyone have the exact setups that are needed to allow users to submit batch jobs&160; We are using LS9 and some of our users are getting 'security violation' errors when trying to inquire on their jobs (HR170, PR260, PA490 are some examples).&160; If they wait about 10 minutes, they can then inquire and run the job without any problem.&160; I find this very interesting because in my mind, security is either on or off, there's no in between.&160; So why would it NOT work one minute but ...
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by  randysJump to last post
03/20/2015 10:54 AM
3 Replies and 3175 Views Printers in Portal and LS Security  3175  3 Started by  Roger French I'm doing some work with printer issues in Lawson portal. Some users are using LS Security and when they're in Portal and running jobs such as CU201, when they actually want to print the report, the report shows up in print manager find, and it displays fine on screen, but when they want to send to printer and click on the drop down of the Printer field to list all of the printers, NO printers appear.  These users DO have the BatchRole in their LS Security. I've checked the BatchRole for...
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by  Dave AmenJump to last post
03/19/2015 6:39 PM
1 Replies and 1464 Views Prevent User from submitting more than 2 jobs  1464  1 Started by  Gina When multiple PR295 jobs are submitted one right after the other, it forces other users jobs into a waiting status. This creates issues when we are trying to peform the ACH Payment cycle. Is there a way that we can prevent a specific user from submitting more than 2 jobs at a time
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by  Jimmy ChiuJump to last post
03/04/2015 2:52 PM
2 Replies and 1457 Views Don't allow drill around but allow search  1457  2 Started by  Nancy We want to allow some users access to PA22 but do not want to have access to drill around. The only problem I am having is with the employee table.  The users still need to be able to use the search to find the correct employee by name. Do I have to go into each field on the employee table and deny access to it except for the employee number, and name fields to allow them to search Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.      
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by  NancyJump to last post
03/03/2015 2:28 PM
2 Replies and 1465 Views Prohibit Job Submission  1465  2 Started by  Gina Hello, I am looking for a way to prohibit IT Support Users from submitting batch jobs in the production environment.  These users still need the ability to view job queues and manage jobs submitted by others.  They also need to be authorized to the programs so that they can setup or maintain job defintions and job schedules (recdef).  But just not submit any jobs themselves.  I have tried denying them access to the job queues, but that was too restrictive as they could not e...
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by  AriJump to last post
02/17/2015 7:34 PM
5 Replies and 2342 Views Setting an account for Lawson Security Admin access  2342  5 Started by  Ronnie OK,   So we have 1 account we usually use for just all open access for all lawson. So we usually use this account to create accounts in lawson security.   Things are changing. We now have a few employees who may need to create user accounts in Lawson Security Admin. With this said....I am not sure what all I need to set role wise etc for a user to just be able to use Lawson Security Admin application.
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by  Brian AllenJump to last post
02/13/2015 8:29 AM
0 Replies and 1133 Views lsdump/lsload  1133  0 Started by  TJ Mann lsdump all 172 roles - took about 15 mins. lsload -o all 172 roles - took 17 hours. anyone uses lsdump/lsload on Roles   i normally use lsdump/lsload only Profile, and it goes much faster.
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02/03/2015 6:36 AM
0 Replies and 878 Views HREMP element Group  878  0 Started by  Garry Ferwerda We have had our back office users on LS9 security for a while and we are now implememting EMS security.  We also have multiple accounts, one for back office and one for EMS that we planning to combine (eliminate the back office login).  We use the HREMP Element group to enforce record level security in the HR modules.  We have discovered that for a certain subset of HR employees that they cannot access their own information in EMS once the EMS and back office roles are applied to ...
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02/02/2015 2:09 PM
4 Replies and 2648 Views Copy User's Jobs When Deleting User  2648  4 Started by  Kyle Jorgensen When you delete a user from security it gives you the option to copy the user's jobs to another user. We've found that when we do this the jobs do copy but if the 'departing' user's job had any setup in jobdef (file distribution, csv attributes, etc) the job that gets created for the 'receiving' user is missing all of the jobdef setup. Are we doing something wrong, or is this just how it works (which is lousy)
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by  Scott PerrierJump to last post
02/02/2015 9:38 AM
6 Replies and 1945 Views Securing AP 90 by Acct Unit  1945  6 Started by  Carla Ferrari We are trying to secure AP90 by users' accounting units, using the RM attribut AccountingUnitControl.  Tried writing a rule against APDISTRIB, DIS-ACCT-UNIT file using getDBfield, with no luck.  Has anyone else tried to secure this form  
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by  Karen Beyer GoodeJump to last post
01/31/2015 6:24 PM
0 Replies and 905 Views PROCLEVEL and 9.01 security  905  0 Started by  MC We recently upgraded to 9.01.9  and we are now experiencing a issue if we have more than 1 process level in the RM ProcessLevelControl field.   We are only using this with ESS/MSS to prevent managers from selecting department(s) etc that they do not have access to from within Personnel actions.   We are using the PROCLEVEL element group and did not change our definition during the upgrade. We have a few mgrs. that have emps in more than 1 process level.  Prior to this...
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01/19/2015 3:52 PM
5 Replies and 1581 Views MSS and ProcessLevelControl  1581  5 Started by  MC We have placed a custom rule, then an role in RM for MSS users.  This custom rule is checking the PROCESSLEVELCONTROL feature in RM.  The goal was when the manager would create a personal action they would only be able to select the departments that are in the specific process level...Works like a charm for fields like Department (only shows the departments that the mgr has access to).  The problem is the Expense Account / Sub Account and activity.  when we have the rule for ...
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by  MCJump to last post
01/15/2015 12:11 PM
6 Replies and 4311 Views LSF9 Security & Distribution Lists  4311  6 Started by  Greg Moeller Hi everyone! Where do I find my LAUA distribution groups in LSF9 security I've been looking for several hours now, but can only find a way to secure printers and job queues. We have lots of distribution groups created that the users still want to have access to, but I cannot find where they are at in order to add them to an appropriate security class. Thanks in advance, -Greg
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by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
01/12/2015 2:27 PM
11 Replies and 1948 Views Needing help locking down drill screens  1948  11 Started by  Ronnie We are in the process of implementing our infor 10 system. We are currently on Lawson 9 and have been now since 2008. HR has just noticed during implementation that managers can potentially go to PA42 and drill around and see info they should not see. The way they can do this is by getting a job requisition workunit in their inbasket to approve or deny. Inside of the details for that workunit there is a related links screen which takes them to the form where they can see info on the requisition...
11 1948
by  KatieWJump to last post
01/06/2015 4:53 PM
0 Replies and 1209 Views Set form access to Read Only for all forms  1209  0 Started by  Jon Gustafson I just found out from an audit that we have two users that are Business Analysts and they need to have read only access to the forms in production.  They have every security class assigned to them, so I am really hoping that I do not have to create a hundred new security classes with read only access. Is there a way that I can globally grant them read only access to all forms in a productline or environment   Jon Gustafson
0 1209
12/29/2014 2:36 PM
0 Replies and 996 Views LSA Report  996  0 Started by  This_Guy I was hoping someone can help me figure out how to develop a report in LSA that will show the audit history for a specific person that has access to the LSA tools, when they accessed, add/changed/modified a record, date stamps, etc.. We were told by a consultant that we can certainly design this report to help audit who is accessing LSA. Anyone
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12/18/2014 2:32 PM
4 Replies and 3268 Views RM Viewing Role  3268  4 Started by  trueblueg8tor I'm trying to create a role for Viewing RM only. I created a Role called 'RmView' and security class called 'RMView'. In the security class, I granted unconditional 'Inquire' access to everything. Even after I attach the security class to the role and the role to the user I'm unable to log into Lawson Security Administrator. How can I test my role with giving 'SuperAdminRole'
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by  Leonard CourchaineJump to last post
12/04/2014 12:57 PM
19 Replies and 2497 Views Two security classes one allows the other does not  2497  19 Started by  JimY Hello, &160;&160;&160;&160; I have two security classes.&160; One class is set up for requisitioners and the second is for people who will approve requisitions.&160; The first one restricts access to RQ12 and RQ13 the second one allows.&160; When I login with the user set up for requisition approval I get access denied for RQ12 and Rq13.&160; Obviously I am doing something wrong.&160; How do I set up security classes with in the same application (RQ) that restrict forms for some, but a...
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by  cwelfordJump to last post
12/02/2014 1:02 PM
8 Replies and 12112 Views Hide/show on Form  12112  8 Started by  PV Rajan Hi: Is it possible to show/hide a field on Lawson Portal based on the RD30 Record . E.g I want to hide the field 'Process Level' on AP20 form to some ids while it shall be displayed for others. If yes, how to do this. Thanks in advance!
8 12112
by  Mark F. HardyJump to last post
11/24/2014 10:41 AM
3 Replies and 2070 Views Mass Add/Remove a Role in Lawson Security  2070  3 Started by  MCordero Is it possible to mass remove a role in Lawson Security  We have over 3500 users that have it and only about 50 or so should. 
3 2070
by  MCorderoJump to last post
11/13/2014 9:19 AM
2 Replies and 1207 Views Hide TAXID on AP10 with certain roles  1207  2 Started by  Mark F. Hardy Is it possible to hide TAXID on AP10 based on certain roles
2 1207
by  AlJump to last post
11/12/2014 7:46 AM
3 Replies and 1481 Views User Attribute for ADDINS on V8 iSeries  1481  3 Started by  Ron Swanson Lawson V8.1, iSeries, off support.  Original support staff long gone. I have limited knowledge of Lawson, though very familiar with iSeries. Need to add authority for new user to access ADDINS for Office.  I have limited knowledge of security admin, but have defined new users and assigned to groups. ADDINS and User Config manuals (Windows and Unix - no iSeries versions around) refer to an Attribute to assign.  Have searched through documents, screens, tables and just can'...
3 1481
by  Ron SwansonJump to last post
10/15/2014 12:00 PM
0 Replies and 1078 Views Infor's 30 character limit for domain\userid  1078  0 Started by  imjulian Because of Infor 10 on windows has a 30-character limit on domain\userid field, this is causing issues for users whose domain\userid exceeds the 30-character limit. Infor support's advice is to reduce the domain name characters. Any one has any other suggestions because reducing the domain name is not an option for us.   Thanks,  
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10/15/2014 9:23 AM
2 Replies and 1406 Views LSF9 report  1406  2 Started by  TJ Mann if i double post, please accept my apology. i'd like to write a report to get: SecClassName    AttrType    ObjName    Access APINQUIRE        TKN            AP10.1        P,I,N ACINQUIRE        GPM         &...
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by  TJ MannJump to last post
09/18/2014 5:40 PM
0 Replies and 1220 Views Process Level Security when using Add-ins (query)  1220  0 Started by  Erin Can I restrict add-ins query by process level, which is defined in Lawson Security
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09/15/2014 1:59 PM
0 Replies and 899 Views Structure  899  0 Started by  Xin Li Is it possible and how to create structure in such a way that two nodes inherit same node below
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09/03/2014 11:25 AM
1 Replies and 1255 Views Securing Jobs and Print manager  1255  1 Started by  Deleted User We have a role built that successfully prevents users from seeing another user jobs...But we still need to prevent a user from deleting their own jobs or jobs in 'needs recovery'...this is the security class we have built.
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by  Kate LiameroJump to last post
08/19/2014 12:21 PM
1 Replies and 1177 Views LS9 File Security  1177  1 Started by  Bob S In order to use forms we need to provide access to the files obviously.  Our initial idea was to provide all files needed for the area the user was in (HR needs HR, BN, PR,PA, etc).  The issue is that we have quite a few users with add-ins.  Are we opening ourselves to issues with Add-in queries allowing indirect access to data we might want secured  The upload wizard uses the forms that the user is restricted to, but query seems to provide access to any file they have acces...
1 1177
by  Carl.SeayJump to last post
08/01/2014 9:17 AM
2 Replies and 1230 Views LS9 CheckLS madatory with 10.x  1230  2 Started by  Mark F. Hardy I came across an article of July 9, 2013 on regarding LS will now become mandatory () with 10.x .  It mentioned having to create a new security class allowing all access and applying it to our SysAdmin users.  Currently our Admin users have LS = NO and assigned a role named SUPERADMINROLE.  Not sure if turning LS on once we go to 10.x will limit them too much as I unsure what this role contains.  I cannot find the article; anyone remember this articl...
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by  Mark F. HardyJump to last post
07/31/2014 11:04 AM
0 Replies and 967 Views Data Security for HR170  967  0 Started by  Rick Pearl We are trying to limit the results of the HR170 rport to specific departments. We have several departments per process level and would like to further limit the department.  For Process Level x, we have departments x, y and z. would like the report to only contain department y.  When a user runs HR170, the PROCLEVEL element group limits the data in the report to Process Level x but contains all three departments. I've written rules on the DEPTCODE table so the Department dro...
0 967
07/29/2014 12:52 PM
7 Replies and 4371 Views LSF vs LAUA security  4371  7 Started by  Greg Moeller When setting up a job in LID, you have the option for option C (CSV File Attributes) Is this available using the new LSF&160;security, and if so, how do I get there Thanks in advance, -Greg
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
06/27/2014 7:02 AM
4 Replies and 1322 Views Securing PA52 selections.  1322  4 Started by  Jay2 In S3 portal I have secured the file GLNAMES so that agency users can only select from account unit within their own process level. Now we are using PA52 to change expense data for an employee. We have an action called Exp-Data that was defined in PA50 using the topic E2 - Pay Distribution.  One of the fields we have selected is Expense Acct Unit.  When an agency user uses this action in PA52 and clicks on the arrow next to this field it opens HRSC.1 and it shows all the Account ...
4 1322
by  Jay2Jump to last post
06/06/2014 1:54 PM
1 Replies and 1275 Views Inadvertent deletion of SSO HTTP Endpoint  1275  1 Started by  Rick Morrison I inadvertently deleted an SSO http endpoint BEFORE removing it from an http endpoint group.  Now, when I try to do anything with http endpoint groups I get the following error in ssoconfig: Got exception: com.lawson.lawsec.authen.LSFSecurityAuthenException:Got exception while listHTTPEndPointGroup for Error when listing all HTTP Endpoint Group in LDAP. Message {2}. Stack Trace : com.lawson.lawsec.authen.LSFSecurityAuthenException:Got exception while listHTTPEndPointGroup for Error when...
1 1275
by  Kwane McNealJump to last post
06/04/2014 10:38 AM
1 Replies and 1492 Views Lawson Desktop Client Logon LAUA  1492  1 Started by  Kenny Hello, I am having an issue running the LAUA function in the form transfer section of the Lawson Desktop client logon, after typing in the function into the Menu ID, I receive an operation time out error. Can someone please assist
1 1492
by  Ragu RaghavanJump to last post
05/06/2014 5:12 PM
0 Replies and 802 Views Restricting access to a S3 Form in Smart office only  802  0 Started by  L G Is it possible to restrict access to a S3 Form in Smart Office only while allowing users access to the form in Portal Basically we have some Design Studio mods to a custom form that all  users access. However Smart Office does not apply the customizations and is only available to power users. Is it possible to remove access to the Form from smart office while not impacting the DS access for that form
0 802
04/02/2014 10:04 AM
0 Replies and 852 Views Adding users  852  0 Started by  aashoks2002 Hello All, I want to integrate 'user information' from external applications to LAWSON erp. What are the ways in which I can achieve it. PS: I am new to LAWSON ERP. Please let me know if it can be done via api/some app/inserts into db. Thanks in advance. Ashok
0 852
03/21/2014 2:35 PM
2 Replies and 1030 Views Dumb Question - But  1030  2 Started by  Deleted User What language does Lawson Security use , is it in Java
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by  Deleted UserJump to last post
03/18/2014 10:32 AM
5 Replies and 1252 Views SecAdmin doesn't recognize new form on existing program  1252  5 Started by  Woozy Hi All, We have a custom program (ZS31) that has been in-place for some time.  Recently we added a new form (ZS31.2) to the program.  In our DEV environment, we were able to add security to the new form using SecAdmin without any issues.  However, when it was promoted to PROD, the new form does not appear in SecAdmin. I've confirmed that the form is in tokendef, pgmdef, and laua (for the right security class) in PROD.  I've recompiled the program, ran srgen and scrgen, ...
5 1252
by  WoozyJump to last post
03/11/2014 1:17 PM
4 Replies and 2459 Views Prevent Users From Deleting Jobs In Job Scheduler  2459  4 Started by  Jeremy I'm being told by our security team that you can't give access to Job Scheduler and prevent users from deleting a job that is in 'Needs Recovery.' I did some very basic LSA work a while back and I thought this was an option.  I no longer do this work, but if possibly, I'd like to pass along to our team how to do this. Is it possible to simply take away the 'delete' option Thank you! Version is I believe.  
4 2459
by  GinaJump to last post
02/26/2014 10:08 AM
3 Replies and 1238 Views LS9 file associations - advice needed on a faster method  1238  3 Started by  Bob Heitzman We are spending a lot of time on our LS9 project identifying file associations and are looking for some advice - here are our questions: 1. What is the process you use to determine which files are needed for LS9 security classes  &91;Note: We are looking for a 'faster way to determine the files needed' - we know how to manually go through each form and one by one identify the file associations. Anyone figure out a way to dump this information out&93; This is our biggest need as ...
3 1238
by  Bob HeitzmanJump to last post
02/20/2014 5:39 PM
2 Replies and 1485 Views Need Report of All users with Access to RQ10  1485  2 Started by  Wanda We are on Lawson 9.01 and use LAUA and LSF9 security.  We are in desperate need of a list of users that have access to a specific screen in Lawson, RQ10.  Can any of you help me
2 1485
by  Deborah GriffinJump to last post
02/19/2014 1:24 PM
2 Replies and 3908 Views LS9 'Security Accelerator' templates  3908  2 Started by  Kirk Looking for folks who have used LS9 Accelerator templates, who would be willing to share their experience with them.   I have several questions, actually; so I won't try to list them all right now.   Wondering if anyone who has experience with them might be willing to chat, via phone call    If not, perhaps we can just dialogue here. We are located in Winston-Salem, NC; we have approx. 1,000 Lawson financial users, with about 100 laua-defined Security ...
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by  KirkJump to last post
02/18/2014 11:52 AM
0 Replies and 1089 Views Delete delivered LSF9 security classes and roles  1089  0 Started by  JudeBac We are about to move from LAUA to LS9. I noticed that there are Lawson delivered security classes. There seems to be no way to rename them. Has anyone deleted all Lawson security classes before adding your company security classes Thanks, Jude
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02/10/2014 12:27 PM
1 Replies and 1312 Views secload -o experience?  1312  1 Started by  Stan Thiemann We're migrating platforms and environment release levels (Win03 -> Win08 & Env -> Env  The process of loading, configuring, and testing the new production environment will last about 6 weeks.  Secload was used initially to enable testing, but I'm thinking about the best way to load the latest LAUA security changes from current production to the new environment.  If we opt to continue processing security change requests in production (including new and t...
1 1312
by  TJ MannJump to last post
01/30/2014 8:34 AM
1 Replies and 1427 Views Read Only Access for LSA tool?  1427  1 Started by  Gina We want to be able to give a few users Read Only Access to the data in Lawson Security Administrator.  Is there a way to do this
1 1427
by  GinaJump to last post
01/15/2014 2:58 PM
0 Replies and 842 Views ProcessLevelControl issue after LSF patches  842  0 Started by  Deleted User We applied some LSF patches to our 9.01.10 and after that have problems with PR36.  Customers can add the form, but if they try to add a new line to an existing form it's like the keyboard isn't working any more, they can't type anything onto the new line.  I found that removing the Security Class on the PROCLEVEL element group solves the problem, but of course we can't do that.  Has anyone found this problem and solved it
0 842
12/26/2013 2:12 PM
1 Replies and 1300 Views SSOPV2_LDAP_BIND - change to secure port?  1300  1 Started by  Sam Adams Lawson 10 environment here, not yet in production.  We have ldap bind set up to AD, which was was done by consultants. I'm curious how one changes it to be a secure connection  I could be wrong, but based on my experience to date, I can't imagine that the system will know that changing the port to 3269 means to switch to secure ldap automatically.  I'm not planning on doing this along, but I heard through the grapevine that the consultant said it's not recommended to go that r...
1 1300
by  Alex TsekhanskyJump to last post
12/22/2013 5:01 PM
0 Replies and 1038 Views Tip: Schema changes and Process Flow Integrator  1038  0 Started by  David Britton I recently added 2 new attributes (secLevel and secLocation) to the People schema using the Lawson Schema Editor. I ran ldifgen  and ldifde to load the changes into LDAP as outlined in the Lawson Administration: Resources and Security manual. I then stopped and started the Security Server as instructed. The new attributes showed up in the Security Administrator forms but did not show up in the Process Flow  Resource Update build menu. I then stopped and started all of the ...
0 1038
12/12/2013 9:24 AM
9 Replies and 2419 Views Securing Development Utilities LSF9 Security  2419  9 Started by  Survivor We are moving to Lawson 9 security.  We have run into a couple issues with utilities and menus used for development.  We are getting security violations for tmcontrol, but I do not see were it is located.  Also, we gave access to laenv and latools, but we receive the message 'LAPM Does Not Support LS Users.'  How do we get around this
9 2419
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
12/05/2013 9:27 AM
2 Replies and 1225 Views LSF9 Upgrade from LAUA  1225  2 Started by  dstallma We are planning to upgrade to LSF9 next year.  Can you give me an estimate of how many professional service hours might be needed
2 1225
by  Kwane McNealJump to last post
11/26/2013 10:59 PM
1 Replies and 1327 Views Prevent Role Access to Administrative Users  1327  1 Started by  mikefortuna We are creating a role for our Help Desk so that they can assign roles to users.  They are restricted from doing other things such as creating or modifying classes and roles.   Is there a way to prevent them from being able to assign certain roles  For example, the SuperAdminRole is restricted to only a few administrators.  We do not want the Help Desk to be able to assign this role to anyone, or give themselves access to that role.
1 1327
by  Brian AllenJump to last post
11/18/2013 12:58 PM
6 Replies and 2560 Views HR security during payroll Lockout  2560  6 Started by  Srini Rao Hello, We are in process of implementing the new Lawson security. As part of implementation we used fast track security class. Now question is, how do we lock out the HR department during the payroll process. We like change the HR security to View only mode. Any suggestions. :-)
6 2560
by  J QuinnJump to last post
11/01/2013 10:49 AM
4 Replies and 1449 Views Securing User Jobs using LS Security  1449  4 Started by  Roger French Has anyone successfully put in a security rule or process to allow a user to see his/her own jobs ONLY (and no one else's) in Job Scheduler This is using LS Security, NOT LAUA. This is for v 10.0.x and also v9.0.1 I've put in the rule in the UserName element in the Batch class which is part of the GEN security profile: if(UserName==user.getHostServiceId()||isMemberOf('BatchUsers',UserName))    'ALL_ACCESS,' else    'NO_ACCESS,' CheckLS=Yes for all users; sec...
4 1449
by  Kwane McNealJump to last post
10/16/2013 11:00 AM
0 Replies and 876 Views Blocking Vendors of a certain class  876  0 Started by  mikefortuna I am trying to block users from seeing vendors of a certain class, and invoices and other information related to those vendors. As an example, I am using on APVENMAST   if(trim(table.VEN_CLASS)=='PT')  and on element VEN_CLASS  if(VEN_CLASS=='PT') This is good if I am using the Inquire button, but Next and Previous let me get to vendors that I don't want to see. Also, I want to block this vendor class system-wide.  If I run something like AP230, I get invoices ...
0 876
10/04/2013 3:15 PM
0 Replies and 1049 Views LSF 9 security for AC  1049  0 Started by  EricS Folks, I'm hoping someone can help with this one.   I'm working with LSF security administration.  I'm trying to define AC40 and AC45 security so that a user will not be able to release their own transactions.   There is a nice example of how to do this in GL in 'Implementing Lawson Security'.   I'm afraid I'm stumped by AC.   Has someone done this successfully that would mind sharing the solution   Thanks in advance for any time ...
0 1049
09/26/2013 8:52 AM
1 Replies and 1176 Views Loading Nodes to an existing Security Structure  1176  1 Started by  Chad Dirst We have a fairly large Security Structure and there are plans to add hundreds of additional nodes. I have dumped the structure and have been reviewing the data within LDAP and am wondering if anyone has manually created an xml or ldif file to load via ldapmodify The item that has me hung up is mapping the following fields: zzlwsnattrLineage zzlwsnattrParentNode Thank in advance. Chad
1 1176
by  Chad DirstJump to last post
09/17/2013 6:17 AM
0 Replies and 961 Views Company Control for AP Forms  961  0 Started by  AjaxSlax What's the best way to restrict access on the AP forms so that only 1 particular company is selectable We had developed a separate security class to restrict all forms to 1 company, however, we discovered they need access to the other company for their employee self service work. Thoughts
0 961
09/16/2013 11:31 AM
0 Replies and 1216 Views lsfsecurityauthenexception  1216  0 Started by  Gary Padgett Getting an error with ldapbind in an environment that is normally not ldapbound, but we are binding in order to test a few things.  I have run the ldapbind in this environment before, and feel confident in my procedure.  Note - I was in LID when the ldapbind encountered the error message, so I cannot guarantee I got the same message shown here.  I ran the ssoconfig -l of the backup file in an SSH client when I got this message.  Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated. ...
0 1216
09/13/2013 7:38 AM
0 Replies and 998 Views GL95.1 Major Account  998  0 Started by  AjaxSlax Hi all! I'm needing to restrict the values that are available for selection on the GL95.1 screen under the Major Account.  I was to restrict it so that only one account is available for selection. Apparently the fields are FR-ACCOUNT and TH-ACCOUNT. Neither of them seem to be defined as an element. Any ideas on how to restrict the field Even the ability to only allow that value to be inquired upon would work. Thanks
0 998
09/12/2013 8:24 AM
0 Replies and 1124 Views Securing PA52 Action Codes  1124  0 Started by  Sandra Badini I need to secure the PA52 to one action code for a user.  I defined an element group for the PA action code to limit the list available to the user. The functionality is working to allow the user to add, change and delete an action.  However, the next and previous functions are returning a security violation.  The security class had permission to PERSACTYPE, PERSACTION and EMPLOYEE.  We do not have security on company or process level. Any ideas about what security...
0 1124
09/11/2013 4:05 PM
0 Replies and 991 Views LS9 Granting Access to a Range of Company or Process Levels  991  0 Started by  Trident Enterprises I am trying to write rules in LS9 for granting access to a range of companies or process levels.  An example would be 1000 to 1299 and 4000 to 5999.  And oh by the way I need access to company 15 too. ProcessLevelControl and CompanyCompany in RM only accept values like 1000, 1001, 1002, etc.  It would not be practical to load up all of those values in that method. I can't find any documentation on ProcessLevelControl or CompanyControl in any of the Lawson manual or Inforxtre...
0 991
09/05/2013 9:36 AM
5 Replies and 1736 Views After LDAP Bind the Logon Error handling is inconsistent  1736  5 Started by  mikeD If user enters an invalid user name, then the name and password are cleared and message 'Invalid username or password. Please try again.' is displayed. If user enters an invalid password, then the name and password are cleared and no message is displayed. Has anyone run into this  Is there a way to correct this Ideally an invalid name and/or password give same error message to the user.
5 1736
by  Joe O'TooleJump to last post
09/04/2013 3:25 PM
3 Replies and 2026 Views Granting Access to Other's Print Manager  2026  3 Started by  Peter Maynard How to grant access to other's Print Manager in LS9 security
3 2026
by  Peter MaynardJump to last post
09/03/2013 3:20 PM
1 Replies and 1338 Views Removing custom attribute from LSA  1338  1 Started by  Chad Dirst I am attempting to remove a couple of custom attributes via the Lawson RM Schema Editor. My understanding is that making the change via the schema editor only puts the change in a “temporary” location and the actual change needs to be generated via ldifgen and then loaded via ldapmodify.   My question is really on the ldifgen command.   Here is the command I am planning on running:   ldifgen xmltoschemaldif RmMeta_Default.xml -f schema.ldif -r reorg.ldif -m updat...
1 1338
by  Alex TsekhanskyJump to last post
08/31/2013 1:45 PM
0 Replies and 871 Views Replacing Data Level Security on Finance Programs  871  0 Started by  Survivor We are going from LAUA to Lawson 9 security.  Our financial modules used the Data Security.  Since data security is tied to the SC field on the screens, LAUA leveraged that.  Is there something similar in Lawson 9 security  Do I have to look at each transaction we use to see if it is using company/process level security  Our consultant suggested we use the CompanyControl and AccountingUnitControl attributes, but we would have to maintain that.  We thought about pu...
0 871
08/28/2013 11:13 AM
8 Replies and 1332 Views ESS Payment Modelling  1332  8 Started by  Survivor We have been having security violations with Payment Modelling in ESS.  The rule is: if(isElementGrpAccessible('COMPEMP', '', 'PR', form.EMP_COMPANY, form.EMP_EMPLOYEE))    'ALL_ACCESS,' else    'NO_ACCESS,' We have tried using lztrim and trim.  So far, we have not had any success.  We had to build an Element Group COMPEMP with company and employee. I would appreciate any ideas. Thanks!
8 1332
by  SurvivorJump to last post
08/27/2013 3:13 PM
4 Replies and 1167 Views Secure jobs/prints by Group attribute for users with Multiple Groups  1167  4 Started by  mikefortuna I can use this function to find a user's group attribute and then limit them to seeing jobs/prints of users within their own group.  This works, but not if the user has multiple groups assigned to them. UserName==user.getHostServiceId()||isMemberOf(user.getAttribute('Group'),UserName) 'All_ACCESS,' else 'NO_ACCESS' How can I do this so that it checks all of the groups assigned to the group attribute
4 1167
by  Roger FrenchJump to last post
08/22/2013 9:35 AM
3 Replies and 1409 Views ESS & Address Changes  1409  3 Started by  Deleted User I'm trying to allow employees to make address changes via ESS however i do not want them to have access to HR11.1 screen to make any changes to their or anyones elses data.  I've tried giving full access to HR11, Employee specific access to HR11.1 using 'lztrim(table.EMPLOYEE)==lztrim(user.getEmployeeId())' and then denying access to all tabs except Address but i'm still getting the 'Address change cannot be made at this time; please contact your HR department to make this change. ...
3 1409
by  Deleted UserJump to last post
08/13/2013 10:41 AM
2 Replies and 970 Views ESS Employee Drill around - how to block Company Property  970  2 Started by  Deleted User I'm working on securing ESS's employee drill around in LSF9.  Some employees have a folder for Company Property in the Employee drill around but i'm having trouble locating the file to restrict.  Does anyone know what file(s) would need to be restricted
2 970
by  Deleted UserJump to last post
08/12/2013 3:52 PM
3 Replies and 1697 Views Lawson Security Version 10  1697  3 Started by  Stacie Within LSA - Rules for an Online Securable Type - Has anyone utilized the Expression Builder to create an If statement with the Global Function Utils of 'getDBField' Trying to write this against the PURCHORDER table for PO20.1 form so that once the vendor number has been added the vendor number can not be changed with the Action Function Code of 'change' for a certain role of users.  Any examples would be helpful.
3 1697
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
08/06/2013 3:30 PM
4 Replies and 1273 Views Where are LS function codes stored?  1273  4 Started by  Jake Miller LS has more functions on some forms than what is listed in the .SCR files, the VALLSTUSE table or LAUA security.  HR11.1 has 7 additional function codes in LS than in LAUA security.  The LS Admin is getting its information from somewhere.  I need a list of all available functions for all forms including the new LS functions.  Where is this information stored
4 1273
by  Jake MillerJump to last post
08/01/2013 11:39 AM
1 Replies and 1480 Views ED501 - rngdbdump security violation  1480  1 Started by  JimY When we attempt to run ED501 we get a security violation when it issues the rngdbdump on the edsubtbl.  The strange thing is it happens whether we have security turned on or off.  We have this user setup with 'all access' for all of the environment utilities.  We are testing this in version 10.0.2.
1 1480
by  JimYJump to last post
07/22/2013 6:34 AM
1 Replies and 998 Views LDAP to multiple DC's  998  1 Started by  Deleted User WE had the DC crash that was originally used for our LDAP bind. I was able to get Lawson 'pointing' to another of our DC's. Do you know if it is possible to have Lawson 'point' to multiple DC's I would think Lawson could point to multiple DC's.
1 998
by  Kwane McNealJump to last post
07/17/2013 4:12 PM
2 Replies and 968 Views Determine if Security Structure in use  968  2 Started by  Chad Dirst Over the years we have accumulated multiple security structures through upgrades and various projects.  I highly doubt some of the structures are being used (or at least hope) since some of them are labeled 'test' or have similar names.  We would like to remove the structures that are not being used.  Does anyone have any ideas on how I can determine if a structure is being used or not Thanks in advance! 
2 968
by  Chad DirstJump to last post
07/13/2013 5:48 PM
1 Replies and 1968 Views Security Structure within RM Administrator  1968  1 Started by  Chad Dirst I am wondering if there is a Lawson method for copying a LSF9 security structure from one LDAP environment to another.  Please note, I am not looking to copy security profiles, classes, or roles, but the security structure defined in the RM Administrator. If not, does anyone know the high level steps for copying this information Thank you, Chad
1 1968
by  Kwane McNealJump to last post
06/25/2013 3:50 PM
4 Replies and 2160 Views Lawson LAUA security on V.10 code (not landmark)  2160  4 Started by  JT Can we keep the old LAUA security and not upgrade to Lawson security (role based) security when we upgrade our code to Version 10
4 2160
by  JTJump to last post
06/20/2013 8:57 AM
1 Replies and 1220 Views Recent patch for environment and security  1220  1 Started by  Roger French There is a new (big) patch for security and the environment for versions, 10.0.1 and 10.0.2 of LSF. This patch was made available early June 2013. For all versions, it's something like this (also referencing the KB here too). KB 1400985 HREMP Element Group rule switching SECURITY-LEVEL and LOCATION VALUES When I saw this, it was of great concern to me, since if your security roles are using the standard HREMP element group, basically this is implying that your LS securit...
1 1220
by  Kwane McNealJump to last post
06/13/2013 11:23 AM
0 Replies and 1033 Views Error message in LSA  1033  0 Started by  Jay2 We just recently added technology patch P22057 to our LSF 9.01.9. This was for JT 423641.  We are having drill around issues with the element group ProcLevel. Since we have added the patch whenever I go into a security class with LSA and i try to edit an existing conditional rule or create a new conditional rule I get the following error message. rule evaluation: Error while initialinzing scope for rule evaluation has anyone seen this before
0 1033
06/12/2013 8:17 AM
1 Replies and 1135 Views laua condition  1135  1 Started by  Georgette According to Chapter 9 of the 8.1 laua security manual, a condition can accept up to 256 statements.  The manual also states that the maximum number of conditions per security class is 16,388. We are using 8.03 laua and defining element conditions using either acct unit or person resp fields from GLNAMES in the statements. In our version, the element condition will only allow 8 lines of conjunctions (i.e., acct unit = “9392” or acct unit = “6011”, etc.)  T...
1 1135
by  GeorgetteJump to last post
05/31/2013 6:45 AM
2 Replies and 1234 Views Newbie needs help with Portal security  1234  2 Started by  luvsun27 My company had a lawson admin who was let go and no longer here...she did not pass on any information what-so-ever regarding lawson to anyone, so here I am trying to figure it out on my own.  I need to create a new user in LSF9 for the security admin tool...and I cannot access the portal or find out how to get to the tool.  Nobody knows the user name for the portal.  I have no idea what file or where to find this information in so that I can either reset the password or grant acce...
2 1234
by  luvsun27Jump to last post
05/28/2013 11:15 AM
2 Replies and 966 Views Export RM Group data  966  2 Started by  Deleted User Is there a way to export the Groups in RM for all users
2 966
by  Kwane McNealJump to last post
05/24/2013 11:50 AM
7 Replies and 1647 Views Update Groups & Roles for existing users  1647  7 Started by  Deleted User We are an LSF9 shop on Lawson 9.0.1 and have a large number of existing users that need either 1 or 2 new Roles & Groups added to their RM.  Can loadusers update their existing records or is there another way to do this
7 1647
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
05/20/2013 1:53 PM
2 Replies and 2876 Views Lawson Security Tutorials?  2876  2 Started by  GlennC I am part of a project to migrate my organization's small Lawson environment to Lawson 10.  It's a very small setup, just using AP, GL and PO.  We already have a security setup that management wants to keep as intact as possible. I don't know when I'm going to get to training, and I'd like to have at least some knowledge of what's going on before the migration begins.  I don't want to sound like a complete n00b, but if anyone can point me to a tutorial, I'd greatly appreciate i...
2 2876
by  Shane JonesJump to last post
05/13/2013 10:12 PM
4 Replies and 1470 Views Copying Security from Prod to Test  1470  4 Started by  Ronald I need to find a way to copy the xml file from production to test.  In my current process, I create/edit/add/remove security in production but don't always make the same changes in Test.  I need to find a better way to keep security in test the same as production. I heard this can be done, but I have not seen anyone do it. Any suggestions
4 1470
by  MichaelJump to last post
05/06/2013 4:50 PM
9 Replies and 1302 Views Securing AR reports by Credit Analyst  1302  9 Started by  Wade-T I have a listing of Analyst codes and names on AR06 and would like to keep the AR pieces seperated by these names. I see, for instance, that the AR251 has a selector on the Customer tab for Credit Analyst, and that LSF has a form.ANLYST_NAME object but I am not sure how to write the rule so a user can only see their grouping. Would I assign the rule one time, or on each screenthat contains the Credit Analyst field
9 1302
by  GeorgetteJump to last post
04/17/2013 7:23 AM
5 Replies and 1920 Views Conditional Rule with Time/Date  1920  5 Started by  Jose I am trying to figure out the conditional rule that would allow for specific department(s) and/or security class to only have inquire access during a specific time/date. They would still be able to access forms and reports based on their security class, however, only be able to inquire.
5 1920
by  layzer1Jump to last post
04/05/2013 6:56 PM
4 Replies and 1874 Views WTSUBMIT missing from Lawson Security  1874  4 Started by  Steve Matson I am in the process of switching my company to Lawson Security. We have a CL that uses LAIBCH7, and are getting security violations when the Wait for Completion parm is set to *YES, but when we use *NO it produces a sheet of paper with only - Job Has Been Submitted - on it. I don't see wtsubmit available to give a class authority to it, just jqsubmit. I know this was kind of answered in a previous topic I found, but I don't know how to define wtsubmit in order to use it in La...
4 1874
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
04/05/2013 10:47 AM
2 Replies and 1239 Views Mass Assignment of attributes  1239  2 Started by  Jay2 I have used it in the passed on both production system and development system.  currently when I try to run in in either environment I get the following error: Unable to start process. Process currently locked by none. Current status - Process Completed Successfully if I click on Reset Mass Assignment it says Unable to reset.  Current Status - Process completed successfully Anyone seen this before
2 1239
by  Jay2Jump to last post
03/27/2013 3:27 PM
2 Replies and 1344 Views AccountingUnitControl  1344  2 Started by  Georgette We are in the planning stage to transition from laua to LSF 9 security.   There are users who will be accessing LBI for financial reports only.  Is it possible to set up a single security class for these report users (say for the AP275 bursted report) using the AccountingUnitControl to limit their drill around to their respective departments   I’ve seen in KB where you have to use the IsAttributeInRange to evaluate ranges of values in the AccountingUnitControl.  Wh...
2 1344
by  GeorgetteJump to last post
03/22/2013 5:48 AM
3 Replies and 1233 Views Connection Time Out Errors with LSA Version 10  1233  3 Started by  JimY Hello,      I am attempting to use LSA from my PC, but receive time out errors and 403 Forbidden messages in the log file.  I am able to connect when I am on the server.  It is only a problem when attempting it from any PC.  I have been working with Inforxtreme support on this for about two weeks and have not found a solution to this.  Has anybody else seen this  Attached is a log file from one of the attempts.  Thank you.
3 1233
by  GeorgetteJump to last post
03/19/2013 6:25 AM
1 Replies and 1718 Views Recover Jobs  1718  1 Started by  Survivor What is the security setting to allow someone to recover a job but not delete an update job Thanks in advance!
1 1718
by  GeorgetteJump to last post
03/11/2013 8:46 AM
8 Replies and 1319 Views IS there a Way to Delete particular data in GEN TABLES ?  1319  8 Started by  Vijay S Hi, We are on Lawson 7.2.3 (informix), I know its pretty old but client is quite happy to continue with it. Is there any command line utlity (opposite to importdb command) that can delete some particular records from  a GEN table The tables can't be accesed via SQL's and there is not any API for the same. Currently, I am figuring a way to delete some records (not all) from USEREXE table.   Thanks, Vijay
8 1319
by  Vijay SJump to last post
03/08/2013 5:48 AM
1 Replies and 1245 Views AP90 Security  1245  1 Started by  Sandra Badini I am trying to limit AP90 security to PO Vendors only.  I tried the following rule on the AP tables used by AP90 without success.  Has anyone tried to create this type of security rule before table.VENDOR == getDBField('POVENDOR','VENDOR',table.VENDOR_GROUP, table.VENDOR)
1 1245
by  GeorgetteJump to last post
02/19/2013 10:55 AM
2 Replies and 1236 Views granting acess/Revoking acess on Lawson Forms - Automation  1236  2 Started by  Vijay S Hello everyone, Is there a way to automate the process of granting access/revoking access to a lawson screens (LAUA). I have a requirement to automate  the process granting/revoking access to lawson forms for a particular user class.  I guess I need to access some table in GEN for the same. Can someone suggest or give a headstart. Thanks, Vijay  
2 1236
by  Vijay SJump to last post
02/09/2013 2:09 AM
5 Replies and 2253 Views Finding drill around tables  2253  5 Started by  Ari In order to secure tables used in drill arounds, we have to search the .or files to find the associated tables; has any come up with an easier method to find the tables associated with a drill around
5 2253
by  Jimmy ChiuJump to last post
02/04/2013 9:10 AM
0 Replies and 821 Views AllowUserScript  821  0 Started by  Mary Porter How do you give a user AllowUserScript access in LAUA
0 821
01/31/2013 1:00 PM
4 Replies and 2161 Views LDAP Bind  2161  4 Started by  Mick Hello, Looking for some direction on how to perfom an LDAP Bind. Pros Cons How long does this process take We are AIX 6.1 in test, MSP6 ADAM container. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
4 2161
by  Kwane McNealJump to last post
01/24/2013 2:14 PM
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