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Secure 'Product Line' Parameter    

Started by  Demi
I have been asked to grant an end user full access to use IMDBB.  IMDBB is in the IF system code.  Without hard-coding a product line value, are there any global functions or security rules available that would secure the product line parameter to the user's 'DataArea/ID' We are operating on 10.0.9 core, 10.0.6 apps.
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by  DemiJump to last post
10/31/2016 3:53 PM

S3 LSF9 Securing User drops in Print Manager and on Jobs    

Started by  LeslieP
I have been unable to successfully secure the print files and user drop downs. I do not want an AP bookkeeper to see the check files created by a PR User.&160;I do want supervisors in departments to see their group but do not want the members of the group to access other members. I have approached it with rules on gen tables, rules on My security is complex having multiple companies and multiple productlines and users with different hats for different combinations of prodline, company and proce...
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by  LesliePJump to last post
10/27/2016 7:53 PM

Cloud User Setup    

Started by  ALB
I am familiar with setting up users on premise.  If I have a batch user, I setup the environment identity.  How is that different in the Cloud
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by  ALBJump to last post
10/25/2016 4:35 PM

Lawson Security Reports    

Started by  Arvin Ojales
I implemented a Lawson Security Reporting that is viewable via Web browser. With a simple XSL transformation, HTML and JavaScripting I created a web site that will&160;render the&160;RM informations to a web browser.&160; I was able to report the ff informations: Roles, Security Classes, Rules, Roles attached to a user, all security policies for a user, all users that has access to specific form and the type of access, date stamp and userid when a security class was last modified. See&160;...
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by  Jeff ShumateJump to last post
10/14/2016 4:03 PM

Buyer Security    

Started by  riegerj
We are trying to find a way to keep buyers from keying POs to any other buyer code except their own.  We found a lawson KB article that says you can add PROC LEVEL BUYER-CODE to your security.cfg and maintain it through LAUA but that concept seems very labor intensive to me.  We would have to create a security class for every user!  We are instead considering a user exit that will stop them if the buyer code is not theirs.  Has anyone tried doing this in security or any other...
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by  xxxxxttysfhJump to last post
10/6/2016 11:37 PM

Auditing ESS and RQC users    

Started by  xxxxxttysfh
Hello    Do we need to add lawprod and environment identities for users just for ESS and RQC for auditing  
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by  JimYJump to last post
10/4/2016 4:17 PM

CloudSuite and IFS    

Started by  ALB
What are CloudSuite and IFS doing for me  How does it fit in with ISS
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10/4/2016 12:29 PM

List all users Batch Jobs    

Started by  pops
Hello! We are running Lawson 10 and today users went to submit some batch jobs and they all went in the waiting queue.  There is a job that is running that is preventing anyone else from submitting a job.  How do you see a list of all user jobs running and their size  We need to kill this job as it is effecting the production environment.  Is there a way to do this using LID.  We connect to LID by select connecting to NT Server.  Any help that you could provide wo...
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by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
8/16/2016 12:19 PM

Losing data after timeout in Lawson 10    

Started by  Brian Veldhouse
In previous versions of Lawson, the user is returned to the screen they were using with their data intact after a timeout by re-entering their password.  Buyers using PO20 and Accounts Payable, using AP20 are frustrated with losing their PO and invoice data when they are interrupted. Anyone else have this issue I entered an enhancement request for this (ER 9223).  In my opinion this is a defect, not an enhancement, since it worked perfectly in prior versions.
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by  Brian VeldhouseJump to last post
8/8/2016 1:05 PM

ISS security error when adding new user    

Started by  JohnH
Good morning, I am new to the Lawson product and environment and still in the early stages of learning how it is set up.  We are having an issue when trying to add an actor via ISS.  We get all the fields entered and click on Save Actor and get a white box with an Exclamation Point and it only says Infor Security Administrator but does not display an error message (see end of thread).   We are able to add the user via Lawson Security Administrator and it will show up in ISS. &n...
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by  JimYJump to last post
8/5/2016 10:10 AM

ISS security error when adding new user    

Started by  JohnH
Good morning, I am new to the Lawson product and environment and still in the early stages of learning how it is set up.  We are having an issue when trying to add an actor via ISS.  We get all the fields entered and click on Save Actor and get a white box with an Exclamation Point and it only says Infor Security Administrator but does not display an error message (see end of thread).   We are able to add the user via Lawson Security Administrator and it will show up in ISS. &n...
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8/4/2016 2:37 PM

Definition Data Source - have you ever changed it?    

Started by  CindyW
We are testing the LSF security (still use LAUA in production) and I am learning as I go.  I have a question about the Definition Data Source. We've created a fairly complete security setup on our test server and we have users testing it out.  We have a single application profile, and we use that one profile for all of our test product lines/data areas.  (FWIW, we have always had about 5 or 6 product lines in TEST, due to different users testing different scenarios, and patch tes...
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by  CindyWJump to last post
8/2/2016 1:58 PM

Auditing User Activity    

Started by  TBonney
Does anybody know if either Infor/Lawson or a third party vendor has a tool to monitor a user's activity within Lawson S3 Portal (Ming.le) We have had Human Resources inquire if we can monitor and track a user's activity within Lawson. I know we can track actual changes to the data on multiple forms/tables by way of the 'last modified' information in the database tables, However, we are unaware of any product to allow us to simply track screen/data view activity only. Is anyone else...
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by  TBonneyJump to last post
7/27/2016 2:41 PM

Orphaned Identity    

Started by  pops
I am running Lawson 10 with Landmark installed and I needed to delete a user due to an incorrect actor id.  Here is the process I followed:   Removed use from Lawson System Foundation Deleted user from Lawson Security Administrator In the Landmark Rich Client I did the following: Found the user Double clicked on the user and went to the roles tab and removed all roles Went to the identities tab and removed the two identities (lawprod10x and SSOP) Exited out of the that and ...
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by  JimYJump to last post
7/12/2016 9:21 AM

Who changed a reocrd?    

Started by  Wade-T
I am looking for a way to find out what user changed an employee's PR12 record The HR/PR staff are under LID security. Is there an easy way to find that out
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by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
7/11/2016 7:39 PM

Mass Load Users -    

Started by  Deleted User
We are a 10.0 LSF and LMK shop with ISS Federation - LSF as PSA. Trying to use script to mass load users for the LSF side, then run ISS Federation sync to pull into LMK side. Need to add WFUser and OLEDB fields to XML if possible. Does anyone know 1. If these parms can be added and 2. What would be the names needed in the XML Gail   
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by  Jay2Jump to last post
6/29/2016 2:12 PM

Lawson Security Best Practices - HELP    

Started by  dilettante
Hello all and HELP, I've been working in security for several years and am at a new job where i've been tasked to lead a major remediation effort on a lawson enviroment, unfortunatly while i've got a lot of security background no lawson background.  After meeting with the existing Lawson ERP team, it's clear that due to a lack of training and resources many of the common things that i would have expected to be in place aren't, and in many cases the team didn't even know they existed (like...
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by  Kwane McNealJump to last post
6/16/2016 9:35 PM

Company Level Security    

Started by  Deleted User
Using the new Lawson security is there a quick way to setup company level security so only certain users can see a company&160;
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by  LKEN2002Jump to last post
6/6/2016 7:34 PM

User Token Security in Lawson 10    

Started by  Todd Mitchell
We are upgrading to Lawson 10 and in our testing via Portal (Ming.le) we (the developers and the business users) are not able to access or create jobs that include User tokens.   i have reviewed the Lawson Security Administrator and the tokens are there and assigned to a security class that the user has been granted.  I added an Environment token via the multi-step job (just to verify I could add other tokens) and that worked. Any ideas on what may be missing in our environment or sec...
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by  Todd MitchellJump to last post
5/11/2016 6:08 PM

Add/Change Batch report with data security    

Started by  Carolyn Lee
Hi, we ran into an issue with data security allowing GL inquire only access to a company. When trying to add a GL240 report with that company in the parameter it gives a Security Violation. Has anyone run into this and how did you allow to add/change that company parameter to a report (GL240) when it's inquire only Thanks.
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5/5/2016 9:43 PM

EMSS, Lawson Security, Search box, SuperUser, Portal – how do you do it?    

Started by  kim
We are in the process of implementing Lawson Security for our super user community.  EMSS users are already using Lawson Security.  EMSS has custom rules and validation built and is the “preferred” method for performing updates. EMSS has a set of required programs that the EMSS role(s) have been granted access.  As we all know, with Lawson Security the user has a single login, which means those super users not only have access to EMSS but also the Infor application.&...
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by  kimJump to last post
4/6/2016 2:46 PM

Read Only Role    

Started by  Alex
I need to create a role that has read only access to the all HR, BN, LP, PA,PR,IF forms in production.   I am really hoping that I do not have to create a hundred new security classes with read only access. Is there a way that I can globally grant them read only access to all forms in a productline or environment   Thanks Alexandra    
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by  rhcoJump to last post
4/1/2016 3:04 PM

LP balance view on ESS paychecks    

Started by  Margie Gyurisin
Can someone point me in the direction regarding what I need to add to the self service role so that employees can see the balances on their ESS paychecks, please We are currently migrating to  apps and EMSS 10.   I appreciate any help you can provide.  
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by  JimYJump to last post
3/22/2016 1:23 PM

Anyone remember the difference between LAUA, and LAUA -o?    

Started by  CindyW
I am working on the new LSF security, and wanted to use an old existing accounts for testing.  The particular account was an account that I only used for ESS testing, but now am adding the full access so that I can test out the new security models we have created.  I added environment service/identity info in LS, but can only see this account with the straight 'LAUA' command.  Normally, I use LAUA -o...which is much faster.  I remember something about different domains m...
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by  CindyWJump to last post
3/11/2016 8:42 PM

Delivered Security Role Install Issue    

Started by  Joe O'Toole
I'm running the LS delivered role install script below and it just comes back with the syntax but does not create the roles. We have a Profile ID in Sec Admin called PRD and the data source assigned to is PROD9. Has anyone run into this Thanks. run from \lctprod\gen\install perl -PROF=PRD -PL=PROD9 perl -PROF=&ltprofile&gt -PL=&ltapp productline&gt
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by  Joe O'TooleJump to last post
3/9/2016 7:01 PM
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