Function Code definitions ?!

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    I've done a bunch of internet searches and can't nail down all of the Lawson function codes. Here's what I've figured out so far. Please correct me if I'm wrong on any of them and add any others that I don't mention...

    I – Inquire
    S – Scroll
    P – Previous
    - - Previous
    N – Next
    + - Next
    A – Add
    C – Change
    D – Delete
    X – ??
    M – ??
    O – ??

    Thanks a lot!
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      Hi Jill,
      The truth about Lawson function codes is that there is no absolute concrete rules for how they are used, only some guidelines/standards to which most forms adhere, including the ones you have listed.

      In fact, there is a way to define overrides in the .scr file to use a different function code for a particular function, say if I wanted to be really obnoxious I could make 'Z' the 'Inquire' function!

      A couple of corrections to the ones you posted:
      - - Page Up
      + - Page Down

      Beyond the simple ones for navigation, the rest are all really form/module-specific, for example:

      X - (usually) some type of 'process'
      M - 'Match' on AP20
      O - 'One-time vendor' on AP20
      F - Fill Defaults (HR11)
      R - ReqDeductCreate (HR11)
      Z - State Report (HR11)
      Q - Query (HR70)
      F - Forward (GL45)
      B - Backward (GL45)
      X - Insert (GL40)
      R - Release (several)
      Thanks for using the forums!
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        I know this appears to be an old thread, but the "vallstuse" table in the GEN database will list the programs, function codes, and their translations.
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