Lawson Security Rule with HR11 & HR09

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Brian Veldhouse
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    Is this something that you are will to share?  Our HR department would like to limit some of the employees they are allowed to inquire on.  The only advice Infor Support will give is that you need to use a form rule.

    Kidd Kasper
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      As a good rule of thumb, you would apply conditions to the Online screen to restrict actions and apply conditions to the File to restrict what data that someone can see or manipulate. It helps if you already understand that permission is assigned in security classes which get assigned to security roles which get assigned to actors (users). Also, I would say using the Express Builder in the LASE tool is tremendously helpful when learning the syntax of conditions. Beyond that, it will be critical to know which employees should be visible and which should not. For example, let's say your that most of your HR personnel (company 1) shouldn't see information for people in a different company (company 2). Once you go through the builder to select the desired element and condition, you should end up with a condition like the following which will be for the EMPLOYEE file located in the restricted security class which is assigned to the security role.


      Again, it all depends on how you differentiate what the user should and should not be able to see.
      Hope this helps!

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