Mass way of removing update access from security classes

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Todd Mitchell
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    We are in the process of moving to a new platform.  What are the best options for either keeping the same security classes and removing update access or creating new security classes with view only?
    Kwane McNeal
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      If you’re referring to leaving an Infor platform, then I’d just set the database user to read only (aka select, connect, and execute stored procedures)

      If you need to run jobs, leave update access to CKPOINT and SUBCKPOINT, (and OVRPTRF if iSeries)

      Dave Amen
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        Hi Todd,
        Kwane has a great suggestion above for doing this globally.

        If you'd like to do this through Lawson Security, we (Kinsey) have a couple of options:
        - We have a tool which takes existing SecClasses or Roles and converts them to inquiry-only (all 200s reports are given full access, all on-line screens and 100s and other batch programs are given ALL_INQUIRES).
        - We can provide a set of Security Classes that give inquiry-only access (one SecClass per System Code which gives full access to all 200s programs and ALL_INQUIRES to everything else).

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