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    I am currently trying to build a rule on the po30.1 form but am having a hard time finding the "pls-requester" field.  When I view it on the form I can see it on the source tab but, it does not show up as an object in the form.  I am thinking this would not be considered a form object because it is a derived field from rq04 but, that is just a guess. 

    I tried to just type in PLS_Requester but i receive an error saying it's not available. is there a way to reference this field in a rule?  maybe instead of using "form." there is another object group that this field would fall into...  attached is a visual of what in am describing (reads left to right).  Any help would be truly appreciated. 

    Kat V
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      I can't help with why it doesn't see it - but PLS Requester is pulling the field from POLineSource table - not the RQ04. It's not required to be populated for all PO Lines (ex the buyer adds something to the bottom of a PO). In which case, the table doesn't join to RECLINE at all.
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