Running report against ProcessLevelControl attribute in Lawson Security

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    I have someone wanting to know who all has a certain ProcessLevelControl attribute. I am not sure how I can run a report against this. 


    I tried running in my security administrator but I can not get the reports to run and just stay stuck in processing.

    Is there a way I can run a report against this somehow in SQL? I was going to search the Infor KB, but their site seems to be messed up currently.

    Kwane McNeal
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      If it’s stuck running make sure you’re not getting errors in a log somewhere. Other than that, how many people do you have defined in security? Less than 1000 with a stuck report could indicate an issue.

      As for manually reporting, this isn’t in a database, so SQL would not help you here. This should be a straight-forward LDAP query
      Dave Amen
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        Hi rlong,
        As another approach, if you don't have too many users who have this ProcessLevelControl Attribute, try this . . .

        In the User Maintenance section of the SecAdmin tool, click on the Advanced tab.
        - Select ProcessLevelControl in the first dropdown under Define Criteria
        - Ensure the middle field has "is".
        - Type your desired attribute in the 3rd field.
        - Click the Add button.
        - Hit enter or click the Find Now button.
        It will show you everyone who has that attribute!

        Click the Hide Query link to make the list of users larger.
        Click on the Display icon at the top to add more fields to what appears in the list.

        You won't be able to export this list, but a screen print may be exactly what you need!
        As a pseudo-export - run your screen print through an OCR tool to convert it to text (I would print it and run it through my scanner).

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