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Last Post 04/22/2016 8:24 AM by  JonA
need documentation on publishing on LBI
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04/20/2016 2:52 PM

    I am new to LBI and I'm having trouble understanding how the rights for each user and group relates to how a report is published and linked on LBI. Does anyone have any documentation they would be willing to share to help me out?

    I've been able to republish and keep everything going but I'm having trouble with setting up published reports to get the published report match the rights to the dashboard it is linked.

    LBI Reporting Services

    Much appreciated!
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    04/22/2016 8:24 AM
    I'm fairly new to LBI publishing as well but I know there are two places access needs to be set up correctly - the report details and the dashboard link.

    Report Users and Default Permissions: When you publish the report in Reporting Services Admin you have to grant access to the report either by user or role. This sets who can access/run the report.

    Dashboard Link (Sharing Tab): When the link is added to the dashboard it should inherit the view access of the module you're adding the report to. This is merely giving the user the ability to see the link on the dashboard.

    So if they can't see the link then it's a dashboard issue and you should edit the link and look at the Sharing tab to make sure the proper role/user has viewing privileges. If they can see the link but they're getting an error like "You do not have access to view the latest instance of this report.", then look at the Report Users and Default Permissions for that report in Reporting Services Admin.
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