BPW Install questions/issues

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    I am new to the Lawson world, so don't laugh!!

    I am trying to install BPW and it has become an absolute headache. I can get the repository built, source meta data loaded but cannot get a connection to he source created.

    Any installation tips? What might I be missing during the install? I have to keep using custom since it doesn't use the right data/log drives I have setup in MS SQL SERVER.

    Environment: OS Win 2008SP2 64bit, SQL Server 2008 R2 64bit, source S3 9.0.1.

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      In case this may help, you will need to install the catalog related to your data source. In your case S3, so that BPW can know out-of-the-box what tables/types/fields to find in your S3 data source.