Lawson BPW Base Analytics Installation

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Greg Jungels
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    I'm implementing Lawson's BPW and LBI Solutions. I have installed the software, and installed the BMM for the Base Analytics( I believe). We are using M3 BE 13.1. When I installed the BMM, it added a new 'table' in the Data Sources: LBI1. We followed the instructions to created the dataset in M3. When we try to compile the new object in BPW, it gives us an error that the table BPW_Staging.dbo.O123456 does not exist. There is a LBI1 table in the Staging database. Incidentally, the table we have for the dataset is not O123456, but O001098. I changed it in the categorization in BPW, and now I get an error saying BPW_Staging.dbo.O001098 does not exist. Obviously, when we setup the BPW repository, it created the LBI1 table in the BPW_Staging database. What more do I have to do to get this LBI1 object to compile in BPW?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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      Hi Greg,

      For an out-of-the-box install, you will need to look under the LBI1 (O123456) object under the Data Sources tab of BPW. You would need to drill down under your data source (M3 BE 13.1) and then the database where your M3 tables are located (e.g.: M3EDBTST).

      Then you would need to uncompile LBI1, edit its properties, go to Compilation and Categorization, and put yout sales/budget table name (O001098) under Table/View Name in database.

      Compile LBI1 and execute it, you should now have data and BPW should create that dbo.O001098 table that you are lacking.

      Drop me a note at if this does not help!

      Thanks and happy data warehousing!