RQC visibility into RQ & PO status

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    We are looking for a way for the requester to have visibility into the details and status of purchase orders that were created for non-stock items via requisition in RQC.  Similarly, looking for the requester to have visibility into inventory tracked items that were 'killed'.   

    Once a requisition has been released in RQC, there does not appear to be any way to drill into the item status. 

    Ideally, this would be something that could be married into the RQC pages so the requester would only have one place to look, but I would be interested in learning about any ways this has been addressed. 


    Kat V
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      RQC has two ways -- Inside RQC, the Inquire function will allow a user to look at their own past reqs.
      On the Requisition Center menu is "Status" and that will allow them to search by other requesters.

      AVAAP also has several dashboards available for purchase which we are looking into as Drill Around is not always "nurse friendly"

      You can email me at kvila@mhs.net if you need print screens.
      Massimo Emilione
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        Thanks Kat.

        Hi Julia,

        Yes, we do have a dashboard that does something like that. We have been working with customers like Kat at Memorial to improve our dashboards that provides that level of visibility, providing insight into the details from req to check. Happy to share a demo and answer any questions you may have.