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Last Post 09/14/2016 11:58 PM by  ROB
Splitting of Customer orders at pick
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09/14/2016 11:58 PM
    Hi, I am hoping someone has a fix for a problem we are encountering with M3. 


    Essentially the issue is that customer orders are splitting on several different pick slips/dispatch dockets, despite the order being keyed as one order with multiple lines; we find that the orders split with a number of lines on 1 pick slip and the balance of the lines appearing on another picking slip. This phenomena seems to be adhoc in nature and we cannot pin point why this is happening. 


    At one stage we thought it may have something to do with the time and date stamp on the lines of the customer order in OIS300, and although rectified, the splitting issue remains. 


    The problem seems to be random and we are not sure whether it could relate to stock zones, customer set up or another parameter that seems to only affect certain orders.


    Hope somebody has come up with a fix if this issue has been encountered by anyone.



    Robert Ercegovic

    Operations Manager

    Gates Australia Pty Ltd

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