Supplier Address on PO

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Sam Haidar
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    When assigning A Supplier address to a PO, sometimes we need to assign an address other then 01 address type from CRS622. So, when pressing F4 on the Address Number in Panel PPS200/G, only address type 01 shows up in the selection Popup. I have other addresses defined in CRS622 for that Supplier and I want to be able to select any of them.

    I am able to do this by clearing the Address number field and manually key in the Address in PPS200/G.  This does not seem right to me.  InforXtreme said that this is behaving as designed.  Why would I be able to define different address types in CRS622 and I won't be allowed to use them on a PO?

    Any thoughts?  Are they correct or they do not want to deal with it?

    Your input is appreciated.  Thank you.