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13 Replies and 1568 Views New Par locations CM, not visible on Hand Held  1568  13 Started by  Bev Edwards I created 2 new par locations in IC81. I logged into MSCM and was able to add them to my user, however when he logs into the hand held, they are not showing up in the list of parforms.
13 1568
by  Kat VJump to last post
08/13/2013 8:14 AM
3 Replies and 1277 Views Mobile Storerooms / Warehouse on Vehicles  1277  3 Started by  Ollerton We want to implement mobile store rooms / warehouse on our vehicles. Anyone done this with Lawson  Any pointers How would we restock from our main warehouse to these mobile storerooms  Would we need to setup a location for each vehicle on IC02  Thanks for any feedback. Jim Ollerton
3 1277
by  OllertonJump to last post
08/09/2013 9:52 PM
0 Replies and 1711 Views Lawson Recall Management  1711  0 Started by  kyle I am responsible for sending out the recall notifications the hospitals get, and was given a booklet on Lawson recall management software to look at. It currently takes quite a lot of time to run all the reports I have to run on usage and get all the necessary data collected. Tracking can be a mundane task also with my current process. Does anyone know where to find information on the Lawson Recall Management I have looked on the infor site, and am unable to find it. I tried Google, but it...
0 1711
08/08/2013 5:34 PM
4 Replies and 1530 Views ASN and MSCM  1530  4 Started by  Michelle Wetzel We have been live with Mobile Supply Chain for about 18 months and are looking into finally starting a project on Advanced Ship Notices for our major distributor.  Anyone have any words of wisdom we should know about Does MSCM play well with ASN or are we going to have issues Anything you can tell me would be great. We held off on ASNs when we first went live with Lawson in '08 because testing with the distributor failed. Today, we receive all of our perpetual inventory items for o...
4 1530
by  StephanieDJump to last post
08/08/2013 2:41 PM
6 Replies and 1620 Views IC82.2 Upload?  1620  6 Started by  Kat V We are changing several pars from pull stock to non-stock par (order from the vendor).  Has anyone ever successfully uploaded to IC82.2 I have gotten a map to return the result: Item detail entered, transmit to update This is what I would get if I went to IC81, clicked More, changed my info and then clicked OK. What's missing is that I now need to 'click change' on IC81.1 I thought it was the HK field at the bottom of the IC81.2 fields but putting a C there returns the result: ...
6 1620
by  Kat VJump to last post
08/08/2013 9:43 AM
4 Replies and 1146 Views New ship-to location pricing  1146  4 Started by  awalters Does anybody know a way to upload the cost in Lawson to a new ship-to location so it doesn't cause first-order errors For instance: When a user orders an item in RQC, if there is an established cost history for that item for the location they're ordering from, it's no problem. But when we change the location, that cost history doesn't transfer over, and it causes an error for the user that says they need to enter a cost. Perhaps there's a paint screen or upload that we can use to copy over...
4 1146
by  JonAJump to last post
08/06/2013 11:25 AM
5 Replies and 2271 Views Fax Integrator parse error  2271  5 Started by  eah We are on a windows platform remote hosted by Velocity. Our fax integrator is having issues reading the files in the Fax/out dir.  From our log we can see the integrator logging in to the core server and the fax/out dir.  From there we get these error messages below.  Have a case open with Lawson since 12/15 and no results.  Does anybody have a clue of what is going wrong here Thanks: 12/19/2011 2:56:10 PM : l_TRACE : Checking /fax/out 12/19/2011 2:56:10 PM : l_TRACE : Ft...
5 2271
by  JimYJump to last post
08/06/2013 7:27 AM
4 Replies and 1450 Views ED02 - change FTP directories?  1450  4 Started by  Brian Dittman Is it possible to define an ED02 record in such a way that I can make use of one set of FTP credentials and then create two ED02 records that will define in and out directories (i.e. in for invoices, out for POs); or can ED02 direct to the default home directory of the login, thus requiring two separate sets of credentials
4 1450
by  Kat VJump to last post
08/01/2013 9:45 AM
2 Replies and 1167 Views IC330 screen Item Mass Change  1167  2 Started by  Sheri We are changing our main supplier and I was going to us the Lawson Excel upload wizard to change out our Main Supplier in the IC12.2 screen, but I am wondering about using the IC330 form.  Has anyone done a large vendor change (going from vendor 'A' to vendor 'B') using this form And any issues, etc.  Thanks for any feedback!  :)
2 1167
by  SheriJump to last post
07/29/2013 1:44 PM
2 Replies and 1186 Views MC75 Compatability  1186  2 Started by  Kurt Guldner We are a client currently going through the design phase of Lawson Version 10.  Is the Symbol MC75 Handheld Scanner compatable with Version 10  Thank you.
2 1186
by  Kurt GuldnerJump to last post
07/16/2013 11:14 AM
4 Replies and 1471 Views Global PO comment  1471  4 Started by  Sheri Has anyone placed a Global PO comment We are being asked to place a PO comment that will transmit to all our Vendors, regardless of method, fax, EDI to inform the Vendor of our new Freight requirments.  Thanks Sheri
4 1471
by  SheriJump to last post
07/11/2013 9:55 AM
2 Replies and 1850 Views MSCM Migration  1850  2 Started by  Richard We are considering migrating our 901 MSCM implementation from a stand-alone Windows server to the AIX application server that runs LSF901 and our Lawson apps. - Anyone have a bad experience migrating MSCM from Windows to AIX - Anyone have a good experience migrating MSCM from Windows to AIX - Anyone know of issues with running MSCM on the AIX apps server
2 1850
by  Ben CoonfieldJump to last post
07/11/2013 7:12 AM
2 Replies and 1456 Views po20 default delivery date  1456  2 Started by  dpzaborowski Has anyone had any success in manipulating the default delivery date in po 20 by using po10.2 and/or ic12 We are trying to auto-release more purchase orders, but we find many vendors will see the defaulted date and automatically expedite product in. I don't want our freight costs to skyrocket.
2 1456
by  Michelle WetzelJump to last post
07/08/2013 8:10 AM
1 Replies and 922 Views Temperature Sensitive Items  922  1 Started by  LSchulte Is there a way to identify temperature sensitive items in the Item Master Possibly enter the manufacturer recomended temperature storage range Thanks!
1 922
by  Kat VJump to last post
07/03/2013 3:39 PM
5 Replies and 1531 Views Item Add/Change Procedure Manual  1531  5 Started by  R Phillips Does anyone have an Item Adds and Changes Procedure Manual they would be willing to share for Lawson 9.0.1 We are a fairly new department and I have 4 people that will be taking over parts of these duties. I was hoping to gleen some information from the Infor Knowledgebase, but the User Guide is really too technical. I am looking more for a 'How-To' guide for manually updating items in IC11, IC12, PO13, & PO25. I am already creating a document for Addins that we are customizing to our c...
5 1531
by  Bev EdwardsJump to last post
07/03/2013 3:16 PM
7 Replies and 1719 Views IC81.1 Copy Function  1719  7 Started by  Metrazal I have an issue where if I copy a cart from another par location to another(IC81.1), I have mixed results.  The copy seems to work fine; everything seems to be listed properly after the copy.  However, my orders do not transmit properly for the cart I copied the information to after I make the change.  It works fine if I manually enter in each item and my current workaround is to copy from one cart and then go back into IC81.1 and 'press change items w/o m...
7 1719
by  JohnPJump to last post
07/01/2013 2:16 PM
2 Replies and 1347 Views Parsing out Lawson PO Header comments in crystal  1347  2 Started by  Lmanke Has anyone had to parse out the PO Header comments from the L_HPCR table I have a crystal report that pulls out the PO Comments and prints them but they don't go into Excel very nicely.  I'm trying to parse these comments into separate fields but they are separated by the hex value for Carriage Return/Line Feed and so far I can't figure out how to get crystal to look for that.  Would rather not rewrite this in Cobol but if I have to I will.. just thought I would see ...
2 1347
by  LmankeJump to last post
06/26/2013 7:06 AM
0 Replies and 1307 Views V10 MSCM and LSF Data  1307  0 Started by  Roger French Without DSSO set up or working, for MSCM, is it possible for MSCM to pull in data (company, items, vendors, etc) from the LSF Productline If so, how can it be done I have tried tweaking the but nothing seems to work. Is there any other way to get the productline data to appear without DSSO setup I know too, without DSSO, that we have to create users 'not from portal'. I have been told that in version 9, it was possible to do it. But this is version 10.1, not vers...
0 1307
06/05/2013 11:16 PM
7 Replies and 2617 Views Exclude Items from a Requesting Location  2617  7 Started by  TerriS Example: Our CSP department orders oxygen tanks from our Respiratory Department.  The Respiratory Department orders (and accepts the charges for) the tanks from the warehouse and then delivers them to CSP.  CSP would like to be able to use RQC to order tanks directly from the warehouse while subsequently charging them to Respiratory.  Respiratory will approve this action if we can assure them that CSP will be unable to order anything else under their cost code.  We can set up...
7 2617
by  TerriSJump to last post
06/03/2013 9:00 AM
2 Replies and 1222 Views MSCM not HTTPS certified by Lawson (any workarounds)  1222  2 Started by  cindy MHSIL We just found out in the 9th hour of our HTTPS project that HTTPS is NOT supported (certified) by Lawson.  In the installation documentation for MSCM it states it can be done but after it failes in testing (users can NOT login via supported Handhelds) we opened a ticket with Lawson.  They sent us several responces all detailing their appoligies for the confusion in the documentation.  But the bottom line they noted to us is 'It is NOT yet possible for MSCM ap0plication to use HTTP...
2 1222
by  emkatJump to last post
05/30/2013 11:32 AM
3 Replies and 1223 Views EDI error at random times  1223  3 Started by  slavo We started getting errors in our EDI jobs, both inbound and outbound.  About halaf of the times EDI jobs run (via recdef) they complete fine but 1/2 the time we get errors like the one below.  This just started happening about 2 weeks ago, and NO nothing chganged in terms of Lawson or servers.  ANy ideas or suggestions on how to fix this 20130513113846,251,  ERROR NEOFTPGHX Communications FAILED 20130513113846,252,       ATTEMPTING CONNECTION TO 168.200....
3 1223
by  slavoJump to last post
05/16/2013 1:17 PM
2 Replies and 1565 Views MSCM Dolphin 9700  1565  2 Started by  AndyS We are looking to upgrade and expand our use of MSCM. We currently use old Symbol hand-held devices for approximately 10 users.  We are considering the dolphin 9700 handhelds when we expand to 85 users. Anybody have experience with these Dolphin devices  We will be testing a couple on our current setup. Thank you.
2 1565
by  emkatJump to last post
05/15/2013 9:45 AM
6 Replies and 1788 Views IC81 changes not updating in MSCM MPC  1788  6 Started by  F Rongione We recently upgraded our Lawson environment to from  We are on MSCM MPC  After we did the environment upgrade, changes made to pars in IC81 stopped flowing over to the MSCM MPC pars.  Has anyone else had this problem  Lawson told us to purge ICAUDIT records to make this work.  We have purged a lot of records from ICAUDIT and the changes in IC81 are still not updating in the hand held.  Any ideas
6 1788
by  Chris LeonardisJump to last post
05/09/2013 4:25 PM
1 Replies and 1516 Views mscm_server.log Prematuer end of file error  1516  1 Started by  Donna Wirt After upgrading to patch 10, and trying to upload counts, I received 2 errors in the mscm_server.log.  I'm wondering if these errors are related so if I resolve the first, will the second go away  If not, does anyone know how to resolve either or both of these errors Requester id not found for User:xxxxxxx. There are records in MSCM and RQ04.  And this: &91;05-02-2013 09:27:00,732&93; ERROR &91;com.lawson.mscm.platform.adapter.ags.Outboun...
1 1516
by  John HenleyJump to last post
05/07/2013 2:38 PM
7 Replies and 1600 Views Inventory returned product process - Credits  1600  7 Started by  jlgonzal Would anyone be willing to share how they process returned product to their inventory location 
7 1600
by  JonAJump to last post
05/02/2013 6:54 AM
1 Replies and 1088 Views Usage Identifier  1088  1 Started by  Chris Leonardis While looking for ways to handle our revenue reconciliation, pertaining mainly to implants. I stumbled accross Usage Identifier in IC11. I think this was new to 9.1, we recently upgraded. This seems pretty handy, but I am wondering what are some of the benifits and are people using it It seems like a lot of work to back track and identify (is it worth it). Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
1 1088
by  Kat VJump to last post
04/15/2013 9:54 AM
2 Replies and 1145 Views PO25 adding PO trailer record for terms/conditions  1145  2 Started by  Patricia Has anyone been able to add a trailer record to print from PO25/PO229 I am able to add a comment which prints in the middle of the purchase order, but I need to have it to print as a trailer record on the purchase order. We have it set up like this on PO20. Lawson said there is not a way to do this currently, so that I would ask here. Thanks
2 1145
by  PatriciaJump to last post
04/12/2013 3:41 PM
6 Replies and 1584 Views UOM Multiplier  1584  6 Started by  Metrazal  I have a situation where I need to convert a unit of measure down.  I need to buy 25 units and then have Lawson convert this down to a stocking unit of measure of 1.  Is this possible  Can I use a multiplier of .04 to achieve this  Any help would be appreciated. Example:  I buy 50 units of Product A from a vendor and when it is received into my inventory it is 'stocked' as 2 boxes. Thanks, Metrazal 
6 1584
by  MetrazalJump to last post
04/02/2013 11:41 AM
1 Replies and 1257 Views YD05  1257  1 Started by  Martin I am working on trying to understand some inventory interface issues with EPIC, and was told that YD05 is where Lawson inventory data is coming from. Is this a custom interface or something I have never heard of YD anything and cannot find any info on it. In my (limited) experience, Lawson inventory data has come from IC12 inventory locations over an IC527 interface.  Thanks for any help!
1 1257
by  RedJump to last post
03/13/2013 3:34 PM
6 Replies and 1813 Views Lawson Integration  1813  6 Started by  Elam I would like to integrate Lawson System Foundation and Lawson Application to push the Contract file, Item Master file, Vendor Catalog file into Lawson system and retrieve Item Master, Invoice History, PO History, Vendor Master from Lawson System. Gurus please let me what is best way to develop a solution
6 1813
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
03/05/2013 4:01 PM
4 Replies and 2029 Views Pharmacy Inventory Control  2029  4 Started by  Greg Moeller Hi!! Anyone out there using Lawson (or any other product/program) for Inventory Control Best practices, advice, etc, all appreciated. Cheers, -Greg
4 2029
by  David WilliamsJump to last post
02/28/2013 2:36 PM
8 Replies and 1890 Views Vendor ship to account number  1890  8 Started by  Sheri Currently we only have one account number listed in AP10 for a vendor. Is there a way to have different account/ship to numbers per vendor, based on what ship to location we are using on PO20 header
8 1890
by  JonAJump to last post
02/28/2013 8:08 AM
3 Replies and 1646 Views GLN Work Around  1646  3 Started by  Joanell We are working on boarding more vendors using GLN but have been running into some snags. Mainly vendors who can only have 1 account per GLN (which is fine) but don't want to set up seperate accounts for suites etc in the same building. Here is my perdicament: We have multiple inventory locations within 1 building so on our PO's we need to use those unique values so the items know if they are inventory or non-stock. Each of these inventory locations have their own GLN but share a c...
3 1646
by  JoanellJump to last post
02/18/2013 3:03 PM
0 Replies and 1246 Views 9.0.1.X Integrated Test Scripts  1246  0 Started by  RRogers Good day All, I was hoping someone had some 9.0.1.X integrated test scripts.  I am working through our current test scripts and revising.  I was hoping someone out there would be willing to share their test scripts.  I am mainly looking for WH,WO, IC, RQ, and PO. Thanks Everyone!
0 1246
02/13/2013 12:24 PM
5 Replies and 1926 Views Cannot locate Lawson table for Commodity Code data  1926  5 Started by  Bev Edwards I have looked in the following tables w/no luck: COMMCODES POCLINE ITEMMAST POLINE Any idea where else Commodity Code might be Bev
5 1926
by  Michelle WetzelJump to last post
01/29/2013 3:43 PM
1 Replies and 1661 Views Surgical Instrument Management  1661  1 Started by  Alia Hello All, I was wondering if you are aware of any of any customers that are using your S3 Surgical Instrument Management System with the Case Cart Picking Feature. If yes; do you think I can be placed in contact with them so that we can learn about their experience Thank you, Alia
1 1661
by  Vijay SJump to last post
01/23/2013 12:16 AM
0 Replies and 1953 Views Using Cleo LexiCom in EDI (FTP SSL)  1953  0 Started by  JonA Do I have to do any set up in LexiCom when configuring FTP SSL with a vendor or do I just need to set up the carrier in ED02 and LexiCom grabs that info and works in the background
0 1953
01/10/2013 2:39 PM
4 Replies and 3884 Views seeking contract management module evaluation  3884  4 Started by  jmdowning Hi all, Am helping a client hospital streamline supply chain functionality.  Was wondering if any users had experience with Lawson's contract management module  We are weighing it against Ariba and a couple of other point solutions.  We have a number of tiered PPI contracts (non-GPO) and would like the management of this to be as hands-off as possible.  Previous hospitals I have worked at have complained that Lawson's UI is subpar and that managing tiers is cumbersome...
4 3884
by  Amanda ValcikJump to last post
12/13/2012 8:08 AM
1 Replies and 1250 Views PO Flip to eInvoice  1250  1 Started by  J Bard In Lawson 9.0, how can a supplier receive a PO and then flip it to become an eInvoice that can streamline the payment process Thanks! 
1 1250
by  David WilliamsJump to last post
12/05/2012 12:12 PM
0 Replies and 1285 Views SoH & SNs  1285  0 Started by  RobCarignan I have a new Stock on hand issue: serial numbers. I have two active serial numbers but only one available quantity on hand. Somehow one item was issued and the SN didn't get assigned.  Any way to clear it out thanks, Rob in Maine
0 1285
11/29/2012 8:27 AM
1 Replies and 1302 Views Automate Transfers  1302  1 Started by  Bruce We need to create replenishment orders for our OR inventory to replenish from the Main Storeroom inventory.  We plan to use IC141 to create the orders.  What I'm finding is that the process requires a lot of human intervention.  What I want to do is run the IC141 so that a Pick List can be printed in the Main Storeroom with a recurring job. It appears that if I use a Document type of T on the IC12, I have to use IC22 or IC25 to release the document but nothing prints and t...
1 1302
by  RedJump to last post
11/19/2012 1:07 PM
0 Replies and 966 Views Pricing defaults in mobile supply  966  0 Started by  hkatt We are getting an error on the par count sheet after using the handhedl that says unit cost required    Can anyone give me the pricing hierarchy  It does not seem to be pulling from the last price paid at the IC12 location because there is a price there.  But there is not a last price paid at the par location.  And there is no contract at this time.   thank you  
0 966
11/19/2012 8:37 AM
2 Replies and 1191 Views Handheld error  1191  2 Started by  Greg Moeller Users reporting scanning all their packages into the handheld, when they hit 'Deliver' they are receiving an error stating 'cannot download distribution lines from server'. 1) anyone seen this before 2) how to resolve MSCM Patch 7 Apps and Env
2 1191
by  Kat VJump to last post
11/14/2012 3:11 PM
11 Replies and 1740 Views Can you Paste more than One Lawson in a Screen?  1740  11 Started by  David M Hello, I am new to lawson (2 months experience) and need to know if there is any way to past more than one Lawson number in a screen. Example: I would like to take say 50 lawson 's and get pricing for all units of measure in PO28. I have tried create a query as an add in but cannot find the correct fields to use as table, and when I do find all the right fields in the application portion of query, it times out every time before I get the report. Does this make any sense I'm glad I fou...
11 1740
by  David MJump to last post
11/09/2012 2:31 PM
4 Replies and 1755 Views RQC Requesting Location Drop Down  1755  4 Started by  StacyR We have installed RQC with our upgrade to 9.0.1.  However, the requesting location is no longer a drop down on the Shopping/Basic tab.  I can CTRL-ALT-O on the field and it reads class=displayOnly. I thought this would be a setting in rqc_config.xml but if it is there I am not finding it (the option is there for company but not req location). Does any one have ideas where this can be set  Currently in we do have the drop down option.
4 1755
by  RRogersJump to last post
11/07/2012 10:29 AM
2 Replies and 1509 Views Multiple companys.  1509  2 Started by  TerryL Ok, since we can't create multiple item masters within a company, how about this. Can we create another company, say 9999, and create an item master within that company just for our pharmacy. We would create a warehouse for each of our remote locations and do a warehouse transfer when sending the remote loc a resupply order. Since it's just a transfer between warehouses it would stay on the books and not be expensed
2 1509
by  JonAJump to last post
11/05/2012 10:17 AM
3 Replies and 2563 Views Mobile thermal label printer for MSCM  2563  3 Started by  TerryL Does anyone have any suggestions for a small mobile thermal printer for printing MSCM labels at a PAR location We are looking for something that is easily transportable and will connect to a PC/Laptop via USB. Dymo Zebra Brother
3 2563
by  Jay SJump to last post
10/26/2012 10:35 AM
9 Replies and 3266 Views RQ04 Requesters for multiple Companies  3266  9 Started by  Bruce We need to set up a requester to have access to multiple Companies but RQ04 only allows a requester to be assigned to one company.  Any suggestions how this can be done
9 3266
by  JonAJump to last post
10/09/2012 12:17 PM
3 Replies and 1633 Views Stock UOM equal to other than UOM1  1633  3 Started by  Jeremy Is it possible to have this scenario for an item in IC11: UOM1 = EA UOM2 = BX UOM3 = CA CONV1 = 1 CONV2 = 10 CONV3 = 50 When it comes time to do inventory, we want to be able to count by UOM2.  Is is possible to have the Stock UOM be equal to the UOM2
3 1633
by  JeremyJump to last post
09/12/2012 11:11 AM
0 Replies and 1078 Views Punchout Error  1078  0 Started by  Ram am getting this error message only in TEST environment, not in PROD. Trying to use punchout and get this message: Received Fatal Alert: Unexpected_Message using IE8 Thanks
0 1078
09/11/2012 3:48 PM
4 Replies and 2602 Views Punchout runtime exception  2602  4 Started by  Gary Padgett Trying to get e-procurement punchout set up.  We are able to go out to the vendor's site and create a shopping cart, but when we try to bring it back in to Lawson RQC, I see a message 'Punchout Runtime Exception com.lawson.webapp.framework.system.rq.b2b.punchout.remoteServlet.exception.PunchoutRuntimeException Connection timed out: connect'. When I look on the punchout server's WebSphere SystemOut.log file, I see that the order has come back from the vendor...
4 2602
by  RamJump to last post
09/11/2012 3:09 PM
2 Replies and 2067 Views Lot Numbers and Inventory / Lawson Cupid  2067  2 Started by  Michelle Wetzel We are investigating adding our Cardiac Cath lab on as another perpetual inventory to consolidate the number of systems that our facility uses.  One thing that they require for their items is lot number and expiration date tracking.  I know Lawson has some screens for lot numbers but we've never even looked at them. Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing If you flag an item as being lot number tracked, at which point does the lot number have to be entered into the ...
2 2067
by  PBLJump to last post
09/04/2012 10:04 AM
2 Replies and 1597 Views Transaction logs  1597  2 Started by  urbrain Hi, Does the system records transaction logs for business process I am not familiar at all with the system, and couldn't find any free documentation. To be more specific: Is there a track of changes being done in a document such a purchase order or a sales order Some ERP systems manage statuses of a document, or a workflow. Does Lawson ERP have any workflow in any of its modules If it does, is it possible to retrieve the event logs recorded Thans in advance!
2 1597
by  urbrainJump to last post
08/27/2012 11:16 PM
0 Replies and 1479 Views OE10.3 Portal  1479  0 Started by  LKEN2002 I am trying to find how to use the 'default' change setting to allow users to use their enter key and it add a line and position to the next line.  Currently in Portal it puts back at the company field.  It works fine in Lid but want to start moving users to Portal. I have incorporated hot keys (F8 - search box, F10 - new window, F1 - first field).  I am unable to find a hot key or setting to set it to the first line in the order entry detail section (order lines).  That c...
0 1479
08/20/2012 6:52 AM
3 Replies and 2366 Views Reopening Period  2366  3 Started by  Ruth How do I reopen a period I closed in error in PO
3 2366
by  Robert SpurrJump to last post
08/02/2012 2:46 PM
3 Replies and 2084 Views Par to Par Transfers... Possible???  2084  3 Started by  Chris Leonardis Ok perhaps this is the dumbest question ever asked on this site but here it goes. I am being asked how we can easily transfer items (mainly at night) from par to par locations and have it tracked in the system. I have said the only way is to credit and then reissue. But I have been told I am wrong and there must be a way because all systems are equipped for this. If there is a way can someone enlighten me or offer some ways others have dealt with this Thanks Chris
3 2084
by  John GJump to last post
08/01/2012 10:25 AM
0 Replies and 1370 Views Route number on WH130  1370  0 Started by  TracyO We want to print the route number on the WH130 report.  We would like to use an attribute from GL20 or IC02.  Does anyone know how to accomplish this
0 1370
07/24/2012 2:06 PM
0 Replies and 1142 Views Receive and deliver  1142  0 Started by  Greg Moeller We are trying to receive and deliver via the handhelds on the same trip, our couriers will typically be out of network range while making their receipts/deliveries. We can get them to deliver stuff, or receive stuff, but the minute that they try to do both (again out of network) they lose everything in the handhelds. Is there a recommended way of doing this.  Lawson has told us to give each of our couriers two handhelds, one for deliveries and one for pick-ups. NOT AN OPTION!
0 1142
07/23/2012 10:42 AM
3 Replies and 5406 Views Lawson API Information - Interfacing into AP30  5406  3 Started by  Alan Doyle Dear Lawson Community, I am a relatively new user of Lawson and have what I think is a quite simply question.  I am searching for information on Lawson's Application Programming Interfaces (API's).  Specifically, I would like to know if it is possible to upload an excel spreadsheet into Lawson which would mimic the receiving of PO receipts in PO30. Let me know if you can help.  It is much appreciated. Alan
3 5406
by  Mike BernhardJump to last post
07/17/2012 11:17 AM
1 Replies and 1759 Views Auto-substitute an item in WH module (S3 apps)  1759  1 Started by  Mike Bernhard I am a consultant and one of my clients has asked me to assist with troubleshooting of their 'auto-sub' process.  According to customer, they have set up 'substitute items' using the ASSOCIATED ITEMS form (IC13.1) and whenever a requisition is submitted for Inventory items, the WH module will (during the allocation process) attempt to fill Backorder items from any subs that are setup for the requested item (in IC13.1).  I have never seen or heard of this functionality and the L...
1 1759
by  JonAJump to last post
06/22/2012 10:24 AM
1 Replies and 1795 Views problems after adding another UOM  1795  1 Started by  TerryL Has anyone had a problem with pick list showing up with ZERO qty after adding another larger UOM to an item in IC11 I have asked our warehouse to add some box UOMs for some items but they say the run into problems when adding the additional UOM. They say the most common is that a pick list will print that looks normal but the qty to pick will be zero for the just added UOM.
1 1795
by  Robert SpurrJump to last post
06/15/2012 3:02 PM
1 Replies and 2028 Views EDI commserver can not find port 6900 error message  2028  1 Started by  cindy MHSIL We receive the errors when we run the ED501 job.  and causes the below errors We are on current version of EDI in 9.0.1 and run on a AIX platform There were changes in the the /etc/netsvc.conf file from host= bind4, local to     host= local, bind4  We believed this caused this not to work.  Has anyone experianced this type of issue.  Any suggestions how to eliminate this issue. directory /lsfprod/law/prod/edi/work/ed...
1 2028
by  JonAJump to last post
05/17/2012 2:04 PM
2 Replies and 1784 Views MSCM Schedule Properties  1784  2 Started by  David Williams Has anyone adjusted the picklist.scheduler.period in MSCM properties to something faster than 900 (15 minutes) Given the WH130 in Lawson runs every 15 minutes, it could take another 10-15 minutes for the picklist to show up on the handhelds depending on when the systsems cycle.
2 1784
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
05/15/2012 3:59 PM
2 Replies and 2258 Views Item Comments table  2258  2 Started by  JeanneS Can anyone tell me which Lawson table I should use to get the Item Comments  Thanks!
2 2258
by  StephanieJump to last post
05/08/2012 6:52 PM
12 Replies and 5081 Views Multiple UOM Setup  5081  12 Started by  Daniel Ok so here is our issue, the warehouse orders and item from a vendor (lightbulds) that they must buy in quantities of 'each'. Our warehouse  wants to be able to sell them in quantity of cases. So for example the warehouse orders from the vendor 3600 lightbulbs but wants to sell them in cases of 36. Can anyone tell me how the setup would look on IC11 on the UOM tab in 9.0.1.  Also this item is setup as a warehouse stock item. Thanks for any help Daniel Burrus, PMP Special...
12 5081
by  StephanieJump to last post
05/08/2012 6:49 PM
22 Replies and 4457 Views Can there be multiple items masters within a company  4457  22 Started by  TerryL We would like to use IC to start tracking Pharmaceuticals. We have a main Pharmacy and several satellite pharms. We would like to set up a separate item master just for them. We are thinking of setting up multiple warehouses, a main warehouse and a warehouse for each of the sats. When resupplying a remote location we would do a whse to whse transfer. Can a separate item master be set up within a company. We dont want to set up a pharmacy item group within the main item master for security ...
22 4457
by  RedJump to last post
04/16/2012 4:56 PM
0 Replies and 1327 Views McKesson Asset Management  1327  0 Started by  TerryL Is anyone in Guru land using McKesson Asset Management for their Pharmacy Inventory Distribution needs Good, bad, ok
0 1327
04/12/2012 1:07 PM
2 Replies and 1730 Views How to Find out the requesting location of an invoice  1730  2 Started by  manish dasila Hi I am trying to develop a custom report containing invoice number and the requesting location of that invoice among other fields. I cannot see a direct relationship between APINVOICE and RQLOC or REQUESTER table. So far I have been able to determine a relation pathway of  APINVOICE  -> POLINE -> POLINESRC -> REQUESTER to determine the req location of the invoice. Please let me know if this is correct way of getting the req location or there is some other shorter pathway to ...
2 1730
by  JonAJump to last post
04/05/2012 8:09 AM
1 Replies and 1268 Views Scanner message:No companies Available  1268  1 Started by  Paul Berkowitz Researching the message 'No companies Available'.   Three scanners in the location are working however 5 scanners are displaying the message,   Had the users reboot the scanners and we stilled received the message. Any suggestions.... Thanks Paul
1 1268
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
03/29/2012 8:40 AM
0 Replies and 1152 Views Pharmacy item tracking  1152  0 Started by  TerryL If youare not using Medipharm for your pharms/drug , what product are you using to track you pharmacy items How well does it interface with Lawson
0 1152
03/23/2012 11:39 AM
0 Replies and 1029 Views Lawson Medisuite - Medipharm  1029  0 Started by  TerryL Is anyone out there in :Lawson land using the Medipharm product
0 1029
03/22/2012 6:50 PM
5 Replies and 2695 Views MSCM Upload problem  2695  5 Started by  TerryL I created 4 new PARS using IC81. They have all the fields filled in that our other PARs have. The other PARs scan and upload fine. Our handhelds find and download the PARs fine and scanning works like a charm as well as the upload. The req that gets created doesn't complete, status is UNRELEASED. I get an error that says accounting information for line No 1 is missing. What is causing that error and how is it fixed
5 2695
by  TerryLJump to last post
03/21/2012 12:58 PM
0 Replies and 2111 Views MSCM RAD delivery question  2111  0 Started by  CamM With RAD, say you receive a PO line that consists of 12 cases of a product.  These twelve boxes get loaded onto a cart with 30 other packages.  How does the staff know to leave 12 boxes for that one PO line, and which 12 boxes   Are they writing on them or labeling them manually   We want to do this the most efficient way possible. 
0 2111
03/05/2012 12:24 PM
0 Replies and 1379 Views RQ10.3 AGS call in Processflow  1379  0 Started by  Scooter Has anyone had success in creating a RQ10.3 AGS call In processflow, we want to copy a requisition to a new req and are trying to do so with RQ10.3. Maybe there is another way to copy a req to a new req with all lines from the old req. I can create a new req with RQ10.1 but lines are not copied over, only the header info is copied to the new req.
0 1379
03/01/2012 10:50 AM
0 Replies and 1634 Views MSCM RAD Delivery configuration question  1634  0 Started by  CamM Okay, so we are a one company facility.   We currently use RAD delivery (vs, and use only one route.  The problem is that when the user first loads the delivery module on the device, and chooses the route, he then must go in a select a 'receiving location' before he is able to see all of the deliveries for that route.  We also only have one receiving location that is currently being used, so is there a way to default this location in for this route  ...
0 1634
02/29/2012 8:10 PM
9 Replies and 5499 Views EDI solution other than Lawson?  5499  9 Started by  John Costa Can anyone make a recommendation for a third-party EDI solution other than what is available from Lawson We are on Lawson applications 9.1.0.x and have the full S3 suite (requisitions, purchase orders, inventory, etc.)
9 5499
by  Mike BernhardJump to last post
02/27/2012 3:38 PM
1 Replies and 1993 Views Reports  1993  1 Started by  aherra2 -
1 1993
by  Terry WierJump to last post
02/08/2012 10:48 AM
7 Replies and 1944 Views Receiver Alert  1944  7 Started by  Chris Leonardis We are wondering if anyone has come up with or knows of a flashy way to alert receivers that more action is needed upon receipt. We are currently being asked to log (rerecieve) tissue and like things into a tracking system. Our receivers are not currently accustumed to looking at the delivery documents.
7 1944
by  Rick BinderJump to last post
02/01/2012 11:52 AM
3 Replies and 1983 Views Inventory Location Ghost On Order  1983  3 Started by  Chris Leonardis We have had several items in our secondary inventory location that seem to be on order (transfer) but are not. This is causing us to not get replenished. Does anyone know how to delete this ghost 'on order' We are getting around it by raising our order points but I would like to get this figured out.
3 1983
by  JonAJump to last post
01/20/2012 3:29 PM
5 Replies and 2039 Views Tracking EDI Part Number Discrepancies  2039  5 Started by  Red Hey Folks,     I think this is going to end one of two ways:     1) Someone is going to say something obvious, at which point I will smack my head and say, 'Duh...'     2) The answer will be a concise, 'No.'     But here goes anyway...     We use GHX as our EDI partner.  Within their portal page, you can run a report showing all of the vendor part number discrepancies over a given...
5 2039
by  Rob ConradJump to last post
01/20/2012 12:59 PM
3 Replies and 2139 Views Custom spend analysis report  2139  3 Started by  Tracy Jones Has anyone been successful in creating an ABC spend analysis report that encompasses all purchased items (not just inventory tracked items)  My VP's want to be able to tie the financials directly to our procurement detail.  HELP! 
3 2139
by  Jeff NJump to last post
01/17/2012 9:26 AM
7 Replies and 2379 Views Customizing Barcode Labels MSCM  2379  7 Started by  JimIII Customized the default ParFormItemLabel in the labelformat.xml file. Ran updateconfig.bat and printed a label but changes are not being made. Any suggestions
7 2379
by  JimIIIJump to last post
01/11/2012 12:59 PM
3 Replies and 2189 Views Dolphin handhelds  2189  3 Started by  Greg Moeller All: We have been having some wireless connectivity issues with our Dolphin 7850 handhelds. The symptoms are:  The device will not connect to the server to do any uploads.  Yet, we can ping the device from anywhere, so we know that it is still attached to the network. Seems to only occur at one of our campuses and we've been feverishly trying to determine what is different for our wireless AP's config at that campus vs others. Doing a soft reboot re-establishes the connection...
3 2189
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
01/09/2012 3:15 PM
3 Replies and 2727 Views Training new employee  2727  3 Started by  shelbytom I'm interested in learning about various training methods and tools some of you may have used for new system analysts or possibly admin level employees - our shop has a single 'super user' who has learned the system over several years.  As a single point of failure, we would like to duplicate this role/knowledge and take pressure off the employee and limit exposure to the organization.  Opinions of learning accelerator would be of interest. I appreciate any help or direction you can...
3 2727
by  JwiffJump to last post
01/03/2012 8:53 AM
1 Replies and 2175 Views Alternatives to Mobile Supply Chain  2175  1 Started by  John Desmarais Does anyone know what's available on the market for doing ParCounting in Lawson other than Lawson's Mobile Supply Chain product Thanks, John Desmarais
1 2175
by  Bill IanniJump to last post
01/01/2012 12:13 PM
1 Replies and 2375 Views Crystal Report  2375  1 Started by  SJ I need to call a Crystal Report from the RecSum.htm page that is in the Inbasket Processflow Integrator and pass the Company and Req to the Crystal Report as parameters. 1) What is the syntax for accomplishing this 2) Where does the Crystal Report have to reside (does it have to be Published to LBI)
1 2375
by  JeanneSJump to last post
12/23/2011 6:24 AM
0 Replies and 1618 Views Misc Fedex Packages  1618  0 Started by  Jeff N This is probably more of a FedEx issue than a Lawson but maybe someone has a resolution. We use our handhelds to track misc shipments from receipt at the dock to delivery.I am being told about 3 weeks ago, FedEx stopped putting the tracking number barcode on expedited packages and now only have the 'PDF417' code on them. Has anyone else experianced this issue  
0 1618
12/12/2011 8:13 AM
8 Replies and 2206 Views Hung Records holding stock  2206  8 Started by  MS Have an issue with hung records holding stock. The issue stems from reqs not allocating fully or the system breaking a req into two shipments.  Part of the req closes, the other part does not.  When looking at IC12 for an item, after drilling and checking stock status we have found numerous items that have allocations from as long ago as 2006.  We cannot clear these records by conventional means,  when we try, we see that req is closed but with open lines.  &nbs...
8 2206
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
12/08/2011 8:38 AM
8 Replies and 8617 Views MSCM Receiving and Delivery Set Up  8617  8 Started by  Bill Timmis Does any one have some easy to understand instructions on getting R&D off the ground. The ones from Lawson are kinda cumbersome to follow. From our testing so far the Vendor Configuration and Location Set Up has to be set just right in order for PO's to be available to receive via the HHT Device.
8 8617
by  AnnCJump to last post
11/18/2011 9:49 AM
0 Replies and 2234 Views installing lawson handheld software on Motorola Symbol 8880  2234  0 Started by  Bahram Aziz Hi We have Motorola Symbol 8880 handheld devices and cradle that connects to our Lawson server. The Symbol Handhelds run Microsoft Pocket PC. I also have files for ecoonect and MPC.jar.  eConnect.cpl ecoonect.lnk eConnect.exe eConnect.reg eConnect.cpy and MPC.jar. I need to know how do I install the MPC.jar file. Where do I copy the Jar file. The eConnect files are located in these directories. \Application \Windows\Startup \WIndows Does anyone have instruction ab...
0 2234
10/24/2011 1:03 PM
3 Replies and 2153 Views MSCM upload error  2153  3 Started by  Roger Getting the error: 'Cannot change requisition has been processed' on some reqs and lines when uploading handheld data. Has anyone dealt with this error before. We are seeing on random par locations, but is occurring daily on at least 1 par per day. Thank you
3 2153
by  RogerJump to last post
09/20/2011 7:32 AM
0 Replies and 1584 Views Punchout Install  1584  0 Started by  mark.cook I am looking for some planning and resource ideas for how long it will take to install punchout and configure. I know working with the vendors to set this up may add some time and complexity. We are looking at 1-2 vendors to roll this out to. Thanks for any help you can be with this.
0 1584
08/24/2011 9:23 AM
1 Replies and 2424 Views MC55AO  2424  1 Started by  John Does anyone have the issue of Lawson waiting until fall of 2011 in order to certify the new Motorola MC55AO units We have a go-live of January 2011, yet are unable to test the handhelds. Lawson seems a bit taken back that these were introduced or that the current MC5590 units have been sunset.
1 2424
by  mark.cookJump to last post
05/31/2011 7:36 AM
6 Replies and 2463 Views Issues Information With Requesting Location  2463  6 Started by  S. Rosa I am trying to obtain issues information from ICTRANS but also need to relate the IS document type transactions to requesting locations entered in IC21. MMDIST contains the account distribution I need and it actually has a REQ-LOCATION field but the field contains no information. MM280 is able to provide this information. Does anyone understand how
6 2463
by  JonAJump to last post
05/18/2011 8:27 AM
2 Replies and 2386 Views EDI GLN Setup  2386  2 Started by  Amanda Valcik Is anyone using the GLN setup for EDI If so looking to find out more about how it is being setup. In a nutshell, we have GLNs tied to requesting locations and need those GLNs to be communicated to the vendor. We do not want to build each GLN as an IC02 location as well because it will result in more data builds (IC81s to dictate the source of the items since there are both non-stock and stock items that are being ordered...the stock need to come from the WHSE location and not the IC02 lo...
2 2386
by  JeanneSJump to last post
05/13/2011 8:51 AM
0 Replies and 1462 Views OE53 and OE10 and OE90  1462  0 Started by  Deleted User We're testing an MSP update (9.0.1 MSP4), and we use Order Entry quite extensively. This week, I've gotten this message or a similar message in both OE10 and OE90 when I try to do a change or an inquire action. So, I initially added my network login name into OE53, and that seemed to fix the issue with OE10. When I tried to change a hold code in OE90.1, I got the same error message. I added the NT name from listusermap like NT00230 or something similar to that, and that seems to have resolv...
0 1462
04/22/2011 5:10 PM
0 Replies and 1655 Views BL20 - Unit Price Default  1655  0 Started by  Kamal Hello! Could someone throw some information on the below I created an Item in IC system and tried using the item in BL20.1 Invoice entry. I did create price list for this item in BL40.1 But when i tried to add an invoice for this item in BL20.1, the unit price doesnot default. Please let me know if i have missed any other steps or setup information on the above Thanks Kamal
0 1655
04/13/2011 12:33 PM
0 Replies and 1643 Views IC11.6 for NDCs  1643  0 Started by  Jenna We are considering using IC11.6 to tie multiple NDCs to a single Lawson Item number. We would like to know if anyone else is using this functionality, and would be willing to share their experience in this area.
0 1643
12/03/2010 11:12 AM
6 Replies and 2279 Views Combining Item Groups?  2279  6 Started by  chadC We have 5 IC companies (1 of which is a Canadian company). Each has it's own Item Group. We are looking into combining those 5 into 1 Item Group (either by keeping an existing one or creating a brand new one). We are hoping to correspond this with the v9.0.1 upgrade this winter (from v8.1.0). Does anyone have any thoughts to any ramifications this could have with PO, MA or AP
6 2279
by  chadCJump to last post
11/04/2010 10:14 AM
3 Replies and 6630 Views Stock Unit of measure and Buy Unit of Measure  6630  3 Started by  Mark Ivankovich How are you handling the following: Stock unit of measure is Eaches, but we have a Buy Unit of Measure in Box. If my par level is 20 and i count 10 my order quantity is 10. The order quantity on my po is calculated at .5 since the buy unit of measure is 20. We need qty to be 1. How do you handle this
3 6630
by  JonAJump to last post
11/04/2010 7:10 AM
2 Replies and 2241 Views IC printing to a dot matrix printer  2241  2 Started by  Bruce We just converted from 8.1 to 9.1 Financial, Procurement and Supply Chain. In our warehouse we were able to print Pick Lists and other reports to Epson dot matrix printers (FX890) in 8.1 without problems. On 9.1 we are unable to control page width and form length. Lawson has not been able to give us a solution other than to write a custom script for each report or print to a laser printer. We like to avoid custom stuff whenever possible and a laser printer is not an option because we need ...
2 2241
by  JonAJump to last post
11/04/2010 7:00 AM
1 Replies and 1850 Views Inventory Control for Laboratory <?>  1850  1 Started by  Deleted User Anyone using IC for laboratory inventory
1 1850
by  JonAJump to last post
11/04/2010 6:45 AM
0 Replies and 1506 Views Return Feedback Interface  1506  0 Started by  willy We are trying to interface returns from our OE, thinking OE530 is the right program. We register the data directly to OERETHDRIN OERETLNIN (OE56). CAn OE530 read directly form this tables or does it need more table to be populate On the other hand, does OE530 read from a flat file
0 1506
10/01/2010 9:22 AM
0 Replies and 2093 Views IC220 Data  2093  0 Started by  JonA Who can tell me from what table the ICT-OFF-ACCT-UNIT and ICT-OFF-ACCOUNT are pulled for inventory transactions originating from requisitions When I pull it from ICTRANS all I get are AU and Account from Issues (IC21) transactions. The transactions for requisitions are blank. And MMDIST doesn't get me there either. IC220 seems to pull the information just fine. We are trying to automate data extraction for inventory transactions for interfacing to our DSS.
0 2093
09/24/2010 2:43 PM
2 Replies and 2350 Views Bin to Bin Replenishment  2350  2 Started by  taadams2000 Is anyone using bin to bin replenishment within a given perpetual location For instance, using it to break down bulk to a low unit of measure picking area. This would be instead of two perpetual locations with IC141 intransit transfers or having undocumented bins to achieve the necessary braek-down.
2 2350
by  RedJump to last post
09/16/2010 4:36 PM
2 Replies and 1962 Views How is inventory replenished from Requsitions, if there are no POs in the system?  1962  2 Started by  willz06jw Hi and thanks for your help, I am looking at a group of items that are being requsitioned contantly from inventory. My question is: would there have to be a purchase order to replenish the inventory eventually When I look at our system I don't see any purchase orders for the inventoried item numbers. Thanks, Willz06jw
2 1962
by  JonAJump to last post
09/16/2010 2:46 PM
2 Replies and 2217 Views When does a requisition not create a PO  2217  2 Started by  willz06jw Thanks for reading, I have a probably quick question: When would a requisition be created, but a purchase order not built Thanks for your help, Willz06jw
2 2217
by  willz06jwJump to last post
09/15/2010 9:39 AM
3 Replies and 3340 Views Tying ITEM to ACCT-UNIT  3340  3 Started by  mfc I am new to both this forum and to Lawson so please be gentle :laugh: My employer would like to separate out OR inventory from the general population both logically and physically. I have been tasked to do both. I use SQL Analyzer (and more recently LinqPad) to query from a test environment refreshed monthly. My goal is to link ITEMMAST.ITEM to (potentially) MMDIST.ACCT_UNIT by way of the POLINE table. I used the lawson.insight 8.0.x Entity Relationship Diagram for PO provided by th...
3 3340
by  mfcJump to last post
09/10/2010 3:33 PM
0 Replies and 1532 Views MSCM - Changing default page  1532  0 Started by  tenather I am new to the Lawson world so pardon my 'dust'.:whistling: We are about to embark on a 9.0 upgrade and wanted to know how easy it would be to change the default page on the MSCM website to a STATIC page that says 'Upgrade in Progress, Please check back later'. When the upgrade is then complete change back to the usual default login page and let users in. Otherwise we have to manually disable 300 users and the go back and re-enable them once things are complete.:angry:
0 1532
09/08/2010 6:08 AM
14 Replies and 6178 Views MSCM: Pars and/or Items missing on handhelds  6178  14 Started by  JonA Occasionally,&160;when the material handlers download their pars to the handhelds, there are pars and/or items missing form the list.&160; They'll see 'No locations to count' or 'Item not found'.&160; I've verified everything in IC81 and MSCM - User setup and My Pars is correct.&160; It's like the data is not making it from the server to the handhelds.&160; Rebooting the handheld and just logging off and back on will help sometimes.&160; But that&160;may just result in different items mis...
14 6178
by  EricSJump to last post
09/01/2010 1:04 PM
2 Replies and 12714 Views symbol handhelds 8800  12714  2 Started by  linda phillips We are currently installing mobile supply chain and purchased the symbol 8800 series handheld. We have a question on the frequency of the handheld. The 8800 runs on a radio frequency of B and our wireless system runs on G. We are concerned that the handhelds will pull down the other equipement on the floors like mak carts to B and slow down. We are looking to see if anyone has experienced this on a pt floor with any type of equipement and if so how did you fix it. The second question is can you ...
2 12714
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
09/01/2010 9:58 AM
1 Replies and 1922 Views Requisition Commitments Do Not Relieve  1922  1 Started by  Mark Larochelle Here in the State of NH, we are running Lawson 9.01, MSP 3 Financials, Procurement, Grants and Activities. Has anyone ever experienced the GL94 commitment NOT getting relieved after it has been encumbered into a purchase order from PO23 Of courese, what happens in this situation, is that the total obligation is overstated. We use budget edits at the account summary level. Thanks a million for any response to this post.
1 1922
by  Jimmy ChiuJump to last post
08/19/2010 10:41 AM
3 Replies and 4783 Views S3 Vendor Supply Spend report  4783  3 Started by  Z Hi, Do you know the report name to generate my Supply spend by vendor We do not track Freight spend. Thanks in advance,
3 4783
by  NickJump to last post
06/30/2010 4:15 PM
1 Replies and 2418 Views copy/move MSCM  2418  1 Started by  Duane We are getting ready to upgrade MSCM in place ( to but want to move to new server first. We are toying with a few scenarios Anyone done this Is it enough to install new WAS and MSCM of the same version and patch level, then make sure copy in-synch Lawson prodline data and MSCM database and point MSCM there Thanks in advance for your responses.
1 2418
by  SaurabhJump to last post
06/09/2010 2:41 PM
5 Replies and 2514 Views Tie IC130 Report back to GL  2514  5 Started by  Preston Burdwell I have a question from our accounting manager about the IC130 report transactions tying back to GL . . . Can anyone explain how these transactions end up in GL and why some of them seem to not show up there Thanks!
5 2514
by  PZJump to last post
06/07/2010 11:50 AM
3 Replies and 2275 Views Invoiced not received report showing items that are received  2275  3 Started by  G Jones We are running the MA236 Invoiced not received report and it is brining up the same Purchase orders over and over that have been received. Does anyone know what could be causing this
3 2275
by  Jimmy ChiuJump to last post
05/04/2010 3:37 PM
2 Replies and 3159 Views Perpetual Inventory for Assets (Asset Management)  3159  2 Started by  Carl Gifford We have been charged with creating a perpetual inventory for our assets (PCs, etc.) so that we can buy them in bulk and keep an inventory on hand. We would receive them into the warehouse and then issue them as requested. We need to have them in the Lawson Asset Management system once they are issued to a site. Is this possible Is there any integration between IC and AM I am thinking that there is NOT, but wanted to make sure. Is anyone else doing something similar...
2 3159
by  Bill IanniJump to last post
04/27/2010 7:43 AM
0 Replies and 1767 Views Interfacing Cost Adjustments?  1767  0 Started by  chadC I see that the Lawson IC500 does not have the 'Document Type' of CA for Cost Adjustments. I also tested the IC500 with the IC54 screens to see if I could get one to work...I couldn't. So I am wondering how other companies are interfacing their Cost Adjustments into Lawson Inventory Any processes or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
0 1767
04/23/2010 4:11 PM
1 Replies and 2744 Views PO136 Matched Not Received Report  2744  1 Started by  Manny Matias Does anyone know why PO136 has items in there that say match but not received. When I try to received the lines were already received. I do not want to over received specially into the storeroom because it adds to the invnentory any suggestions
1 2744
by  JonAJump to last post
04/15/2010 12:57 PM
2 Replies and 2307 Views Inventory not accessible  2307  2 Started by  seannyboy New to Guru.. Have allocatable counts but cannot issue or adjust due to 'insufficient SOH in bin at this UOM'. I suspect an invoice/PO issue. Amount locked seems to mirror buy UOM. Any help will be appreciated.
2 2307
by  JonAJump to last post
04/14/2010 10:40 AM
5 Replies and 3484 Views Kitting feature in S3  3484  5 Started by  Darrel Dudeck Is anyone using the kitting function in S3 that allows you to create bundles of different or like items which inturn enables you to issue all items under one item number for that particular kit build.
5 3484
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04/14/2010 5:41 AM
3 Replies and 2356 Views MSCM Emulator For production  2356  3 Started by  Dino Moorman Is it possible to use a PC emulator to actually recieve items in Production The issue is if our wireless network goes down or is unstable- could we use an emulator on a PC to continue work
3 2356
by  Dino MoormanJump to last post
03/26/2010 3:50 PM
2 Replies and 1847 Views Handhelds freezing MSCM  1847  2 Started by  mark.cook We have been working the case with LIS for three weeks now but our MSCM handhelds are freezing multiple times each day. We have verified we are on the latest version of firmware for windows mobile 5, we have the MC70 handhelds, MSCM is running on Unix and LSF 9.01. We were stable with no freezing for the last 6-9 months and now it is back. Any thoughts on what might be causing the issue
2 1847
by  mark.cookJump to last post
03/25/2010 2:46 PM
1 Replies and 1871 Views ICTSET2 index in ICTRANS  1871  1 Started by  ARaja I am facing a problem with assessing the data from ICTRANS. In my custom program, i am using the API 840-FIND-ICTSET2 and the database has duplicate values. The program runs fine in 8.0 Environment, but in LSF9, the program returns the runtime error(fetched query returns more than single row)
1 1871
by  ARajaJump to last post
03/08/2010 4:40 AM
0 Replies and 1632 Views IC280 missing GL 's  1632  0 Started by  pmeckes On the IC280 report all of our SH trans types for OE system code, only show the credit to inventory account number. It doesn't print the debit account, therefore the total debits and credit never agree. Where or how can I find the missing link
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02/23/2010 2:17 PM
1 Replies and 1727 Views RAD  1727  1 Started by  mppruente Is there a way to release delivers that have a status of In Transit I can not pull them in when I try to create a manifest...Is the only way to release is by manually using the HH :)
1 1727
by  Dino MoormanJump to last post
02/23/2010 10:11 AM
4 Replies and 8544 Views Lawson MSCM Handheld Selection  8544  4 Started by  Rick Holland We are in the process of selecting the handheld for our upgrade to MSCM. I would appreciate any recommendations for or warnings away from any of the supported models, Thanks Rick Holland MMIS Data Specialist Mountain States Health Alliance Johnson City, TN
4 8544
by  Dino MoormanJump to last post
02/23/2010 10:09 AM
1 Replies and 2232 Views MSCM on Windows CE Emulator  2232  1 Started by  David Williams Does anyone have instructions for installing MSCM on a Windows CE Emulator
1 2232
by  Joe TrettelJump to last post
02/22/2010 1:29 PM
3 Replies and 3454 Views IC04 GL Category Receipt Offset  3454  3 Started by  TerryL Can someone please explain to a non finance person how the RECEIPTS &160;receipt offset account works. &160; Thanks.
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by  Andrew NeedhamJump to last post
02/01/2010 11:35 AM
0 Replies and 3883 Views MMDIST Account & Account Unit to POLine  3883  0 Started by  Brady I am trying to populate the Account & Account Unit&160;from MMDIST&160;on my PO Line History. Here is what I have done so far. This worked to populate most lines. However, it did not work to populate any lines that came from IC140. I have looked up some of those POs and they do have that information in MMDIST. How would those lines from MMDIST relate to the Purchase Order information Any help is very appreciated. FILTERED MMDIST BY: System CD = PO Doc Type = PT RELATED TABLES BY: MMD...
0 3883
12/01/2009 11:58 AM
1 Replies and 2391 Views ITEMMAST  2391  1 Started by  Robbie Parker Hello, I am having an issue with items defined in IC11 that do not get listed when querying ITEMMAST.ITEM.&160; The item field in IC11 is ITE-ITEM though, so that may be my disconnect.&160; We just went live and converted ~12,000 items and all the items that were converted populate the query, but the items manually added since goLive do not.&160; Any help &160; thanks, Robbie
1 2391
by  John HenleyJump to last post
10/29/2009 9:17 AM
2 Replies and 2415 Views Lawson Order intergration with Oracle  2415  2 Started by  Tracey I am hoping you can point me in the right direction- My company is a medical device manufacturer whose primary customers are hospitals. Our erp system is Oracle and the majority of our Customers use Lawson- I am looking for a Lawson to Oracle solution to capture the data from the Lawson Order form and pass via edi/digitally to our Oracle order management system. Do you know of anyone who is sucessfully doing this today Is there someone I can talk to about this Thank you in advance Tracey
2 2415
by  Srini RaoJump to last post
10/08/2009 7:48 PM
1 Replies and 4920 Views CSV Export  4920  1 Started by  aCCuReRaS Hi all, I'm want to export pickinglists to a CSV file. Does anybody know a way to do this Regards
1 4920
by  Eric_KlineJump to last post
07/01/2009 1:00 PM
1 Replies and 2556 Views Process Flow AGS for Order Entry  2556  1 Started by  Deleted User I am trying to use an AGS call in Process Flow Integrator to release credit hold orders in OE90.&160; The OE90 and OE10 programs require a user to be setup using OE53.1.&160; When I run the process flow I am getting an error saying 'User not allowed access to Order Entry company'&160;&160; This is the same error message you get if you try to perform an action in OE without your user id setup in OE53.&160; Has anyone run&160; across this and have some idea on how to get around it
1 2556
by  Deleted UserJump to last post
06/26/2009 8:54 AM
5 Replies and 7095 Views Point of Use Scanning/Interfacing  7095  5 Started by  itsjustme Not sure if this is more appropriate for the Interface section or not, but is mostly dealing with how others run their Supply Chain, so... Anyone using a Point of Use scanning product-like ParExcellence-to scan items taken from a PAR location and feeding that information back into Lawson for replenishment Or directly to the vendor for replenishment Seems like a simple RQ500 interface is all that's needed, just wondering about anyone elses experiences with a similar products or processes. &...
5 7095
by  axis3dJump to last post
06/16/2009 7:14 AM
6 Replies and 4348 Views 802.11a radio and Symbol MC70 devices  4348  6 Started by  Matt Sherwood We are getting ready to implement 9.0 MSCM.&160; It looks like our wireless network is only capable of handling 802.11a radio. The handheld units are supposed to be capable of 803.11g which I've been told is much more efficient. Has anyone had success with 802.11a&160; AS the subject indicates we are planning on using Symbol MC70 devices.
6 4348
by  axis3dJump to last post
06/16/2009 6:52 AM
0 Replies and 2419 Views Need sample WH520 file  2419  0 Started by  scott.mullins We just opened a warehouse...or I should say we are in the implementation phase.&160; We need to deliver a WH520 file to our vendor but don't have a sample file for them since if we run WH520 currently, we wouldn't get any real data. Could someone provide a couple of lines so we could deliver a sample WH520 file Thanks again.
0 2419
02/11/2009 10:16 AM
0 Replies and 2394 Views Security for PC10.1 form?  2394  0 Started by  Sherry Shimek Is it possible to secure Lawson form PC10.1, Patient Charge Items I have lines restricting the user access by company, but the user can still access other companies' data.&160; They cannot see the other company data in the drop down, but if the correct combination of company and Revenue center code is entered, the user has access to the data.&160; Because we are adding Add, Delete, and Change to a basic child security class we want this form secure. We are on 8.0.03 using Windows and UN...
0 2394
01/27/2009 5:45 PM
1 Replies and 4077 Views Adding Images to Item Master  4077  1 Started by  TerryL We want to add images to the Item Master so that when RSS users are searching the catalog they will be able to look at an image of each item in the catalog. Does anyone know how to attach an image to an item We are on
1 4077
by  John HenleyJump to last post
01/24/2009 7:49 AM
2 Replies and 4010 Views Price Change Audit  4010  2 Started by  Bobby We need the ability to audit our price changes entered in the PO25.6 record. We can find the most recent change and the date of the change but we cannot locate any record of the user who made the change. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas Thanks
2 4010
by  John HenleyJump to last post
12/12/2008 8:18 AM
0 Replies and 2551 Views Small asset tracking  2551  0 Started by  thanef Does anyone use the Symbol hand held 8800 for inventory tracking&160; I want to scan inventory like PC's and printers in our building and use Lawson to track it.&160; Will AM accomplish this in Lawson
0 2551
11/11/2008 11:11 AM
4 Replies and 3156 Views rq10's releasing in MSCM  3156  4 Started by  linda phillips We are testing our handhelds in test for MSCM and we are using 8800 sysbol series, Our problem is our rq's are releasing. We always used the rq500 in the past to stop this process, and not sure we need this pogram and if so how do we set it up. This is one of the two things stopping me from going live
4 3156
by  linda phillipsJump to last post
09/08/2008 6:02 AM
6 Replies and 3668 Views MSCM Rq10's not seeing requester  3668  6 Started by  linda phillips We have rq10 records set up and the requested set in portal MSCM&160; The rq's do not create because it can not find the requester. All the staff is set up the same and I have 3 that it will not allow a rq to be created. I went as far as deleating the old and creating the again with no success. Any help would be appreciated
6 3668
by  linda phillipsJump to last post
09/08/2008 5:58 AM
6 Replies and 5240 Views Can't log into MSCM Admin Tool  5240  6 Started by  JonA This morning I can't log into the MSCM Admin tool, not even with the mscmadmin login.&160; Application support says it looks like all ids are inactive including mscmadmin.&160; Everything was fine on Friday.&160; Anyone know what would cause this and how to fix it Jon
6 5240
by  linda phillipsJump to last post
09/05/2008 8:48 AM
0 Replies and 3502 Views Measures of Monthly measures for Contracting and Procurement & Distribution Center  3502  0 Started by  Deleted User Hi All, &160; We are reviewing what monthly reports that we will need to use in the future and would like any information you can share about what reports you are running and reviewing monthly. We are currently Lawson as our Materials Management system and are looking at using Microsoft Add-ins and using Crystal. Currently we have had to drop Lawson reports into excel and dissect the report to get the information that we need. &160; What are other Lawson user running monthly reports to mon...
0 3502
04/23/2008 2:45 PM
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