Bookmarks to include FormID

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D Duke
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        This sounds trivial, but, just starting to implement Portal and the users would like to see the FormID along with the Form Name on the bookmarks.  Has anyone done this? 
        Along the same note, do users actually use the Bookmarks or do they just use the search? 
    Jimmy Chiu
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      Expert users would always use the search box to direct access the form they want to get to.

      You can customize the bookmark name to include the Form ID also via bookmark manager.
      Tim Cochrane
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        To answer your first question - all of our bookmarks contain the form ID (HR11, ZN02 as in the case of a custom screen, etc) along with the screen name. Ex: "ZN02.1 - ProcessFlow Trigger"

        To answer your second question - we have multiple instances where Corp HR has full access to the "delivered" xml, but Field HR has a modified screen. In this instance we've painted a delivered screen in Design Studio (no screen changes) for Corp HR to use, and since we don't want field users stumbling on to this screen using the search box, it has it's own bookmark where the default setting is not checked. Since you're just getting started, the "Default" setting is handled in Design Studio. For the Field HR users, a modified xml is created, default is checked, and a bookmark is created. This give our 7000+ Field HR users 2 ways to access their version: either through the search window or a bookmark group. The 8 Corp HR users we have know to access their screens using their bookmark group.

        Having said all that, disregard it if you're not using Design Studio. If you're not using Design Studio, then you're missing out on a good (not great) tool, that can provide some additional features.

        NOTE: This is how we've handled bookmarks for over 8 years, and it works for us. It may not be how everybody else, or anybody else for that matter, handles bookmarks, but it works fine for us.
        Tim Cochrane - Principal LM/IPA Consultant