ESS Open Enrollment Screen hangs

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    For some employees, the open enrollment page hangs once you click the continue button on the welcome page.  So far, I have not been able to figure out why it hangs or if it is for a particular type of employee.  When this happen, it hangs when the form is trying to retrieve your current benefits

    I have done the following -
    -Run the QN732 and they do not appear on the report.  All applicable deductions are there w/dates
    -Compare the benefit records (BENEFIT) to others and there are not differences
    -Check BS31 and BS30
    -Cleared my cache
    -If i click the continue button a 2nd time I receive the message of "no more data for given key".
    -I dumped BNBEN and it was blank

    The one thing I have noticed is that if remove one of the records from BN32 it no longer hangs and I can start the process over again.  Once I'm complete and I try to go back it, it hangs again.

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      A couple of things we have seen with our open enrollment have pointed to security, employee groups or plan set up.

      I would check a couple of places
      1.) try it while having a fiddler session open. that should help ID places to look.
      2.) Look in the Websphere logs or security logs to see if this is related to a security setting