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    Does anyone know a workaround in HR11 that enables you to add an employee without requiring to fill out numerous fields? Reason for this is that we have to input volunteers which we normally wouldnt have to complete all tabs in HR11 as you would for an employee. We just need to be able to add a volunteers Names in HR11 so that they are searchable when using the "Volunteer" Company.
    Greg Moeller
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      We have our volunteers (contract employees, consultants, all non-employees) set up in a different company-- so that we don't have to require all fields to be set up.
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        Or you can put them into a separate process level if you need them for easier reporting. Otherwise, there really isn't a "good" work around - you can temporarily remove the required fields, madly input the data and put the requirements back in - however, unless you have different rules for those records (which have to be by PL or company), you'll get caught if you try to make any changes to them. Not sure how many fields your talking about - but could you populate them on a position and default the info to all of your volunteers?
        Vijay S
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          We are using contractors for the same. there u need not to fill all the tabs in HR11.