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Last Post 06/12/2017 4:00 PM by  Kat V
Item Sourcing Differently on RQ10 and RQC
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06/12/2017 1:11 PM

    We recently did a conversion for primary distributor.  We changed all applicable IC12 Sourcing, PO13, and IC81/IC82 locs accordingly.

    However, we are running into instances where someone is ordering an item that is off contract, but RQC is still sourcing to the old distributor.  The Vendor PN# populates with our internal item# because the PO13 record is inactivated.  This REQ LOC also does not have this item in its IC81 listing, so it wasn't driven by IC81.

    My experience is that this occurs when there was no IC12 record built for an item under that ShipTo.  It would then fall back to Last PO Price/Vendor absent that logic. 

    I'd historically build it and test in in RQ10 to validate it sources correctly.  It would.  However, after a few of these coming up, I started to test both RQ10 and RQC, and noted that RQ10 would source correctly, but RQC would not.  I don't have much experience in RQC setup, but I'd of thought it would mirror in functionality as RQ10.  Am I missing something?  Is there a different set of rules?  Am I off in concept all together?  I didn't see any PO01 company setup structure dictating any differences. 

    Please. help me validate my understanding of sourcing.  We are set up to search for contract first and foremost.  Absent that, I always thought ItemLoc then takes precedence.  if that is absent in both Req Loc and Ship To, then last PO price and Costing then dictates source.  Anyone experience this?  Any help would be appreciated.


    Kat V
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    06/12/2017 4:00 PM
    It's not you. We switched Med Surg distributors in 2014 and RQC *still* periodically decides to use the old vendor. I have not been able to determine rhyme or reason - PO01.4 is where the you can see where the vendor is supposed to default on the req. But I'll be interested to see if others had this issue as well.
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