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Last Post 05/25/2016 10:40 PM by  Gok87
Landmark LTM- Performance issues
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05/25/2016 10:40 PM
    Hi Guys:)

    we are facing heavy performance issues in LTM (Landmark) and we are live only for 1 and half years now and we have a maximum of 3000 employees in the system.

    Below are some major places were we are facing heavy performance issues

    1. Consolidated appraisal PDF generation - 3 to 5 mins
    2. Action request form time taken to open - 1 min and on clicking submit to initiate action and for the form t o get closed- 1 min
    3. Appraisal maintenance > Historical and Finalized tab to open. - 2 mins
    4. Resources List to to open - 2 mins
    5. Org chart - 5 mins
    6. Supervisor chart - 5 mins

    7. Extracting resources list to csv - 20 mins at times.. usually 10 mins and more

    and so on...

    Kindly advice how we can monitor and fine tune the system so that we can avoid some frustration in dealing with the system.


    I am sure we are missing something.. 

    Thanks for the support guys! any help in this much appreciated


    You are not authorized to post a reply.