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lawsonsecadmin.exe crashes    

Started By  Joe O'Toole
I am running V of Lawson Security Admin tool on my laptop and it allows me to make security and RM changes, but crashes when I exit the RM or Security screens. The module in violation is vsflex8l.ocx. The admin program works fine on other systems and the Lawson server, but not where I need it most! I've reregistered the ocx, checked permissions, verified versions against the systems that work and uninstalled / reinstalled to no avail. Lawson support's only suggestion is to reimage my s...
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by  Ben CoonfieldJump to last post
1/15/2009 6:32 PM

LSF9 SSOP and AGS    

Started By  KathyB
I am trying to do a HTTP post to Lawson from a non-lawson application. I have tried the servlet and LHC.jar.  Each time I receve the HTML  logon page and not the XML. I am doing  a HTTP post to PA31. The servlet call works fine from portal. Here is my code:  String strLawsonUsr = 'ID';                String strLawsonPwd = 'password';                String strLawsonUrl = '';                                                             {             ...
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by  Jeff CratonJump to last post
4/24/2009 5:27 PM

LAUA Security AP265 issue    

Started By  Wenderful
I have added a form AP265 to security class. They can access in Production LID environment and in separate portal test environment. They cannot access the form in Production Portal environment. Says, 'no hits'.. no error message.. What am I missing
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by  WenderfulJump to last post
11/18/2008 2:26 PM

loadusers utility - Can you give each user a diferent SSOP password?    

Started By  Deleted User
Hello, I have been playing around with lawsons loadusers utility. It takes in an .xml file that use can use to add users to the system. The only think I don't like is that it assigns every user the same SSOP password. Is there a way to give each user thier own password in this .xml file Thanks :-)
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
12/2/2008 6:14 PM

Security Violation on Drill Back    

Started By  Wenderful
ok, I have a silly one for ya.  I have added access for a user to drill around GL reports. They have access to RW100/RW80, GL and IF, and the data file records needed. They can drill into the report and get to the form RW80.1 but then it says security violation. I am missing something I know. I have refreshed everything already and compared a known working class....Any thoughts
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by  GregSlJump to last post
12/9/2008 7:58 PM

HR11 Pay Tab security    

Started By  Wenderful
Hi, I have an HR security class that has edit access to the HR11 screen.  I have three tabs secured. Pay, pay edits, and tax. For some reason, when I secure the 'Pay' tab, the user cannot edit fields in the HR11. It places the curser on Company and tells me 'field is required' and does not accept the changes. This only occurs in the Portal. The same security class CAN perform udpates in LID with the Pay Tab secured. If I remove the Form Tab security for the Pay Tab, then they are able to edit ...
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
1/7/2009 2:44 PM

laua - form security    

Started By  Deleted User
In form security what do SV stand for Normal 0 unctuationKerning /> false false false oNotPromoteQF /> EN-US X-NONE X-NONE ontGrowAutofit /> ontVertAlignCellWithSp /> ontBreakConstrainedForcedTables /> ontVertAlignInTxbx /> MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 ...
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by  k-rockJump to last post
1/20/2009 4:32 PM

NT user group    

Started By  Garry Ferwerda
Hi:   I have a couple of questions about implementing Lawson securtiy:    1)  I have not found any documentation or seen any discussion on what role the user group that is entered on the security tab of laconfig  has if LS security is being used.   Do all Lawson users still need to be a member of this group if they are using LS security and not accessing the LID command line 2)  Do rules have to be written for the invoke programs (HPPV, HACV for example) if they are not going to be accesse...
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by  Roger FrenchJump to last post
1/30/2009 4:42 PM

Learning 9x Security & RM    

Started By  Deleted User
We are upgrading to 9x, and we're trying to determine what level of functional training is needed for HRIS support to support troubleshooting for Manager Self Service and Workflow IT will mostly handle setup and maintenance,  but we just want to understand how it works.  We're thinking the webinars will meet the functional user needs.  IT is going to the 4 day training.  Any HR folks or Materials folks had the webinar or attended the the 4 day training  What did you think  Thanks.
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by  Jeff WestfallJump to last post
2/11/2009 6:01 AM

Employee number search    

Started By  klive
Hello All, another wonderful day in Lawson...I was wondering if anyone has found a way to search employee numbers in the Security Administrator  I have actual usernames for logging in but I would like to see a list of employee numbers in my display...can you help me out... I can however look in LDAP but it does not associate the employee number with a username.  Thanks for your help.
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by  kliveJump to last post
2/4/2009 8:11 PM

LDAP sub domain    

Started By  klive
Hello All, I have a small problem on my hands and need some help.  We have a department of roughly 100 users that need access to Lawson.  They are on a sub domain.  we have a trust between us and now i have to set them up in the existing LDAP to authenticate to our domain for access...we currently run a perl script to connect an existing user to LDAP is there something highly complicated to do to get this to work for another domain or just simply change the script with the attributes of the sub ...
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by  kliveJump to last post
2/2/2009 8:25 PM

LSF9 - LDAP Webuser (formerly logan.webuser)    

Started By  Deleted User
Hey All, Has anyone come up with a good method to get the webuser data out of LDAP. What i am talking about is the information formerly stored in logan.webuser under 8.0. I have seen several suggestions on Lawson KB that people have created thier own logan.webuser under LSF9. While this probably would work, I am trying to avoid creating another mantiance and possible breaking point. Any Suggestions Thanks - Chris
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by  Deleted UserJump to last post
2/4/2009 12:34 PM

security flaw? or any solutions?    

Started By  sk
Hi, We are upgrading from Lawson 803  to 9.x both environment and Lawson HR Application. During 803 we haven't used portal much, from 9.x we are going to use portal. We are not going for Lawson Security as part of this upgrade. we are going to continue with LAUA and LDAP. I am facing a problem in Lawson Portal. For webusers we are allowing to update their details in HR11, PA52 etc  related tables via employee self service applications. So we are providing form access for the forms H...
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by  CindyWJump to last post
2/17/2009 7:10 PM

HR Security seeing others $ in HR    

Started By  HR123
What is the best method to block HR salary data to folks within HR who have Lawson access for their respected departments I’m trying to avoid HR reps seeing information of their peers. Thanks in advance!
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by  Roger FrenchJump to last post
2/24/2009 4:03 PM

Issue with Year to Date links with Employee Self-Service.    

Started By  alincoln
We're running into an issue with our security around the Year to Date pages on Employee Self Service. Reading the ESS/MSS Lawson Technical Documentation I see that the following securable objects should be assigned to allow access: PR50.1, PAYMASTR, PRTIME, PAYDEDUCTN, QUARTWAGE, QUARTDED, CUCODES, and PRSYSTEM. We've assigned all of these objects but users are still not able to access their Year to Date info.  Our other ESS links that we've deployed seem to be working fine (Pay Checks, Pay R...
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by  alincolnJump to last post
2/25/2009 9:21 PM

HR11 drill around    

Started By  Deleted User
We are on lawson 9, still using LAUA. Within portal - HR11 - the screen does check our company process level....but when you key in an employee ID from another company (i.e. corporate) the user has the ability to drill around on that person... when you key in the number in the emp ID field...then immediately reight click and select drill around - it will show data for that user. When you simply enter the ID number and inquire - security does prevent access - so I know that it is checking base...
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
3/12/2009 8:24 PM

EMSS with LSF 9 Security    

Started By  Deleted User
I've got some questions on how the LSF9 security works within portal EMSS that I'm looking for some help on. What benefit have you seen by moving to LSF 9 security on self service  We're trying to determine the priority of implementing the new security model for EMSS and we're not sure what the true benefits are. When you turn on the LSF9 security for managers in self service, does it track the user that made the change  Does each personnel action track the user that made the change for scre...
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by  Roger FrenchJump to last post
3/19/2009 4:19 PM

LS9 Batch Jobs and LAUA    

Started By  Number5
We've been told that even after migrating to the LS9 Security, batch job users still require LAUA security.  Can someone explain/clarify this
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by  GregSlJump to last post
3/23/2009 7:03 PM

Cannot submit Jobs    

Started By  John Crudele
We are migrating users from LAUA to LS9 security. We are having an issue where users get a security violation when they click the second submit button from the pop-up. They do have the batchrole assigned
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by  Roger FrenchJump to last post
3/19/2009 11:41 AM

Http authentication from external App to Lawson 8.0.3 for AGS call    

Started By  desichet
We are creating AGS call to update GL20.7 from external App which can send data using JavaScript and COM objects. We did create the AGS call and tested from HTML but  need to enter userid/password evrytime we submit the external HTML form,  Is there way to create simple HTTP Authentication  from exernal app to avoid login page   Lookes like LSF 9.0 has Java API's. Is there some Non Java solution to connect to Lawswon 8.0.3 Thanks in advance.
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by  desichetJump to last post
3/25/2009 12:54 PM

Read Only Product Line?    

Started By  rkerska
The database is DB2 and we are still using LAUA security until next year.  Is there a simple way to make a product line read-only  We have over 300 security classes and I would rather not go into each class and make each class read-only.
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
3/23/2009 5:59 PM

Lawson Security / Apps 8.1.x vs. 9.x    

Started By  John Costa
We are currently on Applications 8.1.0, MSP6 running on Environment  We are still using LAUA security.  What are the prerequisites / requirements in order to go to Applications 9  Is there any specific reason why Lawson Security should come before Apps 9 (or vice versa)  I'm speaking from an IT / technology perspective.  We are trying to plan our upgrade strategy.  Thanks in advance.
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4/6/2009 6:15 PM

LSF 9 SSO Authentication using Lotus Notes Script    

Started By  TomD
We have a Lotus Notes (script) application using http object to connect to 803 Lawson.  When we upgrade to LSF 9.0 with SSO authentication, our code is having issue with the SSO authentication.  Has anyone out there have used Lotus Notes Script or Java class to connect to http class successfully for LSF 9.0 or Lawson 9.  can you share the Lotus Notes script code if you have it  We are suspecting the session cookie in Lawson 9 is what causing the issue.
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4/6/2009 6:40 PM

Securing Accounts in RQ10    

Started By  stcyrk
I am trying to restrict the accounts a user may choose for a line item on a requisition.  Basically, some AU's have revenue accounts which should not be charged to.  The accounts are sequential so I tried creatingconditional access in the appropriate security class that said if(form.RQH_ACCOUNT    'NO_ACCESS,' else    'ALL_ACCESS,' But this does not prevent me from adding an item to a req with an account that that is less than xxxxx.
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by  GregSlJump to last post
4/14/2009 2:17 PM

Gl Zone data level security in LAUA    

Started By  Sherry Shimek
Our health system some needs to restrict some users' data level access to a general ledger zone within one company.  We can restrict the access by using ranges of accounting units, but that is very awkward in our chart of accounts.  For example, we use zone 200 specifically for physician medical groups and want to limit their users to data within that zone.  The accounting unit design is that the final three digits are the zone, but the beginning four digits are spread through all zones and thu...
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
4/20/2009 7:49 PM
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