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Last Post 09/18/2015 10:35 AM by  GregSl
Block users from seeing data related to certain AP Vendor Types
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09/18/2015 9:45 AM

    I have an AP vendor class of 'ETE'.  I am trying to block users from seeing vendors of this class on AP10, but also any invoices for these vendors on AP90 or any other screen where they might find this.  I am trying to be able to do this with one global rule.

    I tried setting on the Element VEN-CLASS:



    This doesn't do anything for me. 


    I can set the rule on AP10 and block those vendors there. But now I would have to go to each token and set the rule.  I am trying to avoid that.

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    09/18/2015 10:35 AM
    You can try create a Group for the Users who will have Access to the Vendor Class.
    e.g. apRestricted

    In the security class for AP10, AP90 and AP Tables
    where you have VEN_CLASS use

    -If (User.isMember('apRestricted') 'ALL_ACCESS' Else 'No Access'

    I guess,this will work.
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