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    I gave someone access to bn32 but they can not search for the employee by name or number. I apparently need to give them access to something else. I do not want to give them access to hr11, I only want them to have bn32 with the ability to use the drop down on the employee field to be able to pick or search for the employee.

    This is similar to my next question, I have given someone pa52 access, but when they click the dropdown to select the action, the action list is blank. Since the actions list is BUILT on pa50, I also gave them pa50 access. still not working for them, they get a blank pick list when they click the drop down.

    any advice is greatly appreciated!
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      Hi Beverly. What you've discovered is that "Form Access" is not the same as "Data Access".

      In particular, the ability to see the form itself is "Form Security"; displaying items in the dropdowns is based on "File Security".

      So, while you could give someone access to *see* the BN32 form, they may not be able to see the list of employees if they don't have "File" access to the EMPLOYEE table.

      To further complicate the matter: If you're using PORTAL, the other thing you would need to be aware of is the 'Access' flag on RD30. If the COMPANY and EMPLOYEE field(s) on RD30 are populated -- and the Access flag is set to 'N', the employee can only see the drop down list for herself and her direct reports, using the file security built into IOS. In order to open up the access to see ALL employees, you'd have to change the Access flag = 'Y'...which is a HUGE problem with IOS and Portal, etc. prior to LSF9.

      If you're using LSF9, it's a whole different set of rules...
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        I cannot seem to get a logical hold on this. If I just wanted to give someone access to BN32 w/ability to do a search for the employee # by seeing the standard list that pops up via the drop down box (employe #, last & first names)..how would I do this? I go into file security in LID and it appears to show that all fields in the employee table are accessible. Do I have to create a 'condition' on the employee table and the employee, last, first fields? If so - what type of conidition would this be? I'm really baffled at this point.