ESS/MSS Using laua - on LSF9

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    We are running into issues regarding users secured through laua and users not secured (Employee Self Service Users only). We implemented LSF9 and are using laua.

    We have two type of users - Lawson users that are secured via laua and
    Regular employees that only need to view paycheck or change addresses, etc. and are not secured via laua.

    Is there anyone in this situation that may be running into access issues? security violations?

    Example: If I am assigned a laua security class that has INQUIRE only access, I am having issues updating my employee information through ESS. If I am not secured via laua and am a regular employee, I seem to have no problems except with a few links.

    We've been told that if we set the Access Attribute in RM to Y or to N that it should make a difference. Problem is, we are not getting clear answers to what the ramification is to the laua secured users. I am having a hard time explaining these issue, but if anyone has any helpful information or recognizes our pain, please advise. Thanks!!
    John Henley
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      Hi Michele,
      Even with LSF9, if you're using LAUA security, each ESS/MSS user still needs to be associated with a Lawson user (sometimes people just define a single user like 'essuser') which has an LAUA security class that MUST have UPDATE rights to the underlying forms accessed by the ESS/MSS pages.

      The 'Access' Attribute is somewhat related, but doesn't replace that requirement. What it does is let a user (for example an employee who is also an HR user) access employees other than himself/herself and his/her direct reports.
      Thanks for using the forums!