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    I need a list of all Forms for HR suite with the available function codes for each form.
    I did the dump file (rngdbdump -c gen vallstuse > functioncodes.dmp) but have a few issues with this unfriendly file:

    1) The Value column has more than just function codes in it. In order to eliminate all rows that are not function codes, I'd need a complete/inclusive list of all possible function codes - which I cannot locate.
    i.e. HR11.2 shows as follows Values of H (hourly) , I (Inquire), S (Salaried). In this case I do know that the I is the ONLY function code in this list. Screen # 49 has 127 items of which only 11 are really function codes.

    2) The subform #'s do not show up and instead show as screen numbers. I need a list that converts these for me;
    i.e. Screen # 49 = HR11.1
    Screen #50 = HR11.2
    Screen #51 = HR11.3

    The goal would be a complete list as follows:
    Form # Possible Function Codes
    HR11.1 = ACDFI+-NPRZ
    HR11.2 = I
    HR11.3 = C

    The help support desk states that this report is requested ALL OF THE TIME, but they just do not have it avail. I'm hoping that someone created this for their own benefit at some time and is willing to share. :)
    John Henley
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      Try using the tknsecrpt command.

      Select a wide-open security class, Form Type = OnLine, and accessMode = All

      Save the output to a text file, and you should have everything you're looking for...

      Thanks for using the forums!
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        Thanks so much, it worked. Too bad that the Lawson support person did not know this...I've since educated him.