LAUA Security files - 9.0

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Roger French
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    Has anyone got a format of the 9.0 laua security file formats? Such as for USER, USERCND, etc. and then the Environment Group files USERGRP, USERGRPDTL, etc. files.

    I have searched on support but was unable to find them. I don't know if the format from 7.3.3/8.0.3 has changed in 9.0. Yes I know I could do a dump of 9.0 files before and then get the format. (I am doing a conversion of 7.2.2 security to 9.0).

    Thanks in advance,
    John Henley
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      Hi Roger,
      Since they're now in RDBMS, you can see the format directly in the database...
      Thanks for using the forums!