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Last Post 07/16/2018 11:24 AM by  brupp
MSCM/RAD Enhancement Request - Vote!
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07/16/2018 11:24 AM

    Hello - Please see request 28120 to review & hopefully support - Functionality in MSCM/RAD to create a delivery ticket per box for PO's with multiple boxes.  Business reasons listed below.  Thanks much!

    Let’s say we have 1 PO with 5 boxes making up the items ordered on the PO. In current state, we can see that 5 boxes were dock logged, but the scanning by box ends there. If we only get one delivery ticket, how can we be sure all 5 boxes stayed together & we’re delivered #1 at the same time, & #2 to the right department? Or what if a box got left on a cart undelivered with no delivery ticket? How would you know where it was to go to?

    In reference to reporting, in current state, let’s say 1 PO took a clerk 5 minutes to deliver to the OR, & another PO took a different clerk 30 minutes to deliver to the OR. The difference would not be obvious today, but with scanning by box, it could be learned that an additional box got left behind at the dock & the clerk had to go back to the dock, get the box, & deliver it, therefore justifying the additional time required.

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