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2 Replies and 1062 Views Lp140 TTR-day (pay period date)  1062  2 Started by  Chesca We are running LP140 for pay period end date 6/26/13. Employees enrolled in float holidays are not getting an accrual for pay period end date. Instead, they are accruing for a different pay period that's 6/21/16. That's not a valid pay period and going nuts trying to find out how this date is created .  it's only happening for employees enrolled in the float holiday plan.. I animated LP140 and no luck. Process thru date is 6/26 cycle date calculated in LP140 = 6/21
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by  ChescaJump to last post
08/19/2013 1:47 PM
0 Replies and 718 Views How to resize ESS Direct Deposit Add Account Pane  718  0 Started by  agersh After adding aditional text to the ESS Direct Deposit Add Account Pane a vertical scroll bar now appears. Is it possible though programming resize height of the Direct Deposit Add Account Pane I have attached a screenshot to this incident.
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08/15/2013 4:40 PM
6 Replies and 1602 Views LP balances - taeemaster  1602  6 Started by  Chesca I am writing a custom program to apply caps to the available balance after payroll close. The program is updating the balances but I jus realized TAEMPTRANS might have to be updated as well.  How can I find out what other tables might have to be updated if updating balances in taeemaster Employee Mastr TAEEMASTER   Required                        &nbs...
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by  ChescaJump to last post
08/15/2013 6:51 AM
0 Replies and 906 Views Issue with DME variable scope  906  0 Started by  Chad Dirst I have added a DME query to an ESS screen and am having issues with when I can use the variable. I define a globalvariable called EmployeeProcessLevel.   During one of the original Lawson functions, I call my function (QueryOEEmployeeProcessLevel) to get the data I need.  This dme function in turn calls the SetOEProcessLevel function which should set the global variable (EmployeeProcessLevel) I defined.  The issue is that when control passes ba...
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08/14/2013 11:33 AM
5 Replies and 1019 Views Link table  1019  5 Started by  Srini Rao I have SQL Server 2008 with database A on machine A. Another  SQL Server 2008 with Lawson S3 database on B. I want to link tables from the database on machine A into a database on machine B and Update the table A using 4GL program. Any help is Appreciated.
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by  Srini RaoJump to last post
08/14/2013 6:42 AM
2 Replies and 996 Views LP SERVICE RECORDS -TAEMPSERV  996  2 Started by  Chesca Does anybody know how service records get created
2 996
by  ChescaJump to last post
08/13/2013 7:29 AM
2 Replies and 884 Views ESS - Avaliablity of benefit plans contingent on enrollment in different plan.  884  2 Started by  The.Sam.Groves We are talking about setting up a plan which is only avalaible if the employee enrolled in a specific health plan. We've been told that stock ESS wouldn't be able to handle preventing the employee from seeing the plan, since normal avaliablity is based on groups, which wouldn't be updated till after enrollment was finished. How much of a headache are we looking at if we wanted to do a customization for this in ESS Naivity would lead me to think it would be a relatively simple thing.
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by  The.Sam.GrovesJump to last post
08/08/2013 10:53 AM
4 Replies and 3257 Views Integrating with Lawson  3257  4 Started by  Art I am looking for the best way to help a client automatically import data into lawson on a regular basis, for example monthly journal entries for various accounts.  What is the best way to do this  Is their an API that we can use, or can we connect directly to the lawson database via ODBC  Does lawson have any SDKs or kits for developers  What is best practice  Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.
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by  ArielJump to last post
08/01/2013 10:28 AM
0 Replies and 1370 Views Need examples - VBScript SSO and AGS calls  1370  0 Started by  jocelyn From reading the IOS manual, cruising this site and others have been able to put together the 'calls' to log into Lawson, perform an AP20 add transaction and log out...from the browser.   I need to be able to do the same from an outside application using VBScript.   The examples I've seen are for java, javascript.  Can't get it working from javascript or HTML, either, yet.  But really need to use VBScript.    Using Lawson 10, if that helps.
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07/30/2013 8:14 AM
5 Replies and 1040 Views scrgen form definition to display current date  1040  5 Started by  Demichener I'm trying to display, by default; the current date on a portal form using the scrgen form definition. ie. after the initial search box selection, the form would pop-up with the default values already populated. I've used various combinations, but can't seem to find one that works.  Can someone please share how to accomplish this
5 1040
by  DemichenerJump to last post
07/23/2013 2:15 PM
3 Replies and 1660 Views Prevent FICA Nbr from displaying in Emp[loyee drill fields  1660  3 Started by  TBonney Has anyone got a solution for how to prevent employee's FICA Numbers from being displayed on results of Employee drill fields Whenever anyone drills around on the employee field from any screen, the displayed results include every employee's social security number. We would like to prevent this information form being so plainly and easily visible. I have found some articles and discussion threads referencing However, I am unfamiliar with this file and how to modify it. (i.e. what to r...
3 1660
by  Shane JonesJump to last post
07/20/2013 7:15 PM
6 Replies and 1504 Views Default Requisition Special/Service Item Type  1504  6 Started by  SKMacCauley I am trying to default the item type for the Requisition Special/Service screen (not RQ10.1). I believe the cose may be stored somewhere in the rqc.war file and was wondering if anyone was familiar on working with this form for customization. I simply need to default the Item Type field to read 'Amount Service' instead of 'Special'.
6 1504
by  Judy ConsoliJump to last post
07/18/2013 9:58 AM
6 Replies and 2628 Views Replace characters in string in 4GL  2628  6 Started by  Lorena Hi, I need to replace spaces by _ in a string in 4GL. Does anyone know if Lawson provides any routine for this Example: Input: Boca Raton Output: Boca_Raton Thanks, Lorena
6 2628
by  maalimsimoJump to last post
07/18/2013 9:53 AM
6 Replies and 1094 Views Cloned a Lawson form (IC285) missing search box on fields  1094  6 Started by  Lmanke I recently cloned IC285 to ZC285 so we can make a customization to it and I notice that the some of the fields no longer have the search box next to them.  (ie Company, Item, Report Group). I do have 1 field with the search box but it doesn't displays any values. When I copied this program I did put it into another source folder where we put all our custom programs. Not sure if that's the issue or not. Any ideas what I might be missing Thanks!
6 1094
by  LmankeJump to last post
07/01/2013 2:29 PM
2 Replies and 1385 Views Adding support for AuthUser to new HTML page  1385  2 Started by  Darkwater23 Hello! I'm a software developer for Woodmen of the World. A co-worker asked for my assistance with integrating a single sign-on solution in Lawson under the employee self-service for signing our employees into the United Way website. I created an HTML page that does the sign in work using Javascript. What I'd like to do is add some JS references to the page so that it can be served up on the same box as Lawson and use some kind of Javascript user object to get the employee number. I'm not ...
2 1385
by  Darkwater23Jump to last post
06/24/2013 3:24 PM
3 Replies and 1360 Views Field Description Changes  1360  3 Started by  Deleted User Good morning - our users requested the description display for Ben date 1, 2 and 3 (on PAEMPLOYEE) be changed in their portal view.  The decision was made to change the descriptions using design studio on HR11   - however, users make the bulk of changes using personnel actions, and we didn't think things through since the HR11 change doesn't flow over to the PA52 screens.  Is there a way to change the descriptions here, also Many thanks for any insight -
3 1360
by  John HenleyJump to last post
06/20/2013 6:21 AM
0 Replies and 724 Views How to print the standard footer on the last page of a batch report  724  0 Started by  Woozy I have a custom batch program that includes a standard footer section.   The section works great, except that it doesn't print on the last page.  I've tried using PERFORM 700-PRINT-STD-FTR just before the end of my code, but that doesn't seem to work.  I've also tried just calling it as a regular section, but that throws a nasty error.  I suppose could duplicate the section and make it a 'regular' section I could call directly, but that seems really clumsy. Is there some t...
0 724
06/04/2013 12:35 PM
4 Replies and 2230 Views PA100HR  2230  4 Started by  Chesca PA100HR went in recovery mode due to a duplicate record.  How can I find the duplicate record or data that's causing this issue other than animating the program  Errror message:  ** Creating .prt and .dtl files                 Processing PA100 (Action Update)                 File PROD9/PGEMPLOYEE.  &nbs...
4 2230
by  ChescaJump to last post
05/31/2013 12:45 PM
4 Replies and 1060 Views API/routine to calculate week days  1060  4 Started by  Chesca Is there an API/routine tha calculates weekdays only
4 1060
by  jaherbJump to last post
05/28/2013 3:41 PM
13 Replies and 2514 Views Customize home page  2514  13 Started by  Lorena Hi, We are working on the ESS implementation and we are trying to change&160;the home page. We want to remove the Useful information box (that contains the hotkeys help and the Portal user help). Can someone know how to do it Thanks, Lorena. &160;
13 2514
by  Shane JonesJump to last post
05/19/2013 10:46 PM
4 Replies and 960 Views Keep Total Section on same page as Detail  960  4 Started by  Woozy I have a custom batch report that has a detail section and a totals section for each employee.  I'd like to force the report to keep the employee detail and employee total sections together on the same page (i.e. don't page break between), but I can't figure out how to do that.  It seems like I've done this before, but I can't find it. Can anyone point me in the right direction Thanks!
4 960
by  WoozyJump to last post
05/17/2013 2:38 PM
3 Replies and 974 Views Inquiry only  974  3 Started by  Chesca My users want me to build a screen that allows them update some type of records and others allowed for inquire only (list the record). I am not sure if this would be possible with an online update screen.
3 974
by  ChescaJump to last post
05/16/2013 12:47 PM
1 Replies and 1027 Views ESS: Custom Giving/Donation  1027  1 Started by  Brandon I need to understand if there are other organizations utilizing ESS for employee giving campaigns. Currently we have a form and process built, however, I would like to see if: 1. Anyone else is attempting this functionality  2. If anyone would be willing to demo what they have been able to set up. Thanks Brandon Clinton Fairview 612-672-6703
1 1027
by  Shane JonesJump to last post
05/13/2013 10:41 PM
6 Replies and 893 Views SRGEN error after applying a huge CTP batch...and I can't find error in the KB.  893  6 Started by  CindyW We applied about 150 CTPs in our newest development product line, and the SRGEN threw out a bunch of errors on the .sr files, and we cleaned up most of them.  However, there is one error that we can't figure out, and I can't find anything on it in the KB - ID Must Be Unique And Must Begin With SystemCode This is the section of the srgen output file that contains the errors. Processing D:\LSF9DEV\law\newtest901\vmsrc\ Line 521: ID Must Be Unique And Must Begin With SystemCode Li...
6 893
by  Kwane McNealJump to last post
05/08/2013 11:41 AM
2 Replies and 1598 Views Force an error exit in multi-step job  1598  2 Started by  mikeP I posted the gist of this question as a follow on to a different thread I started in the S3 Systems Admin forum, then realized it might be more appropriate here.  I hope this doesn't violate any cross posting rules. The first step of a two step job runs a token assigned to a Windows command file that first runs a VB script, then calls loadrpts.  The second job step runs PR530.  I don't want the PR530 to run if the first step fails., it would better for to job to go into recover...
2 1598
by  mikePJump to last post
04/15/2013 9:38 AM
2 Replies and 1962 Views custom program not found in Portal  1962  2 Started by  Chesca I created a custom program and moved to our test environment. The user is having issues finding/accessing the program. Errro:  search results: No program or bookmarks were found for 'program'.
2 1962
by  ChescaJump to last post
04/10/2013 9:40 AM
5 Replies and 1626 Views PR530 error messages - accounting uni  1626  5 Started by  Chesca Has anybody had any of the following errors when running PR530 or would know what library creates these error messages  Payroll wants to customize the library that creates such error messages,  but I don't know which library Employee    Message 12345           Accounting unit 12345 does not allow posting
5 1626
by  jaherbJump to last post
04/04/2013 9:58 AM
6 Replies and 2369 Views How do I read genlib tables?  2369  6 Started by  Donna Wirt I'm trying to read the genlib/JOBSTEP table to get a parameter value to use in a custom lawson program and a shell script.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
6 2369
by  Donna WirtJump to last post
04/02/2013 7:42 AM
1 Replies and 2420 Views DME Query Development Guide  2420  1 Started by  Layne Does anyone know of a DME Query Development Guide.  We are using Process Flow and a just got a newer version called Lawson Process Designer to be used to query the Landmark System.  Most of us do not have much exposure to using the DME queries, so any help with White Paper or Development Guides would be helpful.
1 2420
by  WoozyJump to last post
03/28/2013 10:36 AM
8 Replies and 7450 Views Question about LID for Development  7450  8 Started by  Woozy Our infrastructure/security folks really REALLY&160;want to eliminate telnet access to our Lawson servers.&160; Because of this, they are suggesting that we utilize PuTTY instead of LID&160;for our Lawson&160;development tasks so we can access using SSH instead of telnet.&160; Is LID&160;is more than just a terminal emulator&160;&160;Can we use a different emulator and still do what we need to do&160;&160;We'll be using the Application Development Workbench/4GL&160;to create cus...
8 7450
by  trueblueg8torJump to last post
03/26/2013 11:32 AM
4 Replies and 1151 Views ESS - Add custom text to Tax Withholding popup window  1151  4 Started by  Deleted User I want to add a customer disclaimer to the ESS Tax Withholding popup window that has the Update & Cancel buttons and states 'Under penalties of perjury, I declare....' but i'm having trouble locating which file it is. Can someone point me in the right direction Thanks.
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by  Deleted UserJump to last post
03/25/2013 2:12 PM
2 Replies and 668 Views Redirect S3 Form Calls  668  2 Started by  Woozy At business request, I have created a customized (4GL, not DS) cloned version of 'HR55' named 'ZR55'.  Is there any way for me to 'force' the custom program to be called rather than the canned version  I know Design Studio does something like this, but I don't know if it is possible to do something similar outside of DS. Thanks for your help! Kelly
2 668
by  GeorgetteJump to last post
03/04/2013 1:11 PM
1 Replies and 1507 Views Implement Siteminder Lawson Authentication  1507  1 Started by  BigDave I have and older Lawson system that's been retired but we need to keep it in service for a while for reference.  It's basically the portal and the financial components of Lawson.  I don't have the version off hand as I write this, but I can get it.  I'm working on removing LDAP authentication (against Active Directory) in the Apache web server running on Unix and replacing it with Siteminder authentication.  Siteminder is pretty straight forward. The problem I need to...
1 1507
by  DanaJump to last post
02/28/2013 7:04 PM
4 Replies and 1684 Views File Layout viewer  1684  4 Started by  Chesca I am viewing a file that's hard to decipher how the file is laid out. I was a mainframe programmer and we use Fileaid. I was wondering if there is a MF cobol product or software I can use to view/edit datafiles/records. 
4 1684
by  ChescaJump to last post
02/25/2013 3:19 PM
3 Replies and 1206 Views how to stop a multi-step job from ftp a file?  1206  3 Started by  Chesca I want to run a multi-step job that FTP the output file when step 1 completes. Step 2 is a script to ftp the file.  
3 1206
by  ChescaJump to last post
02/25/2013 10:49 AM
2 Replies and 1490 Views Retrieving User Name in LA200 program  1490  2 Started by  ChuckM We had a case a couple of days ago where a user ran a multi-step job that was created by another user.  The form step created a csv file in the directory of the user who created the job.  Then in the LA200 job step the program tried to find the csv file based on the userid of the person who ran the job...the program couldn't find the file and job err'd out. I thought I could write a program that would retrieve both userids from the fields in ECONTROL or JOBWS, but when I run the pr...
2 1490
by  ChuckMJump to last post
02/20/2013 3:52 PM
2 Replies and 995 Views email after job completes  995  2 Started by  Chesca My users told me that they receive an email whenever the job they run completes, I am looking at the script and can't figure out which line of code does that. I see it commented it out. Could somebody please take a look and let me know if I am missing anything !/usr/bin/perl -w  use Env;  use Net::FTP;  $PERL_SID = $ENV{'PERL_SID'};  $PERL_PDL = $ENV{'PERL_PDL'};  unless(defined($PERL_SID)){&F;exit(1);}  $PATH = '/usr/local/bin:$ENV{'PATH'}';  $...
2 995
by  ChescaJump to last post
02/14/2013 3:18 PM
6 Replies and 1282 Views Setup users with access to a multistep job from Portal  1282  6 Started by  Chesca Could somebody please help me or point me to a Lawson article that can show me how do I give users access to run jobs
6 1282
by  ChescaJump to last post
02/14/2013 11:24 AM
8 Replies and 1093 Views How do I view sortfile data while debugging?  1093  8 Started by  Woozy I am debugging a custom program that utilizes a very wide sort file.  Is there any way for me to see what is in that file while I'm debugging other than the little-tiny query variable display window in LID  I need to be able to view/compare records within that file. Does anyone have any magic they can share  Thanks! Kelly We're on DB2 AIX (Unix), if that matters.
8 1093
by  WoozyJump to last post
02/01/2013 5:13 PM
0 Replies and 912 Views PO20 Item Adds - Force Validation against Item master  912  0 Started by  Preston Burdwell When Requisition Items are Added as Special/Service, there is a setting within RQC_config.xml that allows for special_item_validation to be set to skip, warn, or deny. Is there a similar setting for PO Line creation Or, has anyone customized PO20 so that it will do this type of validation before adding a new line I was presented with this issue by purchasing and couldn't find anything on the PO side that was as easy as the RQC setting . . . Thanks
0 912
01/29/2013 11:44 AM
6 Replies and 2389 Views Work File Definition  2389  6 Started by  Chesca How to add/append a new field to a work file I don't see the pre-fix/ field definitions under Work file.  I provided a screenshop of the work file.            Field Name              Occurs Type      Size    1 INAL1-RECORD               &n...
6 2389
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01/22/2013 3:09 PM
0 Replies and 1453 Views Rant: AP10.1 - VEN-PMT-INST vs VEN-BANK-INST-CODE  1453  0 Started by  darwin collins My day of pushing a new workflow for Vendor ACH support was going well, until we found form name differences in AP10.1.   I know that the TEST and PRODUCTION systems are not the same, but, really, we can't keep the form files in sync   (well, to be fair, system folks may not have not pushed the new forms live due to change management/etc) Basically, we are taking a task that involves about 70 steps doing it the manual way for a person (updating ACH data for ...
0 1453
01/17/2013 11:31 AM
1 Replies and 1320 Views How to suppress empty reports in Print Manager  1320  1 Started by  Woozy I have a custom batch report that includes secondary 'error' report.  When I run the program, the error report appears in Print Manager, even if it is empty (i.e. no errors).  When I select that report from Print Manager is shows 'No Data in Report File - Check Report Parameters for Possible Error Message'. Is there some way to suppress this report in Print Manager if it is empty Thanks!  Kelly
1 1320
by  WoozyJump to last post
01/16/2013 12:51 PM
0 Replies and 1038 Views CSV File  1038  0 Started by  Srini Rao Hello, I'm writing the user exit for a existing Lawson program. Can I create CSV file in user exit
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01/11/2013 9:29 PM
5 Replies and 1264 Views PA52 Call  1264  5 Started by  Srini Rao I created a new javascript form to perform PA52 Action.  Here is my code... var pObj = new AGSObject(authUser.prodline, 'PA52.1');    pObj.event = 'CHANGE';    pObj.rtn    = 'MESSAGE';    pObj.longNames = true;    pObj.tds    = false;    pObj.func = 'parent.CheckForErrors()';    pObj.preInquire = true;    pObj.field = 'FC=A'            &nbs...
5 1264
by  WoozyJump to last post
01/10/2013 5:00 PM
4 Replies and 6180 Views COBOL NEWLINE  6180  4 Started by  slm4 I have a program that writes out variable length records with maximum length of 3700 bytes. For some reason file is being written as one line.  No newlines.  Can someone help. 
4 6180
by  LauraPJump to last post
11/30/2012 9:28 AM
6 Replies and 1347 Views Send compiled version  1347  6 Started by  Chesca My user wants me to send her a compiled version of LP140 program but I have no idea how to do this, any help would be appreciated it. Thanks!
6 1347
by  ChescaJump to last post
11/26/2012 11:29 AM
1 Replies and 1174 Views Form Definition- How to left justify phrases  1174  1 Started by  Lynne I am creating a custom program/form and can't seem to get the first line of my text left justified.  I have 5 lines of text and have gotten the last four to left justify by adding the &93; delimiter.  I have tried many different scenarios and the first line continues to start halfway across the form.  It doesn't seem like this should be so difficult, but I obviously am not understanding how the delimiters work. Here is my section of scrgen code:   |   ...
1 1174
by  LynneJump to last post
11/13/2012 9:37 AM
2 Replies and 1630 Views PERSACTION direct manual insert  1630  2 Started by  EBassett I have some user fields that I want to update periodically. I wan to build a project using Sql Server integration Services that will check a few things determin the value of the user field then use the persaction to update it. At first I tried just setting the columns that I thought it would need but, got cannot insert null in most of the columns, so I am inserting a value for all fields in the table. But when I do so I get the following error. Error: 0xC0024104 at Execute SQL Task: T...
2 1630
by  EBassettJump to last post
11/05/2012 3:53 PM
9 Replies and 5523 Views HR02 User Exit  5523  9 Started by  SamKinnamon Hi everyone-- Hopefully this is something very easy that I am just missing, since I am new to using Lawson and User Exits.&160; My problem is that I have a User Exit for HR02.&160; The user exit kicks off a process flow each time a department is changed, added or deleted.&160; The user exit works perfectly when it is executed in the LID.&160; But, it does not appear to triggered at all when a change is made in Portal. I have tried an ISO Cache Refresh.&160; In addition, I've done the tmco...
9 5523
by  ChescaJump to last post
11/05/2012 12:35 PM
1 Replies and 2507 Views Custom Calculation in Absence Management  2507  1 Started by  Michael Beaupre Kara, our GL Specialist, brought an issue to Lawson which is that our Flex Leave liability is not posting from the Absence Management (LP) System to the General Ledger according to normal accounting rules. The Lawson Rep is recommending that we create a custom calculation in LP by setting the variables in LP07.1 and then writing code in the LPCUSTOMPD Library. If someone has a simliar custom calculation in LP that they would be willing to share, I would really appreciate it. Gracias.
1 2507
by  ChescaJump to last post
11/02/2012 2:04 PM
9 Replies and 2346 Views Wrtitting the Comments.  2346  9 Started by  Srini Rao Hello I'm trying to add comments to existing requisition and my program fails on the compile it self :-) Here is my code and I copied it from RQ500... 323697               INITIALIZE             WS-CMTRQH.  64911                PERFORM 900-CREATE-CMT-REQHEADER.  64913      &n...
9 2346
by  Srini RaoJump to last post
10/25/2012 3:19 PM
2 Replies and 1190 Views Google Analytics?  1190  2 Started by  ChuckM We just brought EMSS up and gave our users the ability to log in from home.  It would be good to collect some usage statistics if we could. Has anyone used Google Analytics with Lawson in an external environment like this  Or do you have any other recommendations for getting usage statistics TIA...Chuck
2 1190
by  John HenleyJump to last post
10/19/2012 8:00 AM
3 Replies and 1060 Views AR220 - want to print each batch on a different page  1060  3 Started by  SYL I would like to force the program to page break after each batch when printing the AR220 program.  Can the .rpt be modified to meet this need  What else can be done
3 1060
by  SYLJump to last post
10/09/2012 4:43 PM
4 Replies and 1582 Views Relationship Between .rpt Form and Create CSV in Portal  1582  4 Started by  Preston Burdwell Where does Lawson get the field mapping parameters to Create CSV when this button is pushed within the Portal
4 1582
by  Preston BurdwellJump to last post
10/09/2012 9:48 AM
1 Replies and 1383 Views Field Counts Do Not Agree Scr/Tran  1383  1 Started by  Dawn My screen is not compiling during the qcompile, it has this err - Field Counts Do Not Agree Scr/Tran: 2/1  I figure it is telling me that there is only one field on for input on my screen but it sees two - any ideas on how to fix this.
1 1383
by  WoozyJump to last post
09/25/2012 9:01 AM
12 Replies and 1986 Views PR198 Custom Program  1986  12 Started by  Dawn I duplicated the PR198 into our custom system code and made a change to the program on what comments to send to AP.  When we run my new program it goes into recovery with 'Program Report is Not Opened Process ID 4612' after the Phase 3: Creating General Ledger (GL) Posting Report message.  I cannot find anything on the Lawson site or in the job log to help me with this error.
12 1986
by  DawnJump to last post
09/24/2012 7:13 PM
4 Replies and 1519 Views Remove Magnifying Glass from ESS  1519  4 Started by  Survivor We applied an MSP and lost a customization which was not documented.  In the direct deposit screen in ESS, we want to remove the magnifying glass. Has anyone removed the search from another ESS/MSS or non-COBOL screen Thanks!
4 1519
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09/05/2012 2:41 PM
1 Replies and 1328 Views 900-CREATE-JOB updating current job gives error  1328  1 Started by  Phil Romov Getting WSJR-ERROR = Y when updating the currently running job using 900-CREATE-JOB (works fine if I use a different JOBREQ-JOB-NAME)  I suppose this makes sense, since in lapm you can't update a job if its in queue (e.g. in recovery) What I'm trying to do is run a job but override some parameters using logic with db lookups.  Has anyone accomplished this  If not cobol I also tried design studio but there's no straightforward way there to update the job definition either. ...
1 1328
by  Phil RomovJump to last post
09/04/2012 1:33 PM
0 Replies and 1084 Views Aggregate range routines  1084  0 Started by  Chesca Has anyone used the 880-FIND-DBAG function/API to sum a column I have the developers API doc and I am having a hard time understanding and wanted to look a sample code.  Is there a Lawson program that use this API Thanks! 
0 1084
08/23/2012 2:04 PM
7 Replies and 2159 Views Adding Custom Index/dbreorg question  2159  7 Started by  LauraP I think I know the answer - but I want to get the input of those here who are more knowledgeable! A consultant wants to add a custom index  to our Lawson ITEMLOC table (which has over 63,000,000 rows - yes that is MILLION).  I know once the index is added - a blddbdict and dbreorg are needed. The question is - will the dbreorg UNLOAD and RELOAD the table as part of adding the index  I wasn't sure because it is NOT a conditional index. Based on whether this happens or...
7 2159
by  John HenleyJump to last post
08/03/2012 2:38 PM
4 Replies and 2042 Views OE10.1 transaction ags call not clearing detail fields  2042  4 Started by  wwaters I am getting an intermittent error message when making a jquery post to Lawson's transaction IOS API.  I am trying to add a line to an existing order through OE10.1 and I am getting a message telling me that  'Account cannot be entered for inventory items'.  The field that the message is referring to is 'COL-EXP-ACCT-UNIT'.  What I'm not understanding is that I am not putting anything into this field when doing the AGS call.  I don't get this error on every attempt and m...
4 2042
by  LauraPJump to last post
08/03/2012 9:20 AM
5 Replies and 2268 Views Invoking PR36  2268  5 Started by  Garry Ferwerda Hi all: I am writing a 4gl program to take multiple hours only pay code time records and creating one or more 'pay' time records out of them.  I was hoping to invoke PR36 to create the time records.  The form seems fairly uncomplicated with only a minimum number of fields required.   But I cannot get it to work,  I invoke the form and I can retrieve the employee name so I know that the form did something but I get a return code fo zero and no time records ...
5 2268
by  LauraPJump to last post
08/03/2012 9:16 AM
3 Replies and 2435 Views How to join in DME calls  2435  3 Started by  kwisser I'm trying to find out how I can do a call like: http://x.x.x.x/servlet/Router/Data/Erp_PDL=FPDE5&file=POLINE&FIELD=PO-NUMBER;PURCHORDER.POPCRUF.PCR-USR-FLD-01&select=PO-NUMBER=6000303&out=csv&DELIM=|&MAX=100 I'm running into an issue with that part that says 'PURCHORDER.POPCRUF.PCR-USR-FLD-01'.  I figure since I can select POPCRUF from PURCHORDER, and since I can select PURCHORDER from POLINE, there must be a way for me to select POPCRUF from POLINE.  My...
3 2435
by  kwisserJump to last post
07/31/2012 9:01 AM
1 Replies and 1536 Views Absence Management Plan  1536  1 Started by  Chesca Hello everybody, I was asked to create a custom routine to calculation vacation bonuses which are given to Employee on their anniversary date. Is this field available in Lawson If not, could I use the EMP ADJ Hire date to calculate EMP anniversary and how Thanks in advance for your help! Here is the specs: 1 year anniversary, 1 day = 8 vacation bonus hours 2nd year, 3 days = 24 hours 3rd year, 3 days = 32 hours 4th year, 4 days = 40 hours 5th year, 5 days = 48 hours 6t...
1 1536
by  John HenleyJump to last post
07/23/2012 11:16 AM
4 Replies and 2510 Views Adding Lawson Table Process?  2510  4 Started by  Ron McDuffee We have a custom Interface Program that gets data for 401k payroll deductions.  Our Database is SQL Server.  This program already reads data from tables EMPLOYEE and PAYDEDUCTN.  I need to add a read for the PRDISTRIB table. I have added code to build the filter and perform the PERFORM 850-FILTER-BEGRNG-PRDSET2 command.  The program compiles but the program always returns PRDISTRIB-NOTFOUND as True. I am sure I have not performed a neccesary step or steps. Can anyone point me...
4 2510
by  Ron McDuffeeJump to last post
07/19/2012 9:55 AM
2 Replies and 1629 Views Full time vrs Part time Employee  1629  2 Started by  Chesca I am writing custom code to calculate float accruals and need to identify fulltime employees.  How do I determine full time vrs part time employee based on  EMP FTE
2 1629
by  ChescaJump to last post
07/17/2012 11:50 AM
6 Replies and 2627 Views Invalid username or password... Message  2627  6 Started by  ChuckM I'd like to either change the standard message that gets displayed when a user tries to logon with an invalid password or display an additional message below the logon button if a logon error occurs. The objective is to remind ESS users that it may take a while for password changes to take effect. How would I go about doing this  TIA...Chuck
6 2627
by  ChuckMJump to last post
07/13/2012 9:01 AM
4 Replies and 2824 Views FTP Script  2824  4 Started by  Srini Rao Hello, I'm trying to excute a batch file to FTp the file from external unix system to Lawson windows app server. When I run the script from dos command /LID it does work. When I execute the FTP batch file from 4GL it does not work. It execute the batch file but skips the FTP part . We are on ersion: on Windows. Thanks ---Srini
4 2824
by  Srini RaoJump to last post
07/12/2012 2:50 PM
6 Replies and 2152 Views Custom essmsgs.xml changes not working  2152  6 Started by  Brian I have editted the essmsgs.xml file at WEBDIR\lawson\xhrnet\xml\lang\enus\ I wanted to add two new phrases and change 1 I saved the file.  No chnages I cleared IOS. No Changes. I cleared the IE files...went to a different workstation...rebooted the server....Still no changes... Am I editting the correct file  (I have validated in the pajobreq.htm that it is taking my edits there and applying them to the ESS page and that the phrases used there do come from essmsgs.xml) ...
6 2152
by  BrianJump to last post
07/03/2012 10:27 AM
4 Replies and 1390 Views long running program  1390  4 Started by  Deleted User We have two custom programs that read in PMTOUT.  One program read the employee table to get the employee status (so was a direct read).  On one server/productline,  it took 17 minutes.  On the other productline (productin unfortunately),  it took 1 and 1/2 hours.  Then we took the database read out, so that it was just reading in PMTOUT and writing out a revised PMTOUT.  It now takes 5 seconds in both productlines. The second program is similar but we need to...
4 1390
by  David AragoJump to last post
06/29/2012 9:57 PM
2 Replies and 1409 Views Transmit Date on PO20  1409  2 Started by  JimY When a PO has been transmitted the date shows up on PO20.  Does anyone know where that date is stored  I would like to use it for a program I am developing.  Thank you.
2 1409
by  JimYJump to last post
06/29/2012 12:52 PM
9 Replies and 4666 Views Steps to create a new custom program  4666  9 Started by  Joe O'Toole I need to recreate a custom version of BN106 that we have on our 8.03 system in 9.01. Can someone share the steps used to do this The 8.03 version ports across but there have been too many changes to the Lawson supplied code. Once there is a pristine copy created on the 9.01 side, I should be able to roll in the changes I need to make. Thanks!
9 4666
by  Joe O'TooleJump to last post
06/27/2012 3:44 PM
2 Replies and 3456 Views PA100  3456  2 Started by  Chesca I am new to Lawson and unfortunately, I can't get any formal training yet and people on my team are not really willing to share knowledge. I had a production issue with PA100 that was in recovery due to data error from another interface system. I want to be able to research problems but I don't even know where to look. First, how do I find out what the input/output interfaces are What about the script How often a job runs and if any output files are Ftps a all How is the job setup&...
2 3456
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
06/25/2012 3:28 PM
1 Replies and 1347 Views TAEMPTRANS/absence management  1347  1 Started by  Chesca is anybody familiar with the TAEMPTRANS table I know LP140 writes to this table, but I am not quite sure why every time I run LP140, the records are wiped out. I am twriting a custom routine to calculate Float holidays which requires me to get the most recent accrual in the same employee group. Any input would greatly be appreciated.
1 1347
by  ChescaJump to last post
06/25/2012 10:07 AM
2 Replies and 1612 Views Retrieve AGS call data into custom ESS form.  1612  2 Started by  David Cron This is weird.  I can run a DME call from the same page without an error (saving to the same iframe) Here's the AGS call function getEnrEndDate()  {   // change to use BS09 so we can be direct to the employee's specific rules    var obj       = new AGSObject(authUser.prodline,'BS09.1')    obj.event     = 'ADD'    obj.rtn       = 'DATA'    obj.longNa...
2 1612
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06/21/2012 4:23 PM
2 Replies and 1445 Views adding libraries to a 4gl program  1445  2 Started by  Karen Sheridan I created a new 4gl program shell.  Added a filter to the database call and now it won't compile because its missing the database library.  I've been all over pgmdef and cannot figure out how to add a library to an existing 4gl definition. Thanks in advance, Karen
2 1445
by  Karen SheridanJump to last post
06/20/2012 3:29 PM
9 Replies and 2194 Views TIME ACCRUALS-TAEMPTRANS  2194  9 Started by  Chesca Most recent dated Tran Type 21 or 22 in same Employee Group I have the required data including company, employee, plan, employee group and position to fill in the DB fileds/primary key. I have access to the docs for develpers API and I am reading on database inquiry processing, but just don't know which find routine to read data from the database files would give return the most recent dated trans. Could you please help Thanks!
9 2194
by  ChescaJump to last post
06/20/2012 9:03 AM
3 Replies and 4704 Views Cobol signed fields  4704  3 Started by  Karen Sheridan We have a file going to a vendor with contribution fields defined as S9(08)v99.  We sent negative values recently and they went over 88.8u and 168.3x. The vendor needs them      Digit                Character (negative)         0               =          ...
3 4704
by  Karen SheridanJump to last post
05/29/2012 3:57 PM
3 Replies and 1628 Views time record service date  1628  3 Started by  Chesca I am processing a record for retro accruals and all I have is a TR-DATE and need to find out what the pay period should've been for a record. Does anybody know how to find this out given a TR-DATE
3 1628
by  ChescaJump to last post
05/23/2012 3:14 PM
0 Replies and 1812 Views AD Last password change?  1812  0 Started by  Kurt L Hello, We are looking to retrieve the portal user's last change date of password from Active Directory to notify the user as they login to portal.  I have read in here somewhere that it is doable, but not seeing how. We are on LSF9.0.1.7, WAS7, MS ADAM LDAP bound to AD. Any ideas would be appreciated.
0 1812
05/21/2012 11:25 AM
1 Replies and 2217 Views Modify AR150 for AFP template  2217  1 Started by  Erin Is it possible to modify the output of the AR150 so we can use an AFP (Advanced Function Printing) template once routed to the printer Specifically, we have custom sized tear forms and want to use an AFP template specifically formatted for that custom tear form. If not possible to modify the output of the AR150, can anyone share what they do for customizing statements (outside of 3rd party software like MHC or Bottomline)
1 2217
by  AriJump to last post
05/17/2012 7:35 PM
1 Replies and 2186 Views DB read and initializing values  2186  1 Started by  Chesca coming from the mainframe world and SQL, I would initialize DB fields by initializing the declagen. How is it done in 4GL             MOVE LPMST-TEM-COMPANY        TO DB-COMPANY.            MOVE LPMST-TEM-EMPLOYEE       TO DB-EMPLOYEE.            MOVE LPMST-TEM-PLAN &nbs...
1 2186
by  AriJump to last post
05/08/2012 7:10 PM
2 Replies and 2719 Views SQL to Lawson Data Types  2719  2 Started by  Ari I am creating a Drill that will be able to drill back into a foreign system from the GLTRANS Table. I have set up all the necessary drill info(file defs, relations, indexes, .or file descriptions, etc.) for the tables in the foreign system. The Lawson app database and the foreign system database are SQL Server.  I have created a separate Database Space for the tables with Is View to YES so that Lawson will not try to manage the foreign tables.( I am using a synonym rather than a v...
2 2719
by  AriJump to last post
05/03/2012 2:20 PM
0 Replies and 1296 Views Compile errors  1296  0 Started by  Chesca I am not familiar with this error and was wondering if someone could help me figure out how to find out more info about the error message: Node Type NONE Found At Node  538            This Is An Internal Error
0 1296
04/30/2012 12:18 PM
4 Replies and 2147 Views TAEEMASTER FILE  2147  4 Started by  Chesca How to perform a DB call to get a single record off the TAAMATER FILE I am not sure how to populate the index key and use the 840-FIND-TEMSET1 or the 850-NLT-NEXT Thanks
4 2147
by  ChescaJump to last post
04/30/2012 12:16 PM
2 Replies and 1682 Views Drill to 3rd Party Tables  1682  2 Started by  Ari We have a Process Flow that picks up GL extracts from a foreign system and creates importdb and GL165 jobs that posts the GL transactions in Lawson. I would like to be able to drill back into the foreign system from the posted transactions and/or from the GL165 print file. I can create all the necessary drill info(file defs, relations, indexes, .or file descriptions, etc.) for the tables in the foreign system. The Lawson app database and the foreign system database are SQL Server.  What ...
2 1682
by  AriJump to last post
04/27/2012 2:55 PM
3 Replies and 2162 Views ERRORNBR lookup table?  2162  3 Started by  Janice I'm trying to trace an error in HR54.1.  Where is the translation table that translates the error number to the error message that gets displayed to the user  In the code, the error number is set like this: EVAL                 EERRORNBR     = 133 I'm trying to find a table where I can see what error number 133 is. Thank you.
3 2162
by  Kwane McNealJump to last post
04/12/2012 5:09 PM
5 Replies and 3265 Views user exit compile  3265  5 Started by  Chesca I created a user exit XXXXXPD and have working storage XXXXWS source files for a batch program that will invoke a user online screen that calls my user exits. I know I am supposed to compile with option -u but what needs to be compiled, the user-exit or the base program Do I need a perform statement to call my user exit
5 3265
by  ChescaJump to last post
04/10/2012 9:38 AM
3 Replies and 2716 Views 4GL CSV file name truncated  2716  3 Started by  Karen Sheridan I cloned a custom 4gl extract program that is working correctly.  I changed the hard coded file name in the program.  The display statement show the correct file name, but the actual file name is being truncated. ws-filename pic x(80) its defined in workdef as a CSV file Program Messages:                 ** Creating .prt and .dtl files            &nbs...
3 2716
by  DemichenerJump to last post
04/04/2012 3:22 PM
5 Replies and 1958 Views Creating a custom Errors report  1958  5 Started by  Woozy I am building a custom batch program and I want to add a secondary report (i.e for errors) to the Print Manager output for this report. I added another $REPORT section to my .rpt file, and it included the error report as part of the .prt file rather than as a separate file and separate Print Manager record.  Is there some trick to creating it as a separate file  Thanks! 
5 1958
by  WoozyJump to last post
04/03/2012 9:56 AM
5 Replies and 1724 Views Display Zero in Portal Form Field  1724  5 Started by  Woozy I have a custom form that includes a numeric field where zero is a valid value.  I'd like Portal to display a zero, but it only displays a blank even though the underlying table actually shows a value of zero. Is there a way to do this without using Design Studio Thanks!
5 1724
by  WoozyJump to last post
04/02/2012 9:22 AM
5 Replies and 2276 Views error 163  2276  5 Started by  Chesca Has anybody gotten an error 63 Illegal character in numeric field I am doing a DB call against the PAEMPLOYEE file to get the employee bargain unit. Here is where I get the error. I have trying '05' or '06 or 05 06 and still not working. Thanks IF (PEM-BARGAIN-UNIT = 05 OR 06)      DO Somthing.. 
5 2276
by  Ragu RaghavanJump to last post
04/01/2012 4:05 PM
2 Replies and 1273 Views Sections vrs Thru exit  1273  2 Started by  Chesca Hi, I am a mainframe COBOL programmer and I am used to writing a routine ' PERFORM THRU EXIT. I am having hard time understanding how routines in Section work. What's the difference when you build a routine with/without section I am animating my program, and I'd like my program to exit paragraph 3150 and go back to where it was performed. Instead, it goes to the next line/paragraph 31.
2 1273
by  ChescaJump to last post
03/29/2012 11:33 AM
1 Replies and 2581 Views Execute AP520 from external App on Iseries  2581  1 Started by  desichet We need to process sperate Invoices batches coming into Lawson using AP520.  LAIBCH7 command executes the job in Lawson env but ignores overrides to DBAPCVI/DBAPCVD files. Is there a way to execute Lawson Batch Process (AP520) with OVRDBF command to process selected records   Not sure how to modify AP520 process  
1 2581
by  Steven GrayJump to last post
03/24/2012 3:07 PM
8 Replies and 1595 Views custom 4GLs  1595  8 Started by  Demichener Can anyone tell me where, why and how to correct this We've recently upgraded both our apps ( to and our env ( to I'm working on several of our custom delivered 4GLs and have found that our CSV output files are now being generated with quotations around each line.
8 1595
by  DemichenerJump to last post
03/16/2012 2:53 PM
3 Replies and 2480 Views scrgen errpr: Field Counts Do Not Agree Scr/Tran: 156/152  2480  3 Started by  Chris Hi everyone, Here's an scrgen error that has me and all of my colleagues perplexed: Line 78: Field Counts Do Not Agree Scr/Tran: 156/152 The screen is a header/detail screen with a tab region. I've attached the .scr file, with the extension changed to .txt.  Any insights Thanks in advance!
3 2480
by  Evan RosenbergJump to last post
02/29/2012 8:16 AM
1 Replies and 1993 Views Joining PURCHORDER to APINVOICE  1993  1 Started by  kwisser Is there any way to pull in PURCHORDER.PO-USER-FLD-1 into the following call|&MAX=1 I want to do something like;PURCHORDER.PO-USER-FLD-1&select=&out=csv&DELIM=|&MAX=1 but it tells me that the reference is not valid. Thanks, K...
1 1993
by  John HenleyJump to last post
02/28/2012 8:15 AM
0 Replies and 1093 Views Modify TRNLOAD to include the status.  1093  0 Started by  Cindy We would like to use TR500 to load training information so that we can automate the process.  The status field is not included in TRNLOAD and we would like to know if anyone has modified it to include the field.  Thanks, Cindy
0 1093
02/28/2012 8:04 AM
1 Replies and 1373 Views Limit values in MSS personnel actions  1373  1 Started by  Anthony We're currently implementing personnel actions in MSS for Managers.  We would like to limit the values Managers can select from when performing submitting actions.  For example, we only want to allow for one status code for a termination action.  We would also like to default in specific values for other fields and prevent the Manager from making changes to those values.  What's the best way to do this thank you
1 1373
by  Roger FrenchJump to last post
02/07/2012 10:55 AM
2 Replies and 2403 Views Javascript/AGS: Code after AGS call executes too quickly before AGS is complete.  2403  2 Started by  Larry Chough Hello, I'm a web developer, but a newbie to Lawson.  My company has a lot of custom web pages derived from ESS. Is there any convention to make sure the JavaScript code has completed an AGS call before continuing to execute I've been running into instances where the code is trying to process data from AGS (or DME), but fails because the AGS call has not yet completed and thus no data to process yet.  I've been trying timeouts, but those aren't 100 reliable. Any help or in...
2 2403
by  Larry ChoughJump to last post
01/30/2012 8:44 AM
2 Replies and 1899 Views PO20 Last Modified Date  1899  2 Started by  kwisser I'm looking for a field on either of the PURCHORDER or POLINE tables that represent the last time PO20 was either updated or Released.  Does such a field exist  I can't imagine there is no history on Release Date or Last Modified Date. Thanks, Kevin
2 1899
by  JimYJump to last post
01/17/2012 6:34 AM
1 Replies and 1654 Views Packet Length Error - OE10  1654  1 Started by  LauraP OK - I've modified OE10.scr to have 5 new splat fields to be passed to OE12.  They tie to a new stand-alone userflds table (LAWSON.ORDERUFLDS) that I created.   The fields are as follows:     2    *OUF-PRINT-INVOICE      A     01         SB     yc1   COR-OPTIONS-WIN   2    *OUF-PRINT-SED      &...
1 1654
by  LauraPJump to last post
01/12/2012 2:35 PM
8 Replies and 2933 Views Linking to a Lawson form from an HTML page  2933  8 Started by  pklupa Hi Everyone, I am building an HTML menu screen with links to several Employee Self Service screens.  These links work OK.  I am trying to add a link from the HTML screen directly to a Lawson form that I created.  Does anyone know the format of the URL that I need to have in the link to cause the Lawson form to come up  Thanks!
8 2933
by  pklupaJump to last post
01/06/2012 1:40 PM
11 Replies and 2953 Views scrgen error  2953  11 Started by  LauraP Getting the error 'Form Exceeds Limit Of 24 Lines' when doing an scrgen.  Removed all the lines I put in (restored the .scr actually) and did the scrgen and it worked.  Started by just changing the name of a tab from 'User' to 'User WMOS'.  Did the scrgen and received the error again.  Any thoughts anybody  Thanks so much in advance - I'm pulling my hair out!
11 2953
by  John HenleyJump to last post
12/20/2011 1:09 PM
10 Replies and 6849 Views New Table w\compilation issues  6849  10 Started by  Demichener    I've been tasked with adding a new database table to the Lawson PR system.  I've created my table, ran blddbdict and dbreorg. My new (empty) table shows up in the database.  I've since created two custom programs(using pgmdef & copy) to use my new table but when I run through a compile I keep getting this error: Warning: Error - PrcWRKFILE(): 'NewTableName' Not Found In WsGrp Warning: Work File 'NewTableName' May Not Be Defined In workdef /lawson/g...
10 6849
by  DemichenerJump to last post
12/19/2011 3:59 PM
21 Replies and 5874 Views PA52 AGS call doesn't populate new value fields  5874  21 Started by  Woozy I'm modifying a custom ESS form so it will use an AGS call to create a PA52 action. The AGS call gives an 'Action Processed' message and adds the action to PA52.1, but the 'new value' fields aren't populating. It must be something simple, but I can't figure out what I'm missing. Can anyone give me a clue I'm attaching several items: - Javascript AGS Call - Fiddler capture of the AGS call - Result Code Thanks f...
21 5874
by  WoozyJump to last post
12/14/2011 9:46 AM
2 Replies and 4201 Views Lawson MM to EPIC interface  4201  2 Started by  jcarrott We started using IC527 to extract data for EPIC, only to find out that IC527 is a delta extract. It only extracts what has changed since the last run of the IC527. We need to load the FULL extract before we can start doing the delta. Does anybody know what to use for the full extract, it would be great if it was in the same format and with the same name as the IC527.
2 4201
by  jcarrottJump to last post
12/08/2011 2:44 PM
1 Replies and 1501 Views MSS - PA Action Comments  1501  1 Started by  Karen Sheridan With some high level research, it looks like the availability of PA Action Comments in MSS (pactions.htm) should be driven by some user defined field or setting.  We want to remove the comments from that page and if it can be done by data setting versus editing the page, that would be the preferred method. Has anyone come across a table or file setting that determines this access I have tried removing access to the table via Lawson security and that did not remove it from the page as...
1 1501
by  Roger FrenchJump to last post
11/22/2011 2:23 PM
2 Replies and 1938 Views SPLAT fields  1938  2 Started by  Deleted User We have custom update program where alot of users will be updating their data.  In order to not clobber each other's data when updating at the smae time,  my understanding is that we need to use splat fields.  I would like to get a good explanation of what is ocurring and what needs to be saved in the splat fields.  Does anyone know of any good documentatiomn/discussion around this
2 1938
by  Deleted UserJump to last post
11/22/2011 10:23 AM
0 Replies and 1619 Views URL Attachment  1619  0 Started by  Ragu Raghavan I am using 4GL routines to add URL attachments to APINVOICE. It works fine (at least in LID) when I use: \\lawsonappstest\e$\lsftest\law\dev...PImage.pdf It just hangs when I use this and then click on the URL from the drill-around: \\lawsonappstest\e$\lsftest\law\dev...PImage.pdf Does anybody know if there is a size limit if so what Thanks. Ragu
0 1619
11/20/2011 11:56 AM
1 Replies and 1590 Views Custom Form - scrgen error  1590  1 Started by  Karen Sheridan I am getting the error Form Size exceeds limit of 24 lines.  I don't think it does. This is a very simple report parameter form - it has 2 tabs Main tab has company, company name and then a detail line.  The detail line has 4 fields on it and there are 10 lines. The (run) Options tab has a couple of flags and a date range.  I think the problem is in my definition of the detail line.  I've attached the SCR - if you've got any ideas - please let me know...
1 1590
by  Sam SimpsonJump to last post
11/14/2011 4:36 PM
3 Replies and 2831 Views LID  2831  3 Started by  Lynne Does everyone that customizes Lawson programs use the LID editor I am wondering if there is a better editor out there. The little box that can't be maximized makes it very difficult. I am new to Lawson and have just begun customizing with LID. Thanks for any suggestions.
3 2831
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10/07/2011 11:27 AM
1 Replies and 3536 Views How to create detail lines in a paint program?  3536  1 Started by  ISO Dan We created two custom tables, a head and detail table.  The quick paint utility painted the fields for the header table but did not for the detail.  I am trying to manually paint the detail lines.  I have created an initial detail line but do not know how to repeat it since I want 5 detail lines. Also just curious, does anyone have any documentation or additional instructions on how to use the paint utility in Lawson Thank you, Dan
1 3536
by  Sam SimpsonJump to last post
10/07/2011 9:50 AM
3 Replies and 2076 Views How to calculate default field values on online form  2076  3 Started by  Woozy I have created a custom online inquiry form.  When the form opens, I would like to populate some of the query parameters with calculated default values (which the user could override).  Is this possible in 4GL   For example, I'd like to pre-populate from/thru date fields based on the current date. From my testing, It appears that none of the PD code is called until the user clicks Inquire/Next/Previous, which is too late for my purposes.  Am I m...
3 2076
by  Jason BeardJump to last post
10/06/2011 6:28 PM
4 Replies and 2199 Views Error after putting link on Logon page  2199  4 Started by  ChuckM We have a custom servlet that allows ESS users to change their password.  Once the password is changed, a link is displays that takes the user to the Logon page.  This servlet is called from a help section of our intranet employee application. I was asked to place a link to this password change servlet on our Lawson Logon page.  So the ESS user goes to the Logon page, finds out they can't log on...they select the link that takes them to the change password app.  ...
4 2199
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10/05/2011 11:29 AM
3 Replies and 2212 Views 900-submit-job blocking?  2212  3 Started by  Chris FYI - new to lawson, so learning the ropes. I'm writing a COBOL program to read in 1 or more files and for each file, kick of a batch job, of another program, that I defined via jobdef.  Since each file will be processed by the same job, my thought was to copy using the work file, using 900-movefiles, to a working directory and file-name that I defined in the job-def, and then use 900-load, 900-create, and 900-submit to run the job, and then when the job was over, repeat the process for ...
3 2212
by  Sampath SJump to last post
09/30/2011 4:05 AM
2 Replies and 1792 Views Data Service Call from htm  1792  2 Started by  ChuckM I've been successful creating Data Service Calls and executing them from form scripts created in Design Studio. Now I'm trying to do the same from an htm file, and it blows up when it tries to execute the URL saying that portalWnd is not defined. (eg: var vDMEInfo = portalWnd.httpRequest(mDME)  I'm guessing this is because the script is not attached to a form. What would be the proper syntax to run the URL from an htm file  Is there an example of this TIA...ChuckM
2 1792
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09/29/2011 4:55 PM
4 Replies and 3100 Views DME Syntax  3100  4 Started by  kwisser I am looking to find a way to use the OR operation in my web browser DME call.;MAX=99999 I would like modify the above search to select PO-NUMBER=868611 or PO-NUMBER=13.  I've tried using the plus () but I must be missing something. Thanks
4 3100
by  kwisserJump to last post
09/29/2011 3:58 PM
4 Replies and 2168 Views Filtering on related table  2168  4 Started by  kwisser Is it possible to filter a DME web browser query on a related table  For example, I want to find all PO lines that have a null PO-USR-FLD-5.;POLINE;PURCHORDER.PO-USER-FLD-5&select=PURCHORDER.PO-USER-FLD-5!=00&out=csv&DELIM=|&MAX=99999 When I run the above query, it never ends.  I've even let it run overnight and it doesn't finish.  I don't think it has...
4 2168
by  kwisserJump to last post
09/28/2011 3:49 PM
3 Replies and 4516 Views 119 Name is not unique (binding symbol 'mfini')  4516  3 Started by  John Desmarais Getting an error on a custome program that we can't explain (or decipher).  The odd part here, is that the file it is complaining about is only used for input and there is not a single PERFORM 800-WRITECSV-MAFVNIN in the program.  Any idea what this error is actually trying to tell me WriteCSV():File /lawson/lawprod/law/test9/hht/MAFVNIN/MAFVNIN MAFVNIN 0 Not In Write Mode Execution error : file 'mfini' error code: 119, pc=0, call=1, seg=0 119 Name is not unique (binding symbol ...
3 4516
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09/28/2011 1:30 PM
2 Replies and 1557 Views Display productline in portal header  1557  2 Started by  Patrick Burke Does anyone know how to display the productline name near the welcome message in portal for 9.0.1 In the older system we would change the default.xml to place it in the header.  Before someone pontificates about this, our users get confused on which productline they are in on the test system and this helps.
2 1557
by  Patrick BurkeJump to last post
09/27/2011 11:52 AM
4 Replies and 1980 Views Steps to REMOVE a custom program?  1980  4 Started by  CindyW We have a customization that I would like to remove. I'm not really a 'coder' so to speak, but this task has been assigned to me.  I checked Lawson KB, and found nothing on this.  (As if I can ever find anything in there anyway, these days.     This is a batch job program, and I want to not only disable it, but reomove it completely.  Any suggestions as to the proper process to take
4 1980
by  Sampath SJump to last post
09/26/2011 5:28 AM
4 Replies and 3395 Views ESS Org Chart displaying incorrect information  3395  4 Started by  Bret Please share any insite to setup or configuration to allow the ESS org chart to display the correct information. The system is currently displaying termed employees and they are not connected to me in any way. Thanks Bret
4 3395
by  sethfoodJump to last post
08/19/2011 4:03 PM
11 Replies and 7453 Views How to force an abend in a batch program?  7453  11 Started by  pbelsky Can someone tell me where I can find out how to force an abend (needs recovery state) in a Lawson COBOL batch program I have tried the error message APIs but they only print a message, do not force the pgm to abend. Lawson's precompiler will not allow me to populate RETURN-CODE or use STOP RUN. Thank you.
11 7453
by  pbelskyJump to last post
08/02/2011 11:29 AM
2 Replies and 3516 Views reapply dbdef changes after data refresh  3516  2 Started by  Karen Sheridan Good Morning I used to know how to do this, but cannot find any notes so... I added tables to a test product line in dbdef, built dictionary, applied to database in April.  The project stalled for a while, the database was refreshed. My definitions are in dbdef, but I need to get them applied back out to the physical database (Oracle 11). Seems like bldora11ddl  is what I need - can someone verify the steps for me TIA, Karen Lynn Schuette
2 3516
by  John HenleyJump to last post
07/20/2011 11:25 AM
1 Replies and 1638 Views Manipulating Duplicate Records  1638  1 Started by  maalimsimo I have a need to identify duplicate Employee records in a temp file, based on USERID. Then I need to look at the duplicate record sets and look at the Emp Status: 1. If both (or all) records are INACTIVE, I do not need to report on them (i.e ignore them). 2, If a set (of duplicate records) has just one ACTIVE record, ignore the whole set. 3. If both (or all) records are ACTIVE, then report on them. Example set: {userid}              {Employee} &nbs...
1 1638
by  Derek CzarnyJump to last post
07/15/2011 4:24 PM
3 Replies and 1790 Views Static Form Text Missing in Portal, but Shows in LID  1790  3 Started by  Woozy I have a custom header/detail inquiry form, and I have a row of static text that appears fine in LID, but does not appear in Portal.  The form compiles without errors, and I've tried deleting the XML and using scrgen to regenerate it without success.  I've also cleared my IE cache and IOS cache without success. What am I missing Attached are the LID and Portal screenshots, as well as my .scr (renamed as .txt) Thanks for your help!  Kelly
3 1790
by  VenkatJump to last post
07/10/2011 3:32 PM
2 Replies and 1872 Views Insert into custom table  1872  2 Started by  JudeBac Hi All, Its that time of year when customization is needed for Benefits Open Enrollment. I need an advice on the easiest approach. In Benefits Open Enrollment 'Welcome' page, I will need to add a screen where an employee will acknowledge a required document (about 4 items). I will then need to insert these 4 items in to our custom table/database in the Lawson Server. Its been awhile that I have used Java and should have time to learn Perl, cgi, etc. What is the easiest or best to use in...
2 1872
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07/06/2011 2:24 PM
0 Replies and 1923 Views change to screen rules - Cause hanging?  1923  0 Started by  Deleted User The other day,  as users went into our system,  everyone was getting hung up or could not even get into Lawson.  We tracked it down (we think) to one custom program.  We re-compiled it just to see if that would work.  Then in our test environment, we managed to get it to hang once and then we decided to do an srgen (because of an odd message one user got).  After that, we could not get the system to hang again.  We had made an additonal screen rule, but we ...
0 1923
07/05/2011 6:57 AM
1 Replies and 1556 Views Modify Field Label in RSS  1556  1 Started by  Robert Spurr Does anyone know how to change the labels displayed in RSS.  Specifically I'm looking to change the 'Quote Required' label in the detail tab of the profile.  I've dug through HTML and JS files with no luck. Thanks in advance Robert
1 1556
by  Robert SpurrJump to last post
06/28/2011 3:22 PM
2 Replies and 4720 Views ladb.log  4720  2 Started by  Juanita where is this file located in lid
2 4720
by  Sam SimpsonJump to last post
06/08/2011 5:25 PM
1 Replies and 1499 Views Pass values via button in 4GL  1499  1 Started by  Woozy I have a custom header/detail form, and I have included a button on the detail row that calls a second custom header/detail form.  I have a field in the header of first form that I want to pass to the header of the second form for data selection purposes. If it matters, I am using the 'W' type in the $TRANS section for the button and putting the called form in the Picture area. Is there a way for me to pass a value between the two forms via the button Thanks!
1 1499
by  WoozyJump to last post
06/02/2011 2:38 PM
3 Replies and 1536 Views EMSS upgrade with customization  1536  3 Started by  L G Hi I would like to know what steps we need to take during an EMSS and CBL upgrade We have a few customizations that we need to preserve. Does Lawson take a backup of EMSS modified files when we do an upgrade as it does during a CTP installation. Or do we have to manually take a backup of customizations What steps do you all follow before doing an upgrade of EMSS
3 1536
by  L GJump to last post
06/01/2011 10:54 AM
2 Replies and 1527 Views EMSS upgrade with customization  1527  2 Started by  L G Hi I would like to know what steps we need to take during an EMSS and CBL upgrade We have a few customizations that we need to preserve. Does Lawson take a backup of EMSS modified files when we do an upgrade as it does during a CTP installation. Or do we have to manually take a backup of customizations What steps do you all follow before doing an upgrade of EMSS
2 1527
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06/01/2011 10:52 AM
1 Replies and 1679 Views Design Studio  1679  1 Started by  Demichener    We have a purchased, customized PR32.1 and PR32.2 with no design specifications that is no longer working correctly—a ‘passed’ variable appears to be truncated and some dropdowns are not working.  We’ve recently applied a payroll patch and an Env Upgrade to (from I’ve been asked to fix.          I’ve recreated a new PR32.1 and PR32.2 based off the Lawson delivered forms and I’m...
1 1679
by  Ragu RaghavanJump to last post
05/03/2011 10:33 AM
2 Replies and 1982 Views Lawson S3 .sr coding  1982  2 Started by  Pramod Chandra Hi,       I have a custom table in ZZ system code M1LOOKUPVL Fields PROCESS-ID     Alpha (10)                 Primary Index key1 KEY2               Alpha (10)                 Primary Index key2 KEY3   ...
2 1982
by  Sam SimpsonJump to last post
04/28/2011 4:37 PM
2 Replies and 2266 Views ESS/MSS Mobile App?  2266  2 Started by  Shari Hey All - Anyone know if Lawson is planning on supporting or releasing a mobile app for Employee / Manager Self-Service  We are getting ready to try out the Mobile Inbasket app...not sure if there is anything in the works for a similar offering for ESS/MSS.  -Shari
2 2266
by  ShariJump to last post
04/15/2011 12:26 PM
2 Replies and 1946 Views Web Browser DME Calls  1946  2 Started by  kwisser I am trying to find a way to perform a JOIN through a web browser DME call.  I'm currently using:;PO-NUMBER&select=28LAST-ACTIVITY>=03/08/201126LAST-ACTIVITY I would like to join in the POLINE table on PURCHORDER.PO-NUMBER = POLINE.PO-NUMBER.  Can someone help me with that syntax Thanks, Kevin
2 1946
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03/08/2011 3:28 PM
1 Replies and 1280 Views .scr - going over 24 lines?  1280  1 Started by  Deleted User Is there a way to go over the 24 lines on a .scr  Is there a setting, or is this a built in restriction
1 1280
by  John HenleyJump to last post
02/19/2011 6:01 PM
9 Replies and 2253 Views Custom .skn file - can't update metadata  2253  9 Started by  CindyW We have a modified metadata/pameta/PA.skn file that was highlighted in a recent CTP.  We put our customization back in, using SKNDEF, recompiled, and ran srgen and xscrgen.  The form does work fine, but when we actually look in the pameta/PA.skn file, it does not have our customization in it (it's literally a one-line change).   Now, the original .skn file (that one was backed up in the CTP) does have the customization...(I'm assuming that's why it showed up as ...
9 2253
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02/11/2011 2:38 PM
4 Replies and 1532 Views onclick event handler question  1532  4 Started by  Anthony I wanted to add a simple link to a .htm file when a user clicks on a word within the instructions section of the benbulletin_nh.htm file.  I was using &60;&97;&32;&104;&114;&101;&102;&61;&34;&46;&46;&46;&34;&32;&119;&105;&116;&104;&32;&116;&104;&101;&32;&111;&110;&99;&108;&105;&99;&107;&32;&101;&118;&101;&110;&116;&32;&104;&97;&110;&100;&108;&101;&114;&32;&97;&108;&111;&110;&103;&32;&119;&105;&116;&104;&32;&116;&104;&101;&32;&119;...
4 1532
by  Roger FrenchJump to last post
02/04/2011 2:21 PM
1 Replies and 1883 Views Adding Fields to the AP155 Check file output  1883  1 Started by  Brian Andrews How can I add fields to the current AP155 'Check' file  Is it as simple as modifing the AP155.rpt file to include the new fields and then populating the new field in the COBOL Thanks for the help Lawson programmer newbee!
1 1883
by  mark.cookJump to last post
02/04/2011 1:38 PM
1 Replies and 1864 Views Add employee drill-select to custom form  1864  1 Started by  Woozy I haven't done much (or anything) with drill previously, so I'm having trouble.  I have a custom form over a custom table.  This form has an EMPLOYEE field from the custom table, but doesn't have a COMPANY field (because the table doesn't have it). How do I make the drill-select for my EMPLOYEE field correctly return the employee list(s) like the HR11 EMPLOYEE field Attached is the .scr for my custom form. Thanks for your help!
1 1864
by  WoozyJump to last post
02/02/2011 2:03 PM
3 Replies and 1505 Views How to hide a button on a form  1505  3 Started by  Garry Ferwerda I have added a button to AC10.1 on the levels tab in the detail area for levels.   I only need the button on the second level address for certain activity groups.   Since the button was added to the detail form it appears on every row.   I have disabled the functionality of the button on the rows where it does not apply, but I would really like to have the button hidden or have the text removed from the button on the rows where it is not working.   &n...
3 1505
by  John HenleyJump to last post
01/19/2011 2:54 PM
5 Replies and 1936 Views Manager Self Service custom question  1936  5 Started by  thanef I have a question about the Employee Drill Around Info window on the Direct Reports screen in Manager Self Service. The Employee Drill Around Info icon loads another window which I can manipulate the characteristics here: manager.htm inside function drillwind(id) for scroll bar, etc. But how do I delete or comment out the links from that window  My HR dept needs several links hidden or taken out. At webappjs/drillTOhtml.xsl this section should do it but I cant find a list..... listEle...
5 1936
by  JudeBacJump to last post
01/19/2011 9:27 AM
1 Replies and 1486 Views Filter APIs  1486  1 Started by  Karen Sheridan I've inherited a set of programs that use the Filter APIs.  I'm making a year end mod and the data I'm getting back makes me wonder if its being used correctly.  I've look at the API manual and it is not very clear. If you use PERFORM 850-FILTER-NLT-BENSET4 after you have set the filter, do you use PERFORM 860-FIND-NEXT-BENSET4 to get the next record based on the filter I am filtering on plan type and plan code and I'm picking up, I think, plan codes that are not part of the fil...
1 1486
by  Karen SheridanJump to last post
12/15/2010 6:51 PM
4 Replies and 3627 Views Javascript AGS inquiry call?  3627  4 Started by  Roger French It's been awhile since I have had to build an javascript AGS call for inquiry, and I am doing one to return fields from the online screen, but I can't quite get the code/syntax to get the return fields on the inquiry. (I have no problem doing an ADD or CHANGE with AGS). Does anyone have a quick example of a javascript call for AGS say for the CU01, or the HR11 for example Or any other online screen I know there are other pre-built AGS inquiry calls especially for ESS but really I just need ...
4 3627
by  Ragu RaghavanJump to last post
12/14/2010 5:50 PM
1 Replies and 1602 Views DS batch job parameters  1602  1 Started by  Al Miller Unix - S3 - AP161 parameter PAYMENT-DATE: Users are forward dating by accident. I would like to (DS) setFormValue parameter with current-date. I can do this with a default value or OnBeforeTransaction but users are always re-using previously defined jobs (Inquire). Is there a way or form Event I can use to modify patameters after the Inquire Thanks in advance, Al
1 1602
by  John HenleyJump to last post
12/14/2010 3:53 PM
4 Replies and 1965 Views Change field label in PADICT  1965  4 Started by  Lisa Hodges We have a field that is on the PAEMPLOYEE table called RELATED_EMP. It shows up on HR11 on the Benefits Tab and is a yes/no field. We relabeled it on HR11 because we would never use this field and didn't want to have to use a user field for a field that we needed that was a yes/no field anyway. Now in the employee groups, it is pulling the label Related Employer from the PADICT table. Has anyone ever changed the label in the PADICT table. It looks like you'd have to change ITEM_NAME, HEADIN...
4 1965
by  Lisa HodgesJump to last post
12/10/2010 1:25 PM
2 Replies and 1697 Views Add DB Index with Drumping and Loading Data with dbreorg  1697  2 Started by  Randall Hey all, We recently created a new database index to the APINVOICE table on our development system.  We ran the dbreorg as it normally would and, with the amount of invoices in the system, took about 16 hours to complete the dump, load, and creation of the index. We then needed to refresh our database and it cleared out in index again and needed to be recreated.  After checking out the manuals, it looked like dbreorg -F would take care of this for us.  Since we were only add...
2 1697
by  RandallJump to last post
12/02/2010 2:28 PM
1 Replies and 1997 Views User login count  1997  1 Started by  JudeBac Good morning all. I would need to report on how many users login for the day. How did you accomplish this I am thinking of going to my Network admin (we are ldap bind), create a script at login page which willl insert into a custom lawson table or maybe at login page, log into a text file. Appreciate your assistance, Jude
1 1997
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12/02/2010 6:08 AM
2 Replies and 1614 Views Flooring a number in 4GL  1614  2 Started by  Woozy Hi All.  I'm working on a 4GL payroll custom calc that needs to take a value and floor it (i.e. round down to the nearest whole number).  How do I do this in 4GL/cobol If it matters, we're on DB2/Unix. Thanks!
2 1614
by  WoozyJump to last post
11/18/2010 8:56 AM
2 Replies and 1575 Views iSeries Print Directories  1575  2 Started by  Walter We run Lawson on a iSeries and as you may know, Lawson dynamically creates directories on the IFS to store the output.  For example, when I ran an instance of PR160, the following was created /LAW9/law/print/DSWK/pr160marwk/1/125820 I need to program a way to determine this directory in a custom program that is to be run after a user runs PR160.  The problem is the /125852 directory, that appears to be somewhat random.  What I did find out is that in PR160, th...
2 1575
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11/08/2010 2:06 PM
2 Replies and 1350 Views identify custom programs using a specific field  1350  2 Started by  SueS I have to identify all custom programs which use ben_salary_2 from the PAEMPLOYEE table. Is there any way to do this Thanks...
2 1350
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11/05/2010 12:10 PM
0 Replies and 1243 Views text field alignment issue  1243  0 Started by  Deleted User We are testing going from service pack .6 to .9 for LSF 9.0.0.   Since we have done that,  I have a custom form where the text fields are all aligning to the right rather than the left in Portal.  I looked at our .scr and cannot see anything obvious.  Has anyone else encountered this.  I tried deleting the xml and recompiling and doing and scrgen but no luck.
0 1243
10/19/2010 10:05 PM
0 Replies and 1378 Views Memory Fault Error  1378  0 Started by  ARaja One of my custom programs, throws memory fault error, When we trying to add the field help text for one particular field. How it can be resolved
0 1378
10/01/2010 4:38 AM
6 Replies and 1747 Views ESS - new version - trying to retrofit  1747  6 Started by  Karen Sheridan We have ESS in development and it looks a lot different from our previous version. I am trying to do some retrofits and we added address and phone number to the bottom of emppersonal.htm. So, now the grey box that goes around all the fields is too short. Does anyone know where the length of that box is coming from All of the pages that have that grey box appear to end in the same place on the screen. TIA, Karen
6 1747
by  NickJump to last post
09/15/2010 5:20 PM
2 Replies and 2055 Views New Portal Page in Design Studio  2055  2 Started by  TBonney I created a new portal page in Design Studio. It was done by simply selecting General > Web Page, resizing the object and then pointing to a custom .html document that I designed, by using the 'custom...' button on the right. Then, once saved, the new page is saved as an .xml document. My intent was to use this custom page in lieu of the LifeEventsSplash.htm that is used by default in Lawson in ESS for the Life Events Bookmark (and secure/lock all it's children bookmarks). However, now ...
2 2055
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09/13/2010 2:56 PM
1 Replies and 1411 Views Filter Courses in Training under ESS  1411  1 Started by  Lorena Hi, We are working on implementing the ESS training module. Our issue is that we would like to filter the courses list under the registration by course link. When we clicked on Registration by Course, we are getting a list with all the active trainings in the course table (it is using the condition 'current'). We have employees in different regions and we do not want the employee to register in a wrong region. I was thinking that if I put the employees in employee groups (pgemploy...
1 1411
by  Karen SheridanJump to last post
09/09/2010 3:57 PM
3 Replies and 1830 Views Changing Sort Order  1830  3 Started by  brihyn My user wants to change the search on the AM20.3 screen, Serial Numbers search. Currently in, I have this: DEFINE SELECT 'Serial Numbers' ID AM-ASI-S-0005 SCRFLD SERIAL-NBR-43 FILENAME AMASTITEM INDEX ASISET2 KEYRNG NXTKEY CURSCRFLD DSPFLDS SERIAL-NUMBER:'Serial', ITEM-NBR:'Item', ASSET:'Asset', TAG:'Tag', ASSET-GRP:'Group' RETURNS SERIAL-NUMBER INTO SERIAL-NBR-43 The search orders th...
3 1830
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09/09/2010 3:02 PM
0 Replies and 1617 Views Default Function Code (FC) When Transferring via Button  1617  0 Started by  Leslie Osher Lawson defines the default in the screen definition: FC I I=Inquire In this case, the default FC is 'I' when you transfer to the screen via F8. But if you define a Lawson button to transfer to the same program, Lawson ignores the default and program starts with (A)dd or (C)hange, always the same, depending on the program: 2 PO-WINDOW W 12 CSWW SB PO20.1 The question is, can (I)nquiry or any other FC be forced on a button transfer
0 1617
09/02/2010 10:48 AM
1 Replies and 1427 Views SOA initiative  1427  1 Started by  Jamela I am posting this question for one of our SOA experts whose way more technical than I am.... Aside from the obvious database approaches, can other integration-based technologies be used to query data in Lawson such as JMS or Web Services. Also, if we wanted to run some really simple queries against the Lawson database, would there be any negative impact to the system. Seems like a simple question, but I don't want assume anything.
1 1427
by  KK - InforJump to last post
08/26/2010 11:25 AM
2 Replies and 1451 Views Stupid Question  1451  2 Started by  Scott Krueger I have worked on Lawson since version 5.x on the iSeries(AS/400). I am now getting back into the game and working on LSF 9 on the iSeries. My question is this. How do I modify source All of the source is in the IFS and not in LAWSRC9 like it was in Version 8.x. Is there a development tool I am missing Thanks!
2 1451
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08/25/2010 8:56 AM
1 Replies and 2792 Views Javascript DME return value of a user field to personal profile screen  2792  1 Started by  catcher_in_the_rye I am new to the javascript piece of portal programming and I am trying to add info from hrempusf to the personal profile screen in ESS. I have the right DME call when I post in a URL, but I am getting value of undefined from the debugger when trying to get the value on screen. Below is what I reverse engineered but my value for depPlanFields is erroring out undefined. I'm a newbie, but trying to learn on the fly. Thanks. function GetBemsID() { var DMEstr = 'https://lawson...
1 2792
by  Steven GrayJump to last post
08/24/2010 2:20 PM
1 Replies and 2822 Views Translation of 4GL names to iSeries  2822  1 Started by  Walter Does anyone have any idea how Lawson determines the iSeries RPG field names when custom tables are created in DBDEF We're migrating to LSF9 from 8.1. In 8.1 I created several files under a custom system code. When these files were created, the process came up with the field names. I know that the first character begins with 'D', the next three is the file prefix. But how it comes up with the remaining characters, is somewhat of a mystery. I wasn't too worried about it because I wrote m...
1 2822
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08/24/2010 2:02 PM
5 Replies and 1993 Views Unix script writing needs Portal id  1993  5 Started by  Greg Moeller I'm trying to develop a Unix script, that I can call from a job name in Portal. (I already know one way of doing that.) I'm in need of the logged in persons id though, and am struggling on what I can use to find it out. I know that it exists in the LDAP as their cn and also as lwsnssoRMId, but how do I extract one of those values in my shell script I'm a little brain-dead today.
5 1993
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
08/19/2010 4:49 PM
3 Replies and 1552 Views E@DBFINDnxt in LSF9  1552  3 Started by  Walter I'm in the process of migrating our custom programs from 8.1 to LSF9. The following is from one of those programs which has been working fine 8.1 C eval $FirstZAY = 'Y' C callp DNDBPXZAY1(EDBFINDbegrng) * Loop through Billing Header Records where status = 1 ...
3 1552
by  WalterJump to last post
08/19/2010 3:01 PM
4 Replies and 6347 Views Process flow Integration vs custom integration  6347  4 Started by  Deleted User We are going to be connecting to an external WEB HR package where we will need to integrate HR data via web services.&160; For example, we will need to send hire, transfer and fte changes to Lawson HR suite.&160; We are just starting to investigate whether using Process flow Integrator will give us better control and quicker development time than building our own customized solution&160;Any thoughts/recommendations We do not currenty have Process Flow Integrator, so this is an additional...
4 6347
by  David MillerJump to last post
07/29/2010 1:30 PM
3 Replies and 1737 Views AP20.2 Customization  1737  3 Started by  sea2sky The folks in AP are complaining about the number of keystrokes required for non-PO and PO invoices. They probably use less than 20 of the fields and would like a stripped down custom version of AP20.2. Has anyone ever done one of those If we outsourced the code, how much should we budget for it Thanks.
3 1737
by  Ragu RaghavanJump to last post
07/29/2010 9:20 AM
2 Replies and 1372 Views RSS customization  1372  2 Started by  thanef Where do I go to add text or information to a RSS screen On Unix platform.
2 1372
by  thanefJump to last post
07/21/2010 12:46 PM
2 Replies and 2919 Views How does the BEGRNG - NXTRNG work?  2919  2 Started by  Demichener I'm trouble-shooting an existing program that uses the BEGRNG and NXTRNG commands. Can anyone explain to me how this works When using these, is the table read sequetially; or is the table read in the sequence of the index key Also, Lawson's data documentation often has key fields listed with '*'. Does anyone know what the '*' means
2 2919
by  Marc BurnesJump to last post
07/21/2010 10:08 AM
2 Replies and 1585 Views javascript events - AM190 customized  1585  2 Started by  Deleted User Hey friends, have a question for you... I am new so if info is missing, let me know! We have a customized AM190 form which when accessed prompts the user with a dialog box that says hey you are about to post and cannot reverse this action, do you want to continue. We found that some users do a AM180 first and then come into do a AM190. But we also found others might login and go straight to AM190. We have been looking at code from a previous developer which we are also trying to de...
2 1585
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06/18/2010 9:58 AM
10 Replies and 1815 Views Hiding DELETE button from standard lawson form  1815  10 Started by  Saurabh Hi All We are on LSF9.0.0.4, Aps 8.1 MSP5 on Win 2003 server. Trying to hide the DELETE option from the PO15 main screen (however it needs to be availaible from the Dropdown with the INQUIRE tab)-hence cannot use security to take away access to the DELETE button. I have access to design studio but not able to find the PO15 standard form Please advise regards Saurabh
10 1815
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06/08/2010 8:30 AM
4 Replies and 1551 Views libdef global working storage  1551  4 Started by  Robert Gurus: I have added a global working storage to $LAWDIR/wslib and defined it using libdef as type wslib. When I invoke the wslib the compiler complains of variables not defined in Working Storage. I examined libdef's help file, it looks like I did define it correctly, what did I do wrong
4 1551
by  RobertJump to last post
05/24/2010 5:43 PM
1 Replies and 1572 Views skndef etc.  1572  1 Started by  Ragu Raghavan HR11 has this field USER-LEVEL. When you click F6/Define, it opens up HR80.7. I have custom HR80.7 called H180.7. I went into skndef test HR and changed the formID of the key (HHZ) from HR80.7 to H180.7. I recompiled H180, HR11 I did a srgen I did a tmcontrol -rp on HR11, HR80, H180. Yet, when I do a F6 on the field from HR11, it still brings up the HR80.7 and not my custom screen. What do I need to do stop/statlaw Thanks. Ragu
1 1572
by  Ragu RaghavanJump to last post
05/21/2010 10:54 AM
2 Replies and 2008 Views Increase Field Length for HR11 User fields  2008  2 Started by  ArthurThum Has anyone done, or knows how to code the changes necessary to increase the Alpha fields from 10 to say 15 characters Has anyone done this Or any other way to attach a field longer than ten characters to an employee if thats not easy, or potentially desruptive to standard Lawson HR processing
2 2008
by  ArthurThumJump to last post
04/20/2010 3:18 PM
6 Replies and 2828 Views Getting Design Studio to see a form  2828  6 Started by  TommyT I need to make a change to a PA form in out test1 directory. I've moved a copy of the form's xml to ....\apps\persistdata\lawson\portal\content\forms which is where all the other forms we are working on are located. My problem is that Design Studio does not appear to see the form. When I go to the UI designer and enter the product line all the OTHER forms are listed in the box but this one isnt. I know im making some kind of basic mistake...any ideas
6 2828
by  TommyTJump to last post
04/14/2010 9:44 AM
1 Replies and 2669 Views SETLL/Read previous (RPG)  2669  1 Started by  BobP In Lawson speak, could someone please tell me what would be Lawson's equivalent to SETLL/READP Thanks, bob
1 2669
by  PBLJump to last post
04/14/2010 8:39 AM
2 Replies and 1607 Views Pay Frequency Discription Location  1607  2 Started by  Wade-T I am building an interface for a third party application that wants to know the Pay Frequency for our employees. The EMPLOYEE.PAY_FREQUENCY field has the 1, 2, 3, 4 items, but I am having trouble finding a corresponding table that houses the descriptions for PAY_FREQUENCY like the ones shown on screen PR21.1. I went through the HR/PR Data File documents, but was not successful in finding it. It is probably right in front of my face, but i don't see it. Thank you,
2 1607
by  Wade-TJump to last post
04/13/2010 11:33 AM
4 Replies and 1430 Views Customizing Portal Find/Filter Option  1430  4 Started by  Deleted User Good morning, all - Our portal users have requested we research the feasibility of customizing their record search option - currently, when searching for an employee by name or SSN, the default search is 'Find'. Since we began using the portal in 2005, this option has been extremely slow, and because of the number of records we have in our database and the volume of turnover/rehire employees, using 'filter' is faster and provides the records they need. Has anyone customized this option ...
4 1430
by  NickJump to last post
04/08/2010 12:29 PM
1 Replies and 1645 Views 4GL GEN API  1645  1 Started by  Robert Can 4GL read GEN tables
1 1645
by  Arvin OjalesJump to last post
03/19/2010 12:18 PM
2 Replies and 3685 Views perl CPAN install of SOAP::lite on AIX  3685  2 Started by  Deborah Creek On our test apps server we have used perl CPAN&160;to install SOAP::lite and are using a cgi program to call a web service.&160; We have not come across any issues with this impacting existing Lawson utilities.&160; Does anyone have experience with using CPAN to add to&160;Lawson's perl install&160;or know of potential concerns for us to investigate Is there a way for me to determine what perl programs exist in Lawson so we can test them specifically We are on AIX 6.1 64-bit Websphere ...
2 3685
by  RobertJump to last post
03/12/2010 3:30 PM
3 Replies and 1659 Views File Description Specifications - LSF9  1659  3 Started by  bprouty We are on the iSeries, going to Environment and Applications so we now need to setup our programs in the IFS.&160; We are getting some of it figured out but are stumped with some of it.&160; How are non-Lawson files handled in LSF9 that were identified on File Description Specifications in Lawson V8&160; Any hints would be appreciated.&160; Thanks
3 1659
by  Steven GrayJump to last post
03/08/2010 10:29 AM
2 Replies and 1528 Views Explanation of Field  1528  2 Started by  Deleted User Can someone explain the DPTLVL&160;field in the FILEREL&160;table in GEN&160;
2 1528
by  Deleted UserJump to last post
03/01/2010 11:47 AM
3 Replies and 2571 Views CSV INFO Data Structure  2571  3 Started by  Robert Back to well once again. boy...just about every time I want to use an API. I have a workdef file with a DED prefix.&160; I want to make sure the interface is found prior to a 800-READCSV, else I get a run-time-exception.&160; According to the API doc, I&160;use INFO-FOUND. So, I added the following to my code: INITIALIZE DEDINFO-FOUND. STRING WS-DEDUCTION-FILE DELIMITED BY SIZE &160; INTO WS-FILE-SYSTEM. DISPLAY DEDINFO-FOUND. For the moment, I am leaving the remainder of the code ...
3 2571
by  RobertJump to last post
03/01/2010 11:27 AM
10 Replies and 2043 Views System variables not available in MFCOBOL any longer  2043  10 Started by  Roger French &160;I'm in a bit of a bind. This is AIX. We have several programs where a call to a Unix script is made using a preset system variable, such as $ATEMP Ok. I'm the 'lawson' user. When I log on to the server, and do a cd $ATEMP &160;or echo $ATEMP it does it ok, no problems. But when I run a program which uses the $ATEMP such as CALL 'SYSTEM' USING WS-COMMANDS. ... where WS-COMMANDS = $ATEMP/runscript.ksh &160;(for example) I'm checking the job logs and it's saying it can't find /runscr...
10 2043
by  wilcoxmadJump to last post
02/22/2010 2:17 PM
5 Replies and 1577 Views Adding a new index to EMPLOYEE fails  1577  5 Started by  Robert Gurus. I used to be happy...I used to have&160;a 6 handicap....I used to have a full head of hair...then I started working with Lawson. It brings me to my knees every day. I defined a new index on EMPLOYEE, it is contatenated on COMPANY and FICA-NBR.&160; I did a debreorg.&160; I&160;can initialize the index in 4GL and invoke an API&160;call on it...but it fails after that. IOS reports that the index is invalid. &160; &160;
5 1577
by  RobertJump to last post
02/19/2010 2:42 PM
2 Replies and 1330 Views Accessing DB-FIRST-NAME-UC; DB-LAST-NAME-UC  1330  2 Started by  Robert Gurus: I generated my program using pgmdef.&160; The system code is PR. When&160;I painted, I see the EMPLOYEE table as a relation. I want to read the EMPLOYEE table using EMPSET6. When I move to DB-FIRST-NAME-UC and/or DB-LAST-NAME-UC the compiler throws the error Operand DB-FIRST-NAME-UC not declared. Other PR applications are using this working storage variable, e.g. PR33. &160;
2 1330
by  RobertJump to last post
02/19/2010 12:13 PM
4 Replies and 2119 Views May want to increase field length on PA52 screen  2119  4 Started by  Wade-T We have a feeder system that updates the PERSACTION table nightly. One issue we have is that some e-mails come in that are longer than 30 characters long and after the PA100 is run the HR user needs to enter the correct e-mail address on HR11. Would it be okay to adjust the sive limit of the NEW_VALUE_1-36 fields to be 60 If so, would I need to run a blddbdict or recompile I realise anythin I do would also be changed back when we upgrade.
4 2119
by  Sam SimpsonJump to last post
02/18/2010 4:14 PM
0 Replies and 1693 Views Custom Help solved.  1693  0 Started by  Robert Customizing help.&160; You must set your terminal env to pt80-e From LID:&160; export term=pt80-e Now access the form using lapm: lapm productline programcode Navigate to the Help interface F1; H. Form; A.Form If you don't know what your are doing, take your time and pay attention.&160; *via pgmdef.&160; You&160;must to set the 'In Producton On' to the&160;value appropriate for&160;your Lawson environment or it won't work. According to Lawson, you are supposed to recompile yo...
0 1693
02/18/2010 1:00 PM
2 Replies and 1322 Views 4GL .SCR TRANS Section  1322  2 Started by  Robert I thought there was a document that document the record layout and two character contstructs of the TRANS screen section
2 1322
by  RobertJump to last post
02/10/2010 11:24 AM
2 Replies and 1702 Views Update Home Addr but not Supplemental Addr  1702  2 Started by  ShawnV If a user has the same Home address &&160;Supplemental address, when a change is made to the Home address on HR11, the Supplemental address is updated with the same change. Is there anyway to NOT have the Supplemental address updated when a change is made to the Home address We would like the users to change their Home &&160;Supplemental address separately via the ESS Employee Address page.&160; However, a user can't change only their Home address if their Supplemental address was ...
2 1702
by  Jimmy ChiuJump to last post
02/05/2010 11:06 AM
5 Replies and 1802 Views ESS Pages migration to LSF9, Need help..  1802  5 Started by  Sushil Makhijani Hello Everybody, We are planning to migrate current ESS forms from 8.1.0 to lsf9.0, I have no experience on LSF, so I don't know how the pages can be. Also we have requirement to use ASP &&160;HTML only (No Design Studio), would like to know if it is possible, please give suggestions.. Thanks, Sushil..
5 1802
by  JudeBacJump to last post
02/05/2010 8:35 AM
1 Replies and 1313 Views API 1000-CHK-WF-STATUS Service Not Defined.  1313  1 Started by  Robert I am all over this forum. I am trying to validate a service, once I accomplish that I am hoping to generate the workunit header. I built a simple flow and uploaded it. I defined the service in PFlow admin.&160;&160;&160; I then created a workunit and triggered the flow, and I received an email. At this point I am simply trying to validate the service in my 4GL program.&160; According to the docs, this is what I&160;need to do: 005000&160;&160;&160;&160;&160;&160; INITIALIZE WFA...
1 1313
by  RobertJump to last post
02/04/2010 3:04 PM
11 Replies and 1931 Views Compile error when accessing global STRWS  1931  11 Started by  Robert Greetings to the Forum 4GL program construction in LSF9.&160; I want to use the 900-LOWER-TO-UPPER API. I move WS-DB-PRODUCT-LINE TO WS-CASE-CONV-VALUE. I receive the following compile error: **&160;&160;&160; Operand WS-CASE-CONV-VALUE is not declared &160;
11 1931
by  RobertJump to last post
01/25/2010 5:22 PM
7 Replies and 2956 Views Move BN ProgramCode  2956  7 Started by  JudeBac We have a BN&160;834 custom code for BlueCross. This is in ver 8.1. Now we are upgrading our application and environment to 9.0.1. I used KB 127186 pgmdump/pgmload to move the custom BN 834 file to our 'LAWDIR\bnsrc', this did not work. The article also has a warning that it might not work if the source and target productlines are not the same. I also tried metadumppgm/metaloadpgm as per GSC which also did not work. Note that we do not have design studio. Please assist and share the steps to m...
7 2956
by  JudeBacJump to last post
01/25/2010 1:34 PM
3 Replies and 2530 Views Changing PAGESIZE in .cfg file  2530  3 Started by  Kenlot Default report page size is 60 lines per page, That can be changed by using rptgen and that works fine. Have tried to set pagesize in the .cfg file for a certain program so I don't have to remeber doing that when compiling the program. This doesn't work - I&160;still get the 60 line report length as is default.
3 2530
by  KenlotJump to last post
01/25/2010 6:06 AM
1 Replies and 1764 Views COBOL Calendar Names  1764  1 Started by  Roger French &160;Hello, I'm doing some customizations within CASE/4GL COBOL for Lawson, and I'm using some of the Date/Time API's. What are the actual values which I can use as a calendar input for these API's I can't find any documentation on the values, and I don't see the name value of a calendar. I just want to use a standard or system calendar. What is the name I can use within COBOL Any ideas &160; Thanks in advance, Roger
1 1764
by  Ragu RaghavanJump to last post
01/20/2010 4:46 PM
6 Replies and 5804 Views recurring jobs and date parameters  5804  6 Started by  Greg Moeller The need:&160; Schedule a reccurring job (recdef) to automatically feed in a required date parameter that is always moving.&160; Users want the job to run every monday with the previous monday's date in it. Anyone ever fool around with the GEN/JOBSTEP table -specifically the PARAMS column in a script I'm told that 2201001041 somehow is representative of 010410&160; or maybe 01042010, but I can't seem to get the pattern. Anyone have any suggestions/thoughts/comments&160;&160; Is there a...
6 5804
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
01/13/2010 4:17 PM
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