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Started By  Karl Kemp
I am trying to write a query that will return APINVOICE, APDISTRIB, APVENMAST, and APPAYMENT information. Basically the user wants the Paid invoice detail information including vendor name and check number & date. I created the following query but it doesn't seem to completely work the way I would like it to do. It pulls the same invoice & distrib twice for each combination. In other words, if there is a single invoice with 2 distribution records, instead of the query returning 2 r...
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by  ChescaJump to last post
1/28/2016 7:52 PM

Web service calls *FROM* Lawson    

Started By  MBond
How would one call a web service on another machine FROM lawson  The call would need to be made in the background without opening a new window.   The web service can accept either a POST or GET request.  For this request, the response is not processed but future request probably would need to process the response. I think the xmlhttp request is the answer but have no documentation on it's use. I've seen a lot of posts on calling into Lawson web services from external applications but nothing g...
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by  Jason BeardJump to last post
5/26/2016 1:29 AM

Best (certified) Lawson Development Partner for S3 and/or M3    

Started By  AvaTax Calc for Lawson/Infor
I am seeking a third-party shop who is certified by Lawson/Infor to develop 'Connectors' with S3 and/or M3. Avalara is an Infor Partner, supporting eight (8) different Infor ERP platforms. I hope to find the A1 certified development partner for S3 and/or M3. Thank you for your help!
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by  shahzadJump to last post
5/3/2016 7:01 AM

Add columns to report csv beyond the print report width limit    

Started By  Woozy
Hi Everyone, I have a 4GL custom program that includes a work file with lots of fields.  I want to create a secondary report for the job based on the work file (so it shows in Print Manager), but there are more columns than will fit on the print report. I really would prefer to include only a couple of rows on the print report, but have all the columns show on the csv version of the report. I've tried adding additional fields to the report group $FIELDS section without including them in the $F...
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by  jaherbJump to last post
11/17/2015 9:21 PM

Windows script to do rnddbdump to file    

Started By  tambrosi
Hi all,  I am looking for some help on scripting in Lawson,  I am new to the software, looking to run a script to dump a table to csv file. I can run the  rngdbdump –c gen queuedjob >  jqstat.csv   from the server and it will run clean and dump the data to the csv file.  When I apply the same code in a script, nothing gets dumped to the csv file,  the file is created but no records in the file.  I also tried the jqstatus same issue.     wscript.echo 'VBS Script running parameters '  Dim objS...
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by  pbelskyJump to last post
1/19/2016 9:36 PM

Database reads INTO a unique working storage area    

Started By  Todd Mitchell
Curious if anyone has done a database read (find) where the read places the data into a separate or unique working storage section.  Example READ VENMAST INTO VENMAST-PAY-VENDOR.
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by  Todd MitchellJump to last post
11/19/2015 8:53 PM

Scheduling job automatically with dynamic date range    

Started By  Vijay S
Is there a way to schedule a job automatically in 'recdef' and passing job parameters automaticcaly like To & From date range. They have to be from the past 7 days . Like for today's run , From-date=today, to-date=today-7 days.......      Thanks,   Vijay
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by  Vijay SJump to last post
11/25/2015 7:35 AM


Started By  Chesca
Can I create a paintscreen program to access recdef
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by  Kwane McNealJump to last post
11/30/2015 6:06 PM

Missing data in modified CSV error report after promotion    

Started By  Woozy
Hi Gurus - I'm stumped, and I need some ideas. We have a custom batch program that includes an error report.  I recently modified the program and the error report to add additional columns.  With the new columns, the report is too wide for the printed report but works fine in the CSV export in DEV. However, after promoting the changes to PROD, the report compiles and runs without errors in PROD, but some of the new columns are blank in the CSV including the error message column (from msgmnt). ...
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by  pbelskyJump to last post
1/7/2016 10:46 PM

lawson 10 ESS theme 10.3 override    

Started By  KellyB
Hi, is there a way to add 'themes' I found the  xhrnet/xml/config - emss_config_xml where it says themes but I am not sure where this is getting the theme files I can manually change the css link in the header.htm file to refer to a custom style sheet but wanted to know if there is a better way using themes I am running lawson 10 on webshere not via sharepoint.
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1/27/2016 7:49 PM

Cannot replace my own custom form    

Started By  mikeP
Working on my first update form in PGMDEF and have run into a number of issues.  Currently, I can’t seem to get rid of the previous version of my form. Ideally it will have multiple PRDISTRIB records and allow just the account field to be updated.  At this point, it’s just and “online inquiry” that shows a few fields from the file. The problem is that I created a new version but Lawson won’t display it. Here’s the sequence: Create form in PGMDEF.  Run type is Prototyped and 4GL Quick painte...
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
2/5/2016 7:07 PM

Input date validation    

Started By  Chesca
We have a custom batch program that validates input date from a csv file. The date is never formatted properly and sometimes could be mddyy, mmddyy, or mmdyy. We want the date to be reformatted as mmddyyyy.  If the input date is 8 digits and mmddyyyy. then continue processing. Otherwise, check if the date length and fix it. Is there a Lawson API I can use to reformat the input date to be mmddyyyy
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by  ChescaJump to last post
2/10/2016 12:39 PM

Oracle SQL reformat date    

Started By  Chesca
I am writing an SQL statement to select dates from a table and creates a file.  I want to convert date to string mm/dd/yyyy.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. select startdate from table;  this date is displayed as 31-MAY-15 so I want it displayed as 05-31-2015
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by  ChescaJump to last post
3/1/2016 8:23 PM

Extract File Issues    

Started By  jaherb
I am not sure why I am not seeing the issue with a simple extract program... but I am at a loss at this point.    We have an extract file being produced as a 250 byte fixed length file.   There are 3 record types... a typical Header, Detail and Trailer record.  Each record must be delimited by  CR/LF characters. The logic writes the records to an intermediate sequential file and then at the end of the job it is reformatted by a cnvexp -f  filename  250  command to append the CR/LF characters a...
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by  jaherbJump to last post
4/1/2016 3:52 PM

Lawson Portal automated access and session handling    

Started By  andrewwalk
Hello, Is there a way to automatically send to Lawson a bunch of requests to a specified form via a Java http client  Actually I am able to do this, but it is very slow as I have to programmatically logon and logoff for each request.  I need to be able to log in once, and then send all the requests I need to.   Any time I send a request after the session has timed out, then I want to be able to detect this and re login, then send my requests.  Is there an API for this in either JAva or any ot...
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3/29/2016 6:18 PM

Comment Attachment Processing compile error    

Started By  John Desmarais
I'm trying to do something that should be very simple - determine the existence of Comments on Invoice Messages, just like MA66 does when it needs to determine what text to put in the Message Button on the screen.  Simple, no I looked through the API manual to see if there was any voodoo involved - looked pretty easy. copied the code right out of MA66PD and dropped it into my program.              INITIALIZE                 WS-CMTMAG.              MOVE SPACES             TO CMTMAG-TYPE.  ...
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by  John DesmaraisJump to last post
4/7/2016 2:49 PM

0 instead of blanks in CSV file    

Started By  pgallucci12
When a 4GL program creates a CSV file, and numeric fields defined in that CSV contain ZERO values, BLANKS are substituted. Is there a way to force a ZERO instead Is there a setting in a configuration file that can do that Example: CSV file contains 2 fields, NAME and COUNT. The value in NAME = 'J.Jones' The value in COUNT = 0 Currently the CSV record for the above looks like... 'J.Jones', I need it to look like... 'J.Jones',0
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by  David@SOMJump to last post
6/3/2016 5:12 PM

Best practice of copying a program    

Started By  Vijay S
Dear All, I have to copy a standard program having around 10 workfiles. We all know that Lawson doesn't change the name of workfile and WS-Field ID in work file definition while copying , It changes the same in PD (like wherever I am using WH130, it will change it to ZZ130 in PD/WS, The workfile name starting from WH130 doesn't change). It seems like I have to manually go into PD and change the name of all the Workfiles and other field. I had done it earlier also where there were like couple of...
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by  jaherbJump to last post
5/12/2016 1:53 PM

New custom program    

Started By  Greg Moeller
I have developed a custom program that just calls a shell script.... When I try to add the job with the custom form in it, I get an error that says 'The value {1} is invalid for the parameter _TKN' Any clues what is happening here
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by  Jason BeardJump to last post
5/26/2016 1:04 AM

tsBeginDBTransaction error is Operation illegal while in transaction (20).    

Started By  Lilyb
I'm developing a custom program (update job) to invoke a copy of AP30.3, and keep getting the following error: File SYSTEST/TXTAXTABLE. tsBeginDBTransaction error is Operation illegal while in transaction (20). Does anyone know what this means and how to fix it Thank you
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by  LilybJump to last post
5/12/2016 10:52 PM

Portal Page for Workunits    

Started By  LauraBryant
I have a design studio portal page that displays all the AP workunits.  I would like to filter the results to only include the accounting units that the users requester code has access to.  I get the requester code and I get the account units from the RQAcctU table.  How can I filter the results from the WFWORKUNIT table to only select the rows that have an accounting unit allowed.
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5/18/2016 5:56 PM

Compile Error    

Started By  Judy Longo
I created AR15M from AR150, reentered all of the workfiles in workdef and get following error   PrcWRKFILE(): AR15M Not Found In WsGrp
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by  jaherbJump to last post
6/13/2016 7:15 PM

calculate the last day of any month    

Started By  Chesca
Is there an API I could use to calculate the last day of any month
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by  kimJump to last post
6/16/2016 4:20 PM

Using current date in if statement    

Started By  Jessica M
I am hoping someone can help me with a COBOL statement.  I haven't touched cobol in quite a while and my co-worker that usually works with our custom cobol is out of the office for a bit. I have a custom program that was excluding any employee with a term date in a file.  They now want to change it to include anyone termed that day.  The current statement is: IF (EMP-TERM-DATE > '00000000')             GO TO 1040-NEXT-EMPLOYEE. How do I change this to 'GO TO 1040-NEXT-EMPLOYEE' when 'EMP-T...
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by  Jessica MJump to last post
6/22/2016 6:38 PM

How Find Programs That Use Specific Screen Rule?    

Started By  Kathy Eckert
We are going from 1 company code to multiple company codes. Some of our custom Screen Rules (.sr files) Hard Code the company, so we need to know which programs use these hard-coded screen rules. Via grep (we're a UNIX shop), I've identified all 14 Form Rules that hard-code ('1111') Company.  However, when I tried to grep which programs used the Form IDs ('H1-EMP-S-0001' is one of the Form Rules, for example), I got no results.  Of the 14 Form Rules, 3 are Rules, 8 are Selects & 3 are SCRDTL.  I...
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6/24/2016 3:06 PM
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