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1 Replies and 490 Views Vendor Agreement Reference  490  1 Started by  pglibra Is it possible to change the Vendor Agreement Reference name in PO25 Reason I ask is because someone created one with a couple of spaces in front of the name and I want to remove the spaces. When I remove the spaces and hit Change, message on bottom keeps saying "Must inquire before using this function code". Thank you
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by  Ragu RaghavanJump to last post
11/22/2020 9:22 AM
0 Replies and 87 Views LBI Links  87  0 Started by  yvonne Hi, hoping someone can offer assistance.  When using Chrome the assigned PO code does not populate in RQC/RSS like it does using IE11. Does anyone have any thoughts on why Thanks Yvonne
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11/17/2020 3:55 PM
2 Replies and 1024 Views Cannot Release PO After Cancelling Lines if Purchase Class Changed on Item  1024  2 Started by  Jeremy Hi all, We have gone through and updated our item master IC11 records to include puchasing classes.  Now, older PO&39;s that we want to cancel remaining on the lines are causing a problem.  If we cancel the remaining on a line that has an item we changed the classes for, it allows us to do that.  But, the line won&39;t contain the classes.  Now, the PO won&39;t release because "Cannot use diff. purch class for I, Ntypes at line 000001"   So, if we...
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by  Kat VJump to last post
11/09/2020 9:22 AM
1 Replies and 1751 Views Template in PO15 not showing within RQC location templates  1751  1 Started by  Lawsonnubcake Sooo, just like the subject says. We have a template that&39;s built exactly like all the others for the same company and same department. It&39;s not &39;locked&39; and earlier in the week the users were able to see the template and order from it. Any ideas on why this template would not appear under location templates for the users Also, I&39;ve &39;jogged&39; the template with PO701. Still not showing in RQC.
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by  Kat VJump to last post
10/28/2020 9:45 AM
1 Replies and 507 Views RQ512 Importing Requisitions  507  1 Started by  Dave Mc The number is in the HL7 file but does not populate in Lawson so when I run the RQ500 to create a requisition the input requistion number remains zeroes.  What do you do to get this information into Infor (Lawson)  It is a pain not to have it there when you want to drill down or do some reporting to match up the two systems.  It has a field to receive this number but when I search the output of RQ512 the data is just not there.  Help!
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by  Ragu RaghavanJump to last post
10/25/2020 6:00 PM
10 Replies and 1471 Views PO25 Quantity Break  1471  10 Started by  pglibra I have a question regarding how to use the Quantity Break section within PO25. The scenario is we have an item that is on our GPO contract using our distributor. However, our distributor will not sell this item individually (EA) and will only sell it by the case. So we purchase it from another vendor at a higher cost by the Each and that vendor is listed as the vendor in PO25. I want to show the contracted GPO price on the first screen but add the vendor&39;s price using the markup section i...
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by  pglibraJump to last post
10/22/2020 9:16 AM
0 Replies and 854 Views v10 Discontinued Items and Interfaces  854  0 Started by  Kat V We&39;re testing v10 updates and I have finally gotten the discontinued flag on IC11 and IC12.  Has anyone used this with items being fed out to other systems - we feed Pyxis and Epic (Optime, Cupid and Radiant).  Any "gotchas" I should test for
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10/20/2020 8:40 AM
4 Replies and 1285 Views Pre-Lawson Guidance  1285  4 Started by  Sutton Hello. Brand new member here. I have a question about the general process of issuing Bill Only Purchase Orders. If there is more appropriate location for this question, please direct me. Is this the correct process: 1. Orthopedic implant is implanted during surgery 2. The Orthopedic Rep places the implant stickers from the implant on an Implant Sheet 3. The Orthopedic Rep submits the Implant Sheet to the OR Coordinator/Charge Nurse 4. The OR Coordinator/Charge Nurse...
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by  Kat VJump to last post
10/16/2020 5:40 PM
3 Replies and 4276 Views Single Document to a PO  4276  3 Started by  Jordan Just curious how everyone else handles the Single Document to a PO flags on the multiple screens.  We found that the PO10 flag doesn't appear to work when we have Single Document to a PO set to 1 and then Location Control set to N.  So, we started updating the RQ01 flags for locations that have vocalized an issue and then the reqs stopped combining.  The problem with this is that then those locations can never have their PO's combine for any vendor even if there are certain vendor...
3 4276
by  Kat VJump to last post
10/16/2020 5:02 PM
1 Replies and 1070 Views PO64 Open to Match  1070  1 Started by  pglibra Hello, If an item is no-charge and it is loaded in PO25 as no-charge, should the flag for this item in IC12 be set to no-charge Reason I ask is because PO64 still shows "Open to Match" even though PO line is no charge; has been received; and line is now closed. So why does PO64 show line open-to-match Thanks
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by  Kat VJump to last post
10/16/2020 4:12 PM
0 Replies and 759 Views Inbasket view  759  0 Started by  Kelly Has anyone experienced their inbasket view changing  Our view previously went to My Work, but somehow it changed to My Task (w/o detail) and the user had to click on particular task or My Work to get the details.  We were unaware of any changes being made.  We opened a ticket with Infor and they said that we would have to update each user in the PFIUserProfile to get the inbasket view back.  Interesting, it changed back and we are trying to understand how and why.
0 759
10/12/2020 4:44 PM
3 Replies and 815 Views Requestioner and Receiver  815  3 Started by  pglibra Does anyone have it to where a PO requestor is also the PO receiver So the person who enters a requisition can perform a receipt after PO has been created/released by the buyer or is that fall under some sort of conflict of interest Thanks  
3 815
by  Kurt GuldnerJump to last post
10/12/2020 3:18 PM
0 Replies and 1486 Views Punchout to US Foods  1486  0 Started by  Kat V Our audit asked why we don&39;t use our PO system for US Foods - and it&39;s because of several of the website features.  Is anyone using punchout to connect to them
0 1486
09/24/2020 2:49 PM
1 Replies and 850 Views PO20 and Address Does Not Exist error  850  1 Started by  pglibra When trying to release a PO in PO20, the following error message appears.. "Address does not exist for AP Vendor XXXXX". Was told to "wait awhile and try again". Nothing is altered by anyone. Lo and behold it releases. Any ideas Bizarre Thanks
1 850
by  Kat VJump to last post
08/27/2020 12:13 PM
3 Replies and 1075 Views Another PO25 question  1075  3 Started by  pglibra I need some assistance with this scenario. We have an item on contract "A" that is in PO25. We also have multiple facilities. Contract "A" has many items. However, there are a couple of items that when purchased by one of the facilities (call them "X", that facility gets a lower price than contract price. So another PO25 record was created...contract "B". So when you look up the item in PO28, it will show both contracts with all facilities par...
3 1075
by  pglibraJump to last post
08/27/2020 11:09 AM
0 Replies and 418 Views RNI Survey  418  0 Started by  JonA Wondering if I could get some feedback from procurement folks here regarding RNI.  I&39;m interesting in guaging our RNI cleanup process with others and also what others consider an acceptable amount of RNI at any given time. I&39;ve created a 7 question survey.  Please take time to fill it out and I&39;ll post the results here after a couple weeks.  
0 418
08/25/2020 10:30 AM
4 Replies and 3184 Views RQ04.1 (REQUESTER) Add-Ins for Accounting Unit  3184  4 Started by  JODAMORE Greetings, Has anyone leveraged the Excel Add-Ins tool to Delete/Add AU's within the RQ04 table  I was hoping it would be an easy mapping, but it appears not.  I tried utilizing a PT-Accounting Unit field logic like other problematic Position-To tables such as REQ LOC, but it still does not work.  Quick rundown as follows: Have several hundred old REQUESTERS with REQ LOCS and AU's populated that are inactive and were never used.  I want to cleanse the system of these junk ...
4 3184
by  JonAJump to last post
08/07/2020 2:23 PM
1 Replies and 640 Views PO Comments and Fax Integrator  640  1 Started by  Jimmie Our buyers are manually issuing some of their PO&39;s via Po20 for emailed POs. I want to ensure that my Terms and Conditions link is on all PO&39;s. According to INFOR I cannot force a comment to a PO that is not run thru PO120. so I am trying to figure out how to get the comment on the PO without having to rely on the buyer to make an extra step.  I read in another thread that we may be able to set up multiple directories per buyer - and then allowed the PO job for each buyer to run in ...
1 640
by  JonAJump to last post
08/05/2020 1:43 PM
7 Replies and 7044 Views PO 135 report  7044  7 Started by  Myron How do you remove entries on the PO 135 Received, Not Invoiced (RNI) report
7 7044
by  Kat VJump to last post
08/05/2020 9:14 AM
13 Replies and 6720 Views email sweeper for POs  6720  13 Started by  Gary Padgett We want to send purchase orders by email for selected vendors.&160; I saw in documentation that if we specify the email issue option, files are placed in a folder where any email sweeper program can pick it up.&160; Are there 3rd-party email sweepers out there&160;&160;I am unfamiliar with them.
13 6720
by  JimmieJump to last post
07/07/2020 2:03 PM
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