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Last Post 04/26/2017 11:08 AM by  Roger French
Mobile Inbasket
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Roger French
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04/26/2017 11:08 AM

    Has anyone got the Mobile Inbasket to actually work completely?

    I've got MIB installed, with a V10 LSF and Landmark all Windows installed.

    IPA is running and requisitions flow is installed and running using IPA.

    The desktop inbaskets are working, but the Mobile Inbasket isn't. On either Android or Iphone, after logging in, and navigating to the Task Folder, and clicking inside of the Task folder, the message says "No inbasket items found." Actually there are several work units in progress that are in the task folders. This is happening for all users using MIB.

    Infor is also saying they are seeing the same issue and they can't get it work either. I can't find a new version of MIB anywhere.


    So has anyone actually got MIB working where you can see and Approve/Reject items in the inbasket?



    You are not authorized to post a reply.